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  1. Hey Guys, So, the port side is complete. Just like things are, the first corner took a couple of day or so to build. Corner two, was a day to build. Left rear (port rear) looking forward..... Everything is painted and I'm ready to start "the other side". I put the tires at the center locations to show where the brakes will be located inside the wheels. Of course all this gets covered up, and we'll never see them again.
  2. Thanks everyone for watching and the great comments. OMG!! there is something wrong with me. I'm not sure why I try to build these things. I don't think I have ever run into so many fiddly bits to try and manage and also keep hold of, at the same time, ever. I was thinking that this was because I have been away for a bit, but this has forced me to take a look at myself. I mean really! I'm glad we're all in the same boat here. Anyway,...The first thing to mount of the brake system was to start with the center brakes, which are different than the corner br
  3. Hey All, The Suspension System is in full build mode. I managed to replicate all the parts I needed for this part of the build. Parts have been painted and ready for assembly when,...I saw that the vehicle Braking System is fully integrated into the Suspension System. The parts for the Suspension System.... When I got ready to build this, I discovered that the housing for the brakes are integrated into the supports for the entire wheel assembly. So,....The first serious building in a looooooooooong time. The parts for the brakes, I sor
  4. The shock mounts have been replicated and are ready for install. Cutting fresh parts, This is the first cuttings in a year and a half. The pieces... I'm using MasterClub resin bolts, a very good product. Fresh made shock mounts. The three old one in the back. And fresh back from the paint Dept... These represent the parts that had come off in the move. Once I get these installed I will be even with my postings, and starting anew with the Suspension System. I'll be bac
  5. Thanks for the great comments guys!! It's good to be back. Hey All, Upon farther inspection this weekend, I found several places where I need to repair the build before I proceeded. I need to replace a small support triangle frame that has been broken off. You can see the back piece of the part still stuck to the frame. The next repairs will be a good place to start with cutting and building. These small pieces have a lot of small parts. In this photo you can see the top mounti
  6. Hey All, So, "in a couple weeks" has turned into 6 months. I will be starting again slowly. Most everything has survived the move. The storage box for the Frog held up fine for a year and a half, despite being buried under a bunch of other boxes. I was a little afraid to open this at first. I haven't see this in a year and a half and did not remember the box being so thin. it looks like everything is in ok shape. Once I got things unwrapped, there was some small damage to the suspension system that will
  7. Hey All, Frog romance is back! I'll be restarting this project in a couple weeks. Stay Tuned!
  8. I go to my local big box store and have 'em mix up small sample jars of paint. Any color you can think of. I get a pint of paint for $2.50 American. Here where I by model paint a tiny, 17ml bottle of Mig is about $8.00 American. I have been doing this for years and the paint has not lifted off any of my models.
  9. Many wheels and rust !!!! I just creamed my panties! More, more, more, please.
  10. Hey Gus, I was just wondering about the Hobby Boss details on this kit. I have the very large Hobby Boss kit M1070 with the M1000 trailer. This is the only Hobby Boss kit that I have, and some of the details just drive me nuts. I was wondering if your kit is the same way. I have a really hard time with cheesy looking molded on piping and wiring, that needs removing to be replaced with brass rod and wire. I would like to get your kit but if it's like the M1070, a lot of extra work involved for me. Post some photos of the close up details sometime. Enquiring minds want to know.
  11. OH!! Many tires! Very cool. I'm in.
  12. Nice to see a fellow scratcher with the itch. Good Job!
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