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  1. Hey Guys, a quick post today. I have constructed the linkage for the steering, and built the main hydraulic pumps to put on the breaks. steer linkage...... These are the hydraulic pumps. These live outside the frame between the suspension components. I used a heavy duty plastic striped straw to make the main body parts. Most of this lives under the engine, along with an amount of plumbing that is just stupid for the size of spot it is to fit into. All this needs to be mounted into place and all the plumbing in this spot needs to be in place to get the engine into it's proper place I'll be back, with filling the space. Thanks All
  2. Hey All, I'm on the other side of the home improvements, and now in the twenty first century. I managed to finish with the suspension system, with wheels. A big achievement for this build. more steering parts............ I got everything mounted and in place. This is a big milestone with this build, Up on all eights. That's it for the suspension. I have plumbing to the wheel hubs to finish, but all done. Now back to the engine build. Thanks all for watching.
  3. Hey Guys, Work continues with the suspension system. Boring repetitive building. These are the shock absorber anchor posts. Closeup test fitting the rear wheel hub.... everything fits good........ You can see how the shock anchors mount on the side of the frame.... Cup cakes are finally filled with the rear wheel hubs and ready to mount..... These got to be a pain in the wheel to mount. Once I had everything to this point was fine, but when I swing up the hub, I had very small amount of room to pin this together. Tight work, but everything fits and is ready for tires. You can see how I just slip the tires onto the rear wheel hubs. Back tires mounted, test fitting feels good........ I still have some work to do for the front mountings. The front hub assembly is a bit more complex due to steering elements. I'll be back a bit later this time with the next update. I have power contractors coming to re-wire the house for the next 4-5 days or so. I'll keep working when I can, post when I can soon. Thanks all.
  4. Hey All, A small posting today. I have the casting finished and ready for install. These are some of the parts needed for the suspension system. very thin flashing on my parts, but easily cleaned. Wheels........ I have parts for each wheel set for install. I now need to get these together and installed for the wrap up of the suspension system. Next time All...........
  5. Hey All, the build continues. A small post this week again. I have started with the casting of the suspension parts. The molds are set......... the pours have started........ and the parts are being cast........... it's all going slow but getting done. I will soon have all the parts to wrap up the suspension system and get the wheels mounted. I'll be back with more parts, Thanks All. till next time.........
  6. Hey All, The build continues, but at a reduces rate lately, but steady. A couple of hours a night. I have built the components for the rest of the suspension system. These are some of the craziest shapes I think I have ever built. I now have to make copies of these for each wheel. I'll be back with molds and casts next. A brief posting for now, more later. Thanks All.
  7. Slowly starting again while getting the house in order. I have worked only a little this week or so. I did do the fuel injector lines on the engine.... I also finally started with the wheel hubs and steering, this was a tricky piece to get a grip on the geometry, and I may have to trim this a bit to fit properly. This lives about here or so........... The house has a million things to work on, so only an hour or so of work here, in the evenings for now. I believe that this steering arm is the hardest thing to build for the rest of the suspension system. We'll see. I have four of these to build. which means that I'll cast this for the set. Gettin' back into the build again. Thanks All.
  8. Hey Harv, I have eleven wingies............. You didn't think I'd forget the air guys did you?
  9. Thanks Guys for the best wishes. Hey All, The move went well and I am now on the other side. I have established a temporary build station, and have noted the travel damage. The only thing that got damaged was the tail hook. Easily repaired. The temporary setup......... And the new model stash room. Just a closet....... This makes my stash look really small. I'll have to work on that. I'll be back in between un-boxing the house. Thanks all for the wait.
  10. Hey Guys, Just a set of water pipes this week. Moving day is here......... I'll post again from the other side. Muhaha RichO
  11. Hey All, A little more work done on this build before the move. I am working all over on the build at the moment. Several things going on at once. Plus some corrections. I erroneously reported on a couple of facts that are not true. #1, I reported last posting that the inside piping from the heads were water intake manifolds. Not true, these are in fact exhaust manifolds. This is a twelve cylinder engine. the exhaust is vented on each side of the heads and have three exhaust ports on each side. #2, I rote that I had built 6 of 8 drive shafts from the engine. This is also not true. I found two more drive shafts from the engine, making ten different drive shafts in total from the engine. BUT, that's not all, and this is a big but, like the lady in the third row of the church quire be havin'. I have eight more drive shafts to build for the connections between the differentials and the wheel hubs. So I have ten more drive shafts in total to still build. errr. I worked some more on the suspension system, getting things painted and installed. Once I had everything cleaned for install, the assembly went smoothly enough. I also worked on the Valve covers.......... these are painted and installed.......... All to get grimy, later on. I also started the large Radiator, that sits right up front on this build........ Fan shrouds....... I'm actually building what I think I can finish while I have the build desk still available. I might get to make one more posting before it all hits the fan for me. Thanks All. Until next time..........
