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  1. Oups! I forgot those dampers pictures - Wheels in Alclad Pale Gold - Dampers in Red (GC) and Black (ZP). Small placards on the red part: Knobs not painted but treated with Master Blackening agent. Wheels assembled and equipped with RBMotion Valve Stems: And... The Rooooaaaarrrring Beauty should (very) soon be finished! Thanks a lot to Misao HIRO for all those incredible kits and thanks a lot to Rob (RBMotion) with his impressive range of stunning stuff!! Finished! The Roooaaaring Red Beauty is now ready to rej
  2. Hi, Thanks for all your kind comments Mates. This WIP was started ... times ago, but restarted recently. The build is now finished, today in fact! Sorry for posting a long message with a lot of pics 'till last step of the building process of the Ferrari. I hope it is not an issue... Well, here's one which is all disheveled, long hair and loose: We'll have to take care of him ... I did not like the original links more than that. I decided to make new ones: A nice hair cut and new links installed: The "jars" are polished and fitted to the roll bar . I took the
  3. Hi, I've recently started a new project: the Ferrari 312F1 1967 from Model Factory Hiro, 1/20. This is one of the greatest kits I've worked on. Here are few pics: First, test fit. No glue on the parts... nice fit :wink: 14 first engine parts: few parts of the gearbox: some of the cockpit parts: assembly of oil tank by welding: preparing front cooler for welding: Small progress on engine, some of the parts glued together... Few holes and...few rivets: Resin rivets:
  4. Hi, Thank yoy Rio and Jonathan! Small update on the Grey part. Mask off and first Weathering steps Just oils Gris de Payne + Ultramarine deep and Burnt Sienna. Without Patafix: Need to repair a "f#@~%" mistake. Quickly done... maybe to quickly, so... But still naked... More soon. Pascal
  5. Hi, Paint work is still progressing ... And decal job is starting: The biggest are cut to avoid too much carrier film: Decals will also be "weathered". More soon. Pascal
  6. Good evening, Thanks for the kind comments and for following the WIP! Weathering is still progressing. It previous work patiently is refined until satisfaction... Not yet. Start of the underwing: More soon. Pascal
  7. Hi, Stunning... Incredible, speechless... Work of art!! Pascal
  8. Hi, Thank you very much Mates. Started to work on the Blue Grey. First step with lightened Blue sprayed with 0.2 nozzle. Light color is a mix of Blue Grey and Light Gull Grey from Aeromaster. Surface is rubbed with a soft cloth for a smooth paint surface and to remove the Maskol Then oils Raw Umber W&N on the panel lines. Then Sépia (Rembrandt), Titanium White, blue... between fuselage frames , worked with lighter fluid. Same on stars White tape will soon be put over the gun muzzles I've also tr
  9. Hi, Thanks a lot for kind comments! Salut Jamme! Très heureux de te lire Paint job update. Kabuki "Stars" out and light 8000 sanding on the full disc Before a full disc mask Blue Grey (Aeromaster acrylic) Liquid mask before sprayed semi gloss black Frisket mask for the side Stars White (RLM 21 Aeromaster) spryed over the mask Maketar star Aeromaster Insigna blue without mask to avoid paint thickness Quick 8000 sanding and the center of the Frisket mask is installed over the disk Tamiya ta
  10. HI, Thanks guys! Small update. I cut the front exhaust plate. Kabuki Stars for the next step Insigna Blue... and problem with the Gunze white sanding with 6000 Micro Flat. ... Insigna Blue Maskol on the ZC this time I made my own mask. More soon. Forza Jules. Pascal
  11. Hi, Small progress on the Corsair. Paint work is starting on the folding part of the wings. Gear bay is almost done after the color was modified: White ZP primer: Pre shading process on the stabilo. Dull alu from Alclad over the white primer: Maskol for the chipping effect: Time for Zinc Chromate (Model Master Acryl): Quick hairspray coat: Soon Stars: Voilà, c'est tout. Forza Jules. Pascal
  12. Hi, Bad day, sad day. Japan GP. FORZA Jules. I wasn't satisfy with the grey color. Parts masked waiting for the new color. Paint "research". Aeromaster Blue Gray for the upper surface: I love that paint! Same part after post shading of Blue Grey from Gunze on the rivets + light coat of Klir + oils ( W&N Raw Umber for details, Titanium White for effects) + Micro Flat This one after post shading of Blue Grey from Gunze on the rivets + light coat of Klir + oils ( W&N Raw Umber for details, Titanium White and Olive Green for effects)
  13. Hi, Thank you very much! Micro progress But it was a very busy day: - Sport early this morning (Japan GP practice), - small flight just after the morning sport to enjoy this sunny day, - housework (garden ...), but some connection with aviation! Pics: Test fitting after some corrections Need holes! Brassin parts don't have!! More soon Pascal
  14. Hi everybody, Thanks a lot Hawkt1 Small progress. Some work done on the exhausts: With pastels: "Test fit": Plastic assembled on the resin P&W: "Sewing" (Passepoil in French...) done on the headrest: Small weathering with oils and Humbrol 144. Second "wash" with oil on the wheels: That's all for today. More soon Pascal
  15. Hi, Small update. A very thin veil of Light Gray went on aluminum rims. Maskol protects tires. The Maskol is removed and black is quickly sprayed to do a touch up on the tire and slightly darken the flanks The first weathering step: It was also time to take care of the wings. One word about the build quality: Perfect! Wing tips are separate parts ... Deadly accuracy of the assembly!! Care should be taken not to forget to pierce the upper surface for the passage of small circular lights mounted from inside. The p
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