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  1. I have installed the lateral cross braces that stiffen the frame. I built the braces way back when I was putting the frame together. These braces are on the top side of the frame and I needed to install the drive line first before installing these. These are simple cross members made of styrene rod. This is just a bunch of photos of the drive line close up...I think I'm about done with the ageing of the inside of the frame... I have started the construction of the Axle "U" joints. I have eight drive axles to build, and the u-joints look to be a bit much... On another front...I had to order more legos for the tire molds. The tires where a bit overwhelming for the few legos that I was using to build the dam around the tire. Thinking ahead a bit, it's time to get to back to the suspension. I'm feeling a need to get the old girl up and on her feet. Be Back Later... Rich
  2. Hey Everyone, I finally managed to get the bottom end of the Drive Train installed. Because all of this is at the bottom of the frame, I had to finish each piece before I installed. The way I work makes this a some what slower process...anyway. The first parts to be painted and ready for install was the little side mounts for the bracing. I thought it would be easier to paint as I went along down the frame.... I found some paint that said it was a "hammered metal" finish, that I thought would look cool under all the grime I was planning to add. Good idea, bad results. The paint turned out to be a sort of glitter paint, that a cheep date would wear as finger nail polish. I re-sprayed with a light grey color and all looked ok for what I was going to do. I did my pin washes, and stains before I set into the final position... Now all I had to do is march right down the line and paint and stain as I go... All the inside of the frame still needs a bit of staining and powders, but I have been looking at this for to long. I'll add a bit more later... I have been playing around with the wheels and tires while I have been waiting for supplies. I'm just about ready to try casting the tires. I'll show ya. Bye for now...Rich
  3. Hey All, The drive lines I needed to build were a bit on the fiddly side, a bit. You already know about this build, a bunch of small parts 20 time each or so... I first should show the building of the Mounting Collars. Altho not all the parts are quite ready to be added to the build just yet, the parts for show are really simple and not to difficult to figure out. The frame mounts are the triangle parts the are riveted to the frame. The model only needed a few parts...I added the little mounting shelf to more match my ref photo. Next, to make the collar, I cut a small section of my soda straw. I cut a simple ring to match the inside radios, and a bit larger on the outside to get a nice "lip" around the edges. Once I had my rings mounted to the straw, a small bridge to span the gap to finish the lip and a couple of Meng bolts... To finish the construction of the Mounting Collars I still need to build the arms that link the collar to the triangle mounts. I have painting and other things to mount before I can do thet tho. The next thing was to start the tedious process of getting all this mounted together and ready to drop into the frame. The parts for the drive shafts not to small for me to work with. Again, a few repetitious numbers.... To break up the numbers a bit I built the drive lines one at a time and did a primary install. This next photo is one of the Gear Boxes, mounted to the Differential, with the spacer and Mounting Collar in the middle. I have added the first Drive Shaft to the Gear Box... The construction of the rest of the drive lines is the same, just different lengths. I mounted all of this as provisionally I as could and still keep things together for the photos. In no special order... I still have a ways to go just to get what's in the photos really secure and solid before I can glue it down. This all fell apart for its photo session at least once.. Thats it for now, I have to secure all of this. Be back later. Stay Tuned. Rich
  4. The construction of the mounting supports for the Drive Train is finished, and now it's time to move on a bit. But first... The mounting supports are the pieces of hardware that secures the drive train to the frame. This consists of four supports along the frame to suspend the drive line and keep all the components centered and secure. The red arrows point to one of the four. You can see that this support has several parts, but is basic nuts and bolts. However the Model-Kom parts are extremely basic in shape... I sketched a quick plan of the parts I will build, more like the top photo... Cutting the parts and starting to add the details... At this point, I found a photo from a Ukraine junk yard that showed, I still have some more details to add to the individual components. I have to go back and add a fill tube for oil to the two gear boxes along with two drain plugs. I also have to add fill plugs, drain plugs, lifting/rigging eyes...a bunch of small items that I missed the first time through to the differentials...but all the work is starting to look like a complex motivation system... I will now add the missing details and then it's off to the Drive Shafts. I have five to build, all different lengths. That's it for now, be back soon.....Thanks All Rich
  5. Guys, Hey The construction of the four Differentials is now complete. These little things where a pain to build. To finish this part of the build I had to complete the Drive Shaft Input Collar. I first cut parts from a large straw that I found. It just happened to be the right diameter. Once I got the collar mounted, I had to build the Connection Flange... Once I had that mounted into place, I mounted the side Axle Mounts. The last thing to do for these items is to bolt everything together, and primer. Four new Differentials... I'm not sure why these little things were such a pain to build, but I managed to struggle through. Next up to build are the mounting collars that hold all this to the frame. These are not to complicated to build, but have to be custom build for each location. I have already build the two for the Transfer Case. I now have four more to build to hold each of the Differentials. These mounting collars also hold up the Gear Boxes that I have already built. I'll be back with the construction of the mounting collars... Rich
  6. Hey Everyone, I left off with needing to build the four differentials for the drive line. These little things have turned out to be a nightmare to figure out the geometry and how to go about rendering this thing. I have had a miserable time trying to find photos of anything down inside the frame of the beast. The best reference I have believe it or don't, is the plastic part that Trumpeter has produced for the MAZ kit. The card reference was somewhat simplified in its design. I ended up using the card pattern for the parts and just sort of made stuff up as I went as to the final shape. This is the card reference and the Trumpeter kit part... The parts for the eight U-joint end mounts... This is those part mounted together... I next had to come up with some sort of spacer... Looks like it might work... This is about half of what I need for one differential. I have to finish building this one unit, then one more with this pattern. I have to flip the patterns for two more the opposite direction. Be Back Later...
