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  1. I nearly destroy my eyes with this camo.........!!!!!lol
  2. Unfortunately at the time of construction masks was not available and it is made with masking tape and scotch magic tape...
  3. As the title says,they are meant to be used for Academy kit The price is 16,00 Euros+shipping fees Orders here or at my e mail (lefteris.gepard@gmail.com)
  4. Hi Guys, We made two new tools and the are on for sale....!!! For orders post here or at my email (lefteris.gepard@gmail.com) 1) Punch&Die tool.. The Price is 45+5.50 Euros shipping fees..!!! 2) Photoetch bender tool Made of hardened aluminum alloy The Price is 43+5.50 Euros shipping fees..!!! The dimensions are 11,6X7,6 cm Both tools can have custom dimensions to meet your needs,with an extra fee !!!!
  5. First of all i didn't had any bad intention in my critique !!! it was in a friendly mood .... Overall its a very nice build....!!!!
  6. Thanks Jeroen, Next items will be two 1/48 sets for RF-84 and F-84,perforated speed brakes,cockpit improvements,etc......and if everything go well,it will be scaled up for the 1/32 kits...
  7. Hi every one We are a new small corporation in Greece,making photo etched sets. Here is some of our products for the moment. The real thing on A-7 Corsair tank !!! 1/32 Buckle set 7.50 Euros 1/48 Buckle set 6.00 Euros 1/32 Fuel caps 6.00 Euros 1/48 Fuel caps 4.90 Euros Prices don't include shipping !!!! Shipping cost for simple letter is 1.95 euros and for registered is 4.90 euros The fuel caps are almost common in all US jets !! The buckles can also be used for WWII( the simple ones !!!) We also produce aircraft open panel strips They can be used as riveting guide too .....!!!! The cost of the 1/32 scale strips 14 euros (they come in set of three) The cost of the 1/48 scale strips 10 euros (they come in set of three) Prices dont include shipping fees Payments only via paypal at my paypal account (lefteris.gepard@gmail.com) Place orders here or at my e mail !!!! Thanks
  8. First of all congrats for the build !!!! We don't have Hellenic RBF,we use english ones. The salt effect was unnecessary,cause they are not carrier based aircrafts !!! The Hellenic T-2 are heavily weathered and faded but not salted !!!!! Regards
  9. Hi guys, This project is some how old.....hope you like.. Its rather clean for a Ηellenic plane,but ok...... Thank god zacto was available at that time,otherwise its a garbage......!!!!
  10. Thanks Jim !!! I'm watching your build,you are doing great........!!!!
  11. Hi, This project was finished two years ago.. All the colors are from AKAN,acrylics and lacquers.The pitot tube is from susemi product range. The wash was from Mig,and i applied many vehicle technics on it ...Hope you like it By intention the cockpit color is migs green.....!!!!!
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