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  1. RichO

    Tamiya Spitfire MkXVIe

    DANG! Good job on the engine.
  2. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hey Guys, Just a quick posting. I thought I would post some photos of the rusting frame as I go along. This is all going to get covered up and wont be seen again. After I painted the frame the green color, I started the rusting process. This will be somewhat modest compared to the Maz build. I start my rusting by building layers of color. Like one of my gallery paintings, I start with a light wash of the various colors and let everything dry. Then I start to add the layers of rust and texture...These are drying on an open window sill. You can see below on the section of frame, on the left, I have rusted the corners, and on the right, not yet, just my original stain. The rust is gettin' there... This is just about as much as I will do for this part of the frame. When this all sets I will install the X-beams and then do the final weathering for this part of the frame. Once I get the X-beams installed I will tighten up the rusting in the corners and then I want to add a light layer of dull coat to seal all this together. Then a greasy pin wash layer of Black or maybe Raw Umber. I'll be back with more frog romance later........Thanks All.
  3. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Thanks Doc! Hey Guys, The Frog is starting to take shape. The frame anyway. I got the x-beams built and ready to install. A bit more fine tuning and I'm ready to fit these into place permanently. I finished the little detail work and got things ready for the next step, and continued the beam work. The X-members still need to be detailed in this photo, but you can see how thing will fit together. A sunny summer day to paint... This is a coat of Russian military green, then a misting of rust. You can see I painted the x-beams separately so I could get the paint into the creases. I only stayed out side a few minutes, 85F / 29C. I thought I would try the salt technique to get the color change I wanted. But, as you will see, the color went onto the project so subtle, the the salt technique was non visible. So this was the only time I took a photo and after this I did not use this technique, no need. The weathered copper color looks a bit more intense out in the daylight, but I really like the color as a ground for the dirt and grease to come... Inside lighting, the color is not nearly as intense, but still shows the nice old copper color... Now I'll take this apart again to let it all set up for a day or so, then permanently install the X-beams. Once I get these installed I will rust up the areas that I wont be able to get to later on. All the little creases and corners. I'll have some close up photos of the weathered rust and junk next time. Thanks Everyone for looking......
  4. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hey All, The X- frame is slowly coming together. I have installed the cross members with a small amount of detail added to the beams and also the bottom side web supports. The first step here is to do the final install finish and custom fitting into the correct location of the cross beams. Even tho I take a bit of time finishing all the items involved, nothing is perfect here. The side rails went together easy enough. The trick was to try to keep everything square. I got the install to the point at least, where it all looks and feels good. Not that I'm a liberal at all....... not sure where that comment came from... The bit of detail I wanted to add is the strength beads and rims. Just to add to the visual tension when looking through the frame. Flipping the frame over, I started the install of the strong webs. Like all the parts, custom finished to the location... Sort of look a little wonky at this scale, but things look fine at full scale... The next thing to detail are the X-beams, and install. I'll be back with all the X factor stuff.... Thanks guys, Happy Looking.....
  5. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hey All, I have started assembling the frame for this project. I know I'm building rather slow on this WIP for now, but everything is going according to plan...so far. I have all the parts cleaned for install... Some parts of the frame are quit thick for this scale. The main frame is 1mm thick. That seems to be a bit much, but the measurements work out at this scale. Instead of trying to cut the frame parts out of 1mm thick styrene, (thicker styrene always gives me a really hard time of it), I cut two patterns at 0.5mm to bond together to get the thickness I was after. I had better control over the cutting and keeping the cuts clean. Once I got the two parts bonded together, I just had to clean up my cuts and get ready for install. The small clamps I use for the frame work are from a sewing supply store. The cleanup looks a lot uglier at this close viewing range. Just a bit of sanding and I'm ready for install. This is it!! The first two parts to be joined on this monster build. Almost every one of the references I have for this build is a clean military version of the vehicle. However I do have references for an old beat up version that has been repainted a somewhat blue/turquoise color, an old copper green, and is starting to rust out. I'm not going to rust this up as much as the Maz, but I would like to build this as a used abused repainted machine. The colors I chose are, the faded Russian military green under, with a top coat of the blue/turquoise. You will see plenty of reference photos of the colors as I build. The frame needs to be closed up to support all the junk that fits onto it. However I would like to add some details before I close up the frame. I'll be back to show how I have added the details and the colors next time. Thanks All for watching and following along.....and thanks Jeroen, that was funny!!
  6. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Thanks for the interest guys! I have a ton of photos for this build. Some of the photos are from several open air museums around Europe. I just happened to chose a subject that is quite plentiful. I hope you guys enjoy this build. Thanks.
  7. RichO

