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  1. Here is some eye candy for you guys! Hey, Steering Linkage finished. Brake Lines finished. Be back soon. Rich
  2. I'm glad you guys are enjoying this build! Thanks
  3. Hey Boys and Girls, The steering linkage is now complete. The fiddly-est part of the build so far. This stuff is thin and small and breaks real easy and I should have built this part sooner and you live and learn. After a few missteps I got the angles figured out and all went well but slow. I built a first attempt at the Tie-Rod ends and got the angles all wrong. The second attempt went smoother... Getting the drop on the rod angles was tricky... The front and back are different... After I got these all built and painted, it's time to try to install...what a frikin' mess.. I had to cut off one of the Brake Pumps to get at the access hole and Steering Knuckle, I also had to realign a couple of the Tie-Rod ends Mounting Bearings... Then the inside linkage... Success at last...altho when I finished painting the new stuff, I noticed how hard it is to see any of this. It just sort of blends in and adds to the details... In no special order... A little carried away with the photos. I'm now going to tidy up a bit, I have to finish with the Brake details that are on the outside of the steering stuff and get the wheels mounted, also some sort of big fuel tank or something... Be back later Rich
  4. Hey All, The steering linkage is taking it's own sweet time to build. I spent the first day and a half just figuring out what to do. Once I got things sorted, the build took a bit of time, and I'm still not finished, but things are lookin' ok. Once the construction started I just sort of went with the flow, so not to many photos... Not any photos of the construction of the steering knuckles, but, you are familiar with my building style by now and can see how these are put together... Once I got those little things build, I next had to work on the gauge of the rod. I have no actual measurements for the steering linkage, so I just used all the references I had, and all the artistic talent I could muster, and just guessed at a visually good size. I thought the top example was to thin, I went with the bottom one. The blue tape is where other components will be placed... after painting and now starting to mount these to the frame... After all that I just got the first part of the actual linkage in a dry fit place... Be back with the rest of the linkage placement shortly... Rich
  5. Thanks for watching guys, I need your encouragement about now.
  6. Hey All, I just thought I would show what I'm about to start, but I don't have a clue how I'm going to do this. Steering components... I have a ton of photos of the steering stuff. I just have to imagine whats under the grease. Be back soon, Rich
  7. Very nice details...I like the canvas effect.
  8. Nice engine and gun bays! More photos please.
  9. Very nice job!! Great details.
  10. You Guys are great with the comments. Thanks. Just thought I would post as I go along for a bit. I built the stow box at the rear of the frame this weekend. The rear of the frame is filling up fast. Glamour shots... Be back when I build something else. Later, Rich I edited this post:...Now that I look at these photos, I will redo the color a bit on the stow box and tone it down. This is a bit much color for the top side. I'll work on that.
  11. Hey Guys, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...I have reached a milestone!! Big Betty is standing on her own eight feet!! It was at this point in taking photos that I couldn't believe how things worked out by accedent. I had painted this big truck all black.... Time for a sing-a-long... I now get to work on outside the frame components for a while. Be back later with more stuff. Rich
  12. Very nice detailing!
  13. Happy Birthday Gus! Now get back to building. Good job.
  14. Thanks everyone for tagging along with this slow build. Hey All, A quick report for today. I got Betty up on her knees, and boy what a big butt. I'll be back when I get the front hubs built. Rich
  15. Crazypoet, I have been looking a how the cab and components are going to be built. I have run up against some compound curves that look a little scary. Stay Tuned!