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  1. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Guys, I'll check it out next posting. After I find a scale big enough to weigh this thing.
  2. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I just received a notice from our friends at PB, that my account is being closed. Even tho I have already paid up until June. I think they can't stand the idea of me "getting away" with my account as is, so I've been shut down. I do not know when they will scratch the photos, but I will be back when I find a new host. The building of the Engine Covers continues with the hinges for the hoods. I have spent the last week or so cutting parts and assembling the hinges and I will take photos of everything so I'll have plenty to show when I get back. Thanks All.
  3. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    Very nice surface details, nice chipping.
  4. Big As MAZ

    Now that's an interesting question. I'll be back..............
  5. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Everyone! The skinning continues... Now I get to add the details.........Later All.
  6. Big As MAZ

    Hey Guys, I have finished with the basic cage around the engine. Now it's just finish skinning everything and adding the details. Be Back Later All.
  7. Big As MAZ

    Hey, I've been spending the last couple of days making louvers for the engine covers. 18 in all for the top side vents. I just thought you might like to know how I make mine. flat geometry... Then the curling process...I start with the main body. Here, I am using a round file for the bending. Then I use the tip of the file to bend the ends of the geometry into a sort of bowl shape. A little bit of clean up at the corners and..... I'll be back when I get all this secured to the engine covers. Thanks All..........
  8. I moved my model shop very last of all, to avoid getting everything lost. Good luck with the move.
  9. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, The build of the Engine Covers continues. I have reached a point were I needed to start building the cab. The back wall of the cab supports the end of the cage for the covers. The build progress dose not look that impressive as far as how much was built, but the new elements are tricky, and getting everything to fit properly is an exercise in compromising. The state of the build to date. The cage is sort of flimsy at this stage of the build. I have realized how easy it is to get this out of square, so I try to introduce the body panels as soon as the cage is built to keep thing together. The build is as usual...The cage... I got to this point and realized I haven't test fitted this yet... Looks good so far... Be Back Later All........
  10. Big As MAZ

    I'm feeling great lately and getting back to work. Thanks everybody for your nice comments. I managed to do more work in one day today, than any day in the past three weeks. I got the fuel tank covers finished... Starting the engine covers next...Thanks All.
  11. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I have had one serious time trying to get my mojo back after the bout dealing with the this cold. Actually I'm past the flew now, but I have had to force myself to get to back to work, and also I was not enjoying my current state of affairs. When I left off, I was building the cage and hoods for the fuel tanks. That build continues... I had to start with the skeleton for the cage. More with trimming the thin cage frame and adding the stiffening elements... Time to go 3D... Once I got the cage together, it was time to add the details... Test fit... I now have to build the other side. Be Back Sooner...
  12. Big As MAZ

    Thanks All for following along! It's been a while since my last report. I was dealing with a bad flew. However, it's back to work...slowly. I did manage to build the frames for the engine bay, and that's about it for two weeks work. So after a couple of weeks, it's back to work on the engine bay covers. Be Back soon. Thanks All
  13. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, The last week or so has been fun with family and model building, and in this part of the build, I got to try a new thing for me. I had to make my own "piano hinge" for the hood of the winch. This always go slower than expected, and I had a few days off with family, but I got to a point where I should show what the heck I did. Building the cover for the winch was a combo of straight sheets, with the first of many curved surfaces and the hinges. I first built the basic frame that this cover hangs on. You can see that this is made of thin strips... Test fit onto the winch once I got the size correct, then I had to build up the sides to get everything level for the hoods... testing, testing... Next was making the hoods. These were simple to make, just some bending to do... Once I got all the pieces to fit relatively well, I started adding the details. Making the piano hinge was easy enough, just very tedious with all the small cutting to do. more testing and fitting... So, it's off to the paint shop, and back again... I'm going to live with it like this for a bit. I still have hardware to install. At the moment I'm excited to see the frame work for the Fuel Tank Cage and the sheet work for that part of the build. I'll be back with more exciting "stuff" later. Thanks All!
  14. J2M3 Raiden 'Jack'

    I have seen this kit with a complete build before. You're in for a good time, super details. Have fun!