    Scratching A Frog Prince

    Hey Guys, So I sort of knew that this WIP would be a slow one to start. I have managed to put some time into this new build, but only about an hour at a time. The cutting of the frame components is on going and tedious. Working on this project in small amounts of time, it's hard to see any progress. Only when I get things together dose it look like I'm making progress. The first step is to release the patterns from the sheet styrene. Then the rough cuts... Then clean up the parts...I take a bit more time and get my cuts closer to the mark... Then I get everything close to install finish... The last step is to the final install cleaning. I'll be back with the final cleaning and some details that are put on to the frame components before assembly. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hey Everyone, I thought I would start this WIP with a little back info. I came to the decision about this scratch project when I was working on the Maz build about a year ago or so. I tend to work quite a ways ahead of myself. I have spent that time now, gathering everything I need for this build and I'm almost ready to give this a timid start. I say timid because this will be my secondary build for a bit while I finish my DIO. build for another site, so not as much time devoted to this project just now, but slow and steady to start. MAZ 543/Scud B I have very good references for scratching this large Russian launcher. There seems to be a number of good kits available on this subject. I really like all the body panels on this beast. I thought I could stretch myself a bit with these body panels and I like the overall big feel of this. You know me, big Russian trucks with many tires. However after getting most of the materials together to the point that I have everything for this build, and really started looking at what I had for a scratch project, and I realized that underneath the body work is the same Straight Rail Ladder Frame with the same Suspension and Drive System that I just built in the MAZ project. I didn't want to build another Maz. This will be a great project later on, but I want to build something not a MAZ. M25 DRAGON WAGON My second choice to scratch was the huge American M25 Dragon Wagon. I like this monster large tractor very much, with so many possibilities to work with. And for me, the single thing that really makes me want to attempt this project is the idea of scratching a Quad Chain Double Axle !! Oh! the chains of bondage and torture we model builders put ourselves through. I was a bit worked up to start this project when everything stalled. I need to find clearer, cleaner references for the engine and transmission components. So for now that is where this project is. FROG-7 Now it brings me to this. A, Zill- 135 carrier, with a Luna-M Tactical Missile, and a 9P113 Launcher. That's a bad boy! That can be nuclear armed. The 9M21 missile is the very one pointed at my back yard during the Cuban Missile Crisis when I was a kid. I finally chose this for a lot of reasons, that I know are just going to hurt me. The main thing that grabbed me about this, is the idea of these rounded body panels and how molded they appear. In fact, they are molded. Sprayed into a mold, fiberglass body panels. All the body panels on the launcher are fiberglass with the main chassis and drive line iron and steel. I have no clue how I'm going to do that. Thinking back, I could just kick myself for not thinking of how to do a lot of things on the Maz build. So keeping that in mind I have a list of things that I want to accomplish with this build. The very first thing with this build is the scale. I'm so used to building in 1/16 and 1/20 scale, that anything smaller is getting to hard to see and work with. I had considered building this ugly Frog prince project the same scale as the Maz so I could put it in the same junkyard. But when I looked at how big this is, even at my build scale, 1/25, the frame is just about as big as the Maz was at 1/20 scale. I also considered that at 1/25 scale I have a new world open up to me with all the aftermarket details. Just about anything I need to accomplish the details I want to try. I have recently discovered something that i'm sure that all you guys already know. In that, it is a hobby unto itself just collecting items for our hobby. I would like to articulate the doors and panels. I tried this with limited success during the Maz build. But also the suspension, the steering, the windows, the launcher and the crane... I also need a good stretching in the detail department with hose fittings and wiring and such. Look at all that junk to detail. This going to be a real royal pain! I've been here a few years now and have seen some great builders with great techniques and materials usage, and I'm looking forward to stealing everything I can from everybody to help me work in a smaller scale with more details. The last thing I do in my personal build style is , after I get all the patterns and references together. I gather the build materials. I have all of the basic styrene material, and I'm looking for the 3rd party details as their need arise. The first part of the build is the main, Straight Rail X-Frame. I'll be back, Thanks All.
  9. RichO

    Big As Maz, Junked

    Thanks everyone for taking a look!! This was a blast to build, and the next one is going to be a beast also. I'll be back shortly with a new build. Thanks All!!
  10. Hey All, This is about as much as I'm going to do on this build. However you know that everybody that builds a Dio base is never really done. I'll just keep adding junk to this until the Maz is really junk. That's it guys! I'm off to other builds, later all, Rich
  11. RichO

    Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I finally finished this big Russian "Betty". The build is done. Thanks a lot everyone for tagging along with me on this build. I learned a lot for the next build, and will be attempting things untried by me before. I'll be ready for AFW, in a bit, while I finish the Dio display base. Thanks All, Rich.......
  12. RichO

    Big As MAZ

    Hey Guys, These are the final photos of the 100% complete, Winch cover... I have a couple of small items left to build, a day or so for these. I'll be back with the final portrait shots...Thanks All....
  13. RichO

    Big As MAZ

    Hey All, The engine covers are now finished 100%. I'll be back with more finish work in a bit.....
  14. RichO

    Big As MAZ

    Hey Everyone, This is it guys. The last week of this build. I have started at the front of the truck and will be working my to the back bumper. All the little details that I'm sure would have ended up on the floor, are being added to finish this up. I will show each section over this week and then the final portrait shots before RFI. First up is the Cab. Final photos........ The Cab is now 100% finished. I removed the cab to make the install easier. I'll be moving back to the engine covers next. Thanks All.........
  15. RichO

    Big As MAZ

    Hey Doc, So is that island you live on called "Tighnahullis"? I see how things could take a bit to get to you. LOL