  12. Hey Guys, A small report this fine evening. I have been working on the suspension system "A" arms, doing the final sizing for install. Everything still lines up good, and, once again, I have multiples to finish for install. I also have the engine block painted and ready for install. Once the engine was painted, I now have to build and install all the separate items that are attached to the block. I used some sprues to build the water intake manifolds..... I also built a distributor, and the exhaust manifolds. I don't always get to work on this for very long with all that's happening, but I manage to get a little done. Until next time.....Thanks Guys.
  13. Hey Guys, A short report tonight. I have gotten some more work done on the build. The postings are going to start stretching out here for a while. My rental is stacked with boxes and the furniture is bare. We are boxed up for the move and the paperwork should close in the next week or so. Meanwhile, at the scale of this build, the engine is large. I had a bit of a time finding something to build the engine block out of. I found a thick card tube to use as the main build element, and attached everything to it. Turning a round tube into an engine....... I had another drive line to build. Believe it or don't, I still have two more to build. This is #6, out of 8. I'm adding the details as I proceeded............. As of tonight I have the basic block ready for details.......... I should get more hours to build with the house boxed up. But still slow for now. Until next time, sometime..............
  14. Hey Guys, A really busy week here. I had to go to the new house to work a bit, the inspector wanted me to fix a few things. A two hour drive there and two hours back. About 115 km/70 miles or so. Also, in between boxes, I got some good progress made with the build. I did get the "A" arms built, but grudgingly. The suspension system is so boring to work on with all the repeat patterns to deal with. I also have some "pain in the butt" geometry for the back wheel hubs that I can't seem to get a grip on just yet. More on that later. To break up the boredom, I started working more on the drive train. The transmission and drive lines did the job. We control the transmission........ This, painted and installed........ The transmission has a ridiculous amount of plumbing to install, when attached to the engine. I also built a large body support for the upper body panels. Altho not installed, this what it looks like..... It lives about here........ The red lines with the blue fittings are not weathered in just yet, so they stand out a bit for now. As of this evening I have started with the Engine build. This is the far aft of the engine that connects to the transmission via another drive shaft.. That's it for now. I have no clue what this next week will bring for build time, or moving time. Until next week All.............
  15. Hey All, I have managed to get a little more done on the build. I have painted the suspension system anchors, and have them bolted to the side of the frame. Here you can see that all these anchor items still line up good enough. I even succeeded in getting the torsion bars to avoid blocking the axel shaft passthroughs. I feel better about everything matching now and the axel shafts should match the A arms and join at the hubs. I'd rather be boxing for a move than building all these A arm components, but I got through building these in just a week. 32 of these. 16, top and bottom each side. I now have to find some material to build the hubs to the wheel connections out of. I'm in for a time with the wheel hubs. The four back hubs are all the same, just four copies. The four front hubs are all different. each of the hubs has a different steering component attached, so the hub is mirrored front to back and then mirrored to each side. Fun times. That's it for this week. I'll keep building between packing. Thanks All.
  16. Alright Then, I managed to get some work done on the suspension system, in between boxing the house to move. Not a lot of photos today, but some work done on all the crazy parts for this system. The first was the anchors for the suspension. These hold everything into place. These are attached to the frame around the opening that the drive shaft passes through. Everything looks to line up great. On to the next step........ This all line up just right, so on to the suspension away from the frame......... You can see the "A" arm to the right. I have 16 of these to build. For this build I need 32 copies of everything for both sides. I still have packing to do, so next report will probably be small also, but it's getting worked on. Until next time all...........
