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  1. Thank you James - that is praise indeed!
  2. Hello all, Lovely model to build - great fit and most importantly, it captures the graceful lines of the Ta152 in my opinion. I painted it using a combination of Tamiya, Ammo and Mr Hobby acrylics and it's my first attempt at a complex mottle camo. There's no aerial wire [didn't have the patience], footstep [carpet monster got it] or hooked cross. Thanks for looking Matt
  3. Which markings will you use Mish - or are you going to paint them?
  4. Nice work Mish, it's coming together really well!
  5. That weathering is simply jaw dropping! Absolutely awesome!
  6. One of the excuses I keep using for keeping this on the shelf is I "lost" one of the wingtip lights and a few of the other clear bits were damaged in the box. Took the plunge today and contacted Revell for replacements. Time will tell if they arrive but if they do, it'll be one less excuse!
  7. Thanks for the comments guys! I don't really know why I lost motivation/interest because I was enjoying it up to that point. Maybe I'll start it up again next year!
  8. Hi Mish, I haven't touched this model in about 6 months. It's on the shelf of shame at the moment - I don't really know why, I just lost all motivation for it. Maybe next year...sometime...
  9. Thanks for the info Mike - looks like I've got some more filling and sanding to do then. My favourite!
  10. Hi all, Just by way of a further introduction, I thought I'd show that I have actually built a model! This is Academy's F-86 Sabre [originally 'the Huff'] painted as an RAF aircraft. Thanks Matt
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