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  1. I am pretty busy the last two months we are now in full production ad my work Maverick valves My way is to make a stucture so any one can start the machine install the right claws/material and press start. For that hehe.. it is a bit more work then a normal CNC lathe/mill but I am getting there. Here a youtube link of my work a full product ball for a ball valve only a ligth polis is needed to get the ball ready to install. Have Fun johan Bos
  2. Hi Erik I try this in the weekend post them later. Have Fun johan Bos
  3. finally done! Best looking of all Tomcats I have built The Zacto Intakes make it look so much better. Because of my work and projects and always the last little things keep a build from the finish line. Here are the photos. more....
  4. pfuf

    How I airbrush

    hi done Have fun johan bos
  5. pfuf

    How I airbrush

    I hope to upload more tomorrow about mottling how I apply it I have the Montex mask so it is going to be fun this weekend. Have Fun Johan Bos
  6. pfuf

    How I airbrush

    Thx Wayne I made a mistake because Revell mix up the colors on the instructions I think so that needed to be fixed haha and spending hours looking for photo's on the internet. I going to video the mottling and the touch up. johan bos
  7. pfuf

    How I airbrush

    Thank you great to see people liked it. It is a bit of a struggle to get the camera close and airbrushing at the same time. Now this update I am going to the top side and forgot to write the paint code the RLM 74 is Vallejo model air 71055 and RLM 83 is Vallejo model air 71011. Have Fun johan bos
  8. pfuf

    How I airbrush

    Thx Jeroen Yes finally some time to show how I use it in my model building.
  9. pfuf

    How I airbrush

    I use 1.1 bar pressure and just distilled water 3 drops to dilution the paint a bit more and the smallest needle. Oh and I tape the trigger no constant open close this way I keep a motion and yes I do miss some times just the spot I wanted to hit but the more you do it the easyer it gets. No big paint build up and running paint so it takes a bit more time but more relax and detail as a bonus. The model base I try to sell hehe I hope this way people going to see the benefits very bussy getting it of the ground. http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3003-my-project/ johan bos
  10. Hi I promised some years ago that I post a little video on how I airbrush my models. That little took a bit of time and I will make it a bit bigger. There the Link took me a day to get better with the Video Editor but I hope to get better with that. I don't talk that easy to a Glass Eye that steals your Soul. so maybe later I come more a custom to that I am used to educate people how to use cnc Lathes/milling. Johan Bos change the video to my other youtube account
  11. Hi it took some time very busy times still here are some test shots to see what I forgot the engine are loose they can be exchange if the PE come out. The zacto intakes are fantastic injoy hope to finish everything later this week. Have Fun johan bos
  12. I took a look at what people posted and think this 3 I like. 1. Caproni Ca.3 2. Gotha GLVii 3. Balloon Caquot or Drachen
  13. Fantastic the one I need to have
  14. Hi people, Jeroen took it to Telford so it is to see in real live dont know the stand there forgot to ask hehe. The Yellow parts are stainless steel and the Red Aluminum the U-profile is Aluminum getting a length of 50.MM The photo shows not all the parts left and right side are different setup. and one tail support you get two so possible to suport the fuselage with foam board. Now I dont know if there is a real market for it and making a investment taking a financial risk is not on my list having a good stable job. So my idea is you can sign in for the Bos model base you get the a parts list and more detail on the set in a e-mail. The e-mail adres is: bosmodelbase@hotmail.com Now I need at least 50 buyers for it to make this happen there is a signing up period of 1 month I keep you all posted on that with e-mail. If I reach the goal you get a Paypal adres to pay safe for you and for me. I am aware that there will be people that hate paypal but for me it is the safest way. I know signing in and paying are two different things so I hope people keep that in mind. The price of the model base is $ 90,90 or € 72,00 without tax. the Bosmodel base is light so shipping cost will not be that high you get info on that in your e-mail The Magnetic stand I dont sell they are heavy and if you look on the internet there are some great offers that I can not make just think about the cost of sending the heavy stand around the world. The Pen 8.mm is a size that fits all to connect to Magnetic stand I use a Noga DG61003 (134 euro ) and it is the best brand. (expensive) I did bought a cheap chinees one for 25 euro to test if my idea realy works and it works but it isn't that strong maybe a size bigger will. For a question or signing up for it please use this e-mail adres bosmodelbase@Hotmail.com
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