  17. Thanks for the great comments everyone, and for watching the build. I got a few more things finished inside the frame, but I'm seriously procrastinating with the suspension work. I did manage to get parts cut for outside of the rail. At this point tho, it is just a pile of parts....... I also finished building the main Transfer Case.......... I managed to also build the connecting Drive Shafts and get everything installed. This was a relatively easy process after painting, and while I was starting the weathering........ ????? Well, that's just not right. I was looking at these photos with the wet weathering and was wondering if anyone else would notice the HUGE MISTAKE! The drive shaft at the bottom of the photo is installed backwards and the Transfer Case is also installed sdrawkcab!!! I use superglue by the gallons to build my models, so prying these off the frame was a bit fiddly, but it all worked out........ 'at's betta. After that close call, It was off to built the air tanks and start with the plumbing for the brake system. The build is at this point tonight. I'll be back with, maybe some suspension done. Later All.
  18. Hey All, I spent this week building the Torsion Bar Anchors for the suspension system, along with a few other items. These are the Torsion Bar anchors that anchor the suspension system onto the frame rails The Torsion Bar Anchors. These took all week to build..... Placed along the rail frame......... These all look like they are level enough to move on to the next part of the suspension system...... I also built the Tail Hook Anchor, and hook, and the install..... I also have a bit of plumbing started. The other ends of the lube lines will be attached much later in the build. A busy build week this week. All a lot of fun. I have started building the next phase of the suspension system. I hope to have something to show next week. Packing for the move is coming closer. Thanks All for watching.........
  19. Hey All, I have finished building the four Differentials and the two central Gearbox's, and I have connected everything together. I had to also make little connectors that stabilize and secure the Differentials to the frame. These are the two central gearbox's......... The stable connectors.......... The four Differentials........ And they all live about here......... Getting everything together and a new test fitting..... Everything painted and temp. placed. I have a bit of plumbing to do, so nothing secured. Aft connections....... Bow connections........ This is one big long frame....... I now have several different options. Continue with the Drive Train, with Tranny, and Engine, or start the Suspension system, or plumbing or............. I believe I will punch the drive shafts through the frame wall, and locate the start of the Suspension System. Until next time All.............Thanks
  20. I had to go look all this up at the Model Factory Hiro. These are really expensive kits. At this size you should get some really great details tho.
  21. Hey Mark, it looks like you are using "Master Club" products for your rivet work. I use these a lot and thought I recognized 'em. I build plastic models that are to expensive in reality. I like the detail, about how much cost for a metal kit?
  22. Hey Everybody, I have made the frame connections and the frame is now in one piece. I also have the painting of the frame finished, ready to move on to the Drive Train. A lot of cross connections........ The painting of the frame......... I showed some guys at the model club. 50/50 love/hated it. The rivet counters thought the color was to unrealistic. The artists loved it. I really wanted to go to town with the color on this build, and make it a bit different. I'm now ready to move on to the Drive Train. Starting with the 4 Differentials. I'll be back. Rich
  23. So anyway, I spent the last month building all these tiny parts for the frame after the restart. When I was ready to paint all of these, I wanted to try something new. I have not tried the "hair spray" technique for painting, so, a plausibility study was in order. I can see how this would work really good. I have a ways to go to get the technique down for this build tho. I over sprayed the top coat and had to scrub with a wire brush to get started. I really like the scratches effect with this. If I can get the top coat to come off a lot easier I might have something here. More practice is needed. I kept to my tried and true salt technique for this build. It's easy and I have more control over my colors and textures, and I don't have to think about it. Just do it. I start with a red oxide primer base rust. Then I apply all the variations with other colors over the red base. I sprinkle the salt where I want the rust and then top coat with the contrasting green. I get such really great textures with this technique, it looks like real peeling and rusting paint. Just look at this texture............ More frame mounts and cross plates to build........ Everything is where t is supposed to be and I'm now ready to join the frame. Like 40 connections. Her it is!! The first two pieces to be joined on this build. I have all these connections to deal with to get the cross supports into place. This is just the first one. I'll be back with a together frame man. Thanks All
  24. the Frog Prince is now a King in Finished Work!
  25. Hey Everyone, I had such a great time building this launch vehicle. I'm glad you all tagged along with this long and interrupted build. I want to thank everyone for the great comments and all the time you invested watching this thing grow. I'm off to new projects now, and new builds are coming soon. Thank All you guys for tagging along. Enjoy the photos, Rich And now, for the finished build. Thanks Everyone!
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