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  1. Fantastic work from a fellow Tomcat lover, very envious of your skills! I'm also adding the Zacto intakes, Aires resin wheel bays ,replacement metal gear legs (forgotten the manufacturer of these) plus some Eduard photo etch to my Tamiya Cats undersides....Mad you say, this is modeling isn't it, pushing the boundaries of what is possible even if it takes you an eternity. LOL, this may take some time indeed!! I'll post some pics when I'm a little further on with my project.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for an accurate set of scale plans to use as a guide for rescribing my 1/32 Tamiya Cat' The precise plane I'm building is an F-14A- Block 100- GR , BU No 160669 Thanks for any help or hints with this. Cheers, C
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