  7. Great metal affect! Sorry I got here just at the end, but good job.
  8. Thanks for looking at this guys! I'll post the beer can soon for you. I don't do alcohol for refreshments (allergic). I have what the Britts call "Mother Mahony's royal recipe". It's all good tho, as long as the modeling continues. Be back soon' Rich
  9. Thanks for looking Everyone. I have been thinking about the wheel /tire situation for a while, so I decided to try to get the tires under control. Problem was, I lost control of the tire situation and got runned over by 'em. I got the real smart idea of building the tires out of car and wood. No problem there. Let me show you what happened... Drafting out the tire base shape... Enough rings for nine tires, two each... The next thing I did was cut a bunch of Balsa spacers for inside the tires... Next was cutting all the strips of card to build the basic shape, and to add layers for the tire tread curve... Everything was going great up to this point... I began to get a sick feeling... There is no frikin' way I going to cut out 2224 individual treads for these tires! I finished the one I was building and will use it as a master for resin. ...more later. Thanks, RichO
  10. Thanks Everybody for your nice comments. I think I have wraped up the Transfer Case, at least as far as I need to for now. So just some quick photos... This is were the side brace mounts are placed... Freshly primered Transfer Case... I have four Differentials to build next. These are small but with a lot of parts, and some tricky geometry. ' Glad you looked...Thanks
  11. Hey All, Well, I obviously didn't think this through when I started this build. This is going to take a bit longer than I thought it would. That having been said, I am still not done building the gear box. I have been working on this for two weeks and still have a few days of building for just this one element. I'm so far behind in posting photos of the small builds to make this, so I'll try to get things in the right order. A photo or two... In the photo above the gear box/transfer case is on the right, the transmission is on the left. I started with the basic shape... Next I started to add all the surface stuff... All this sits right up front... The E-brake... Now I have to flip this over to get to the other side... Once I got the basic details added, it was time to add the cooling fins... Now I have to try to mount this thing into the frame. I had to figure out two mounting brackets and then do a test fit... With a few adjustments, the fit went well. A lot more detail to add, the oil pan... Things are going well with the build, but a bit slower than I anticipated, just because of all the stuff to build. I'll be back with the wrap up of this transfer case/gear box...some time soon. Later All.
  12. Thanks All, Just an update for this report. I have been working on building the Gear Box for the drive line. I have been spending this past week with all the small sub-assemblies for this part of the build. At the rate this thing is taking to build I will have another week of building. I'll show what I have so far for the Gear Box. A bunch of sub-assemblies, I'll go into more detail when I get everything ready to assemble. I know it doesn't seem like a bunch of stuff, but it's all small, and a lot of parts. I'll be back with the finishing of the sub-assemblies and the placing of everything. Thanks for looking...soon
  13. Hey Everyone, I have started with the Drive train. The first pattern that I chose to build was the two Gear Box's. For no particular reason, these just look cool. As I am building this project I have been looking at what each of my three kit references have to offer for that particular part. I compare the parts and then chose the one to replicate. Because I am using the Model-Kom kit for the basis of this build, I use the measurements from this kit to make things fit to scale. I do however use the other kits for what the parts look like. Checking out the three versions of the Gear Box. The Trumpeter version of the Gear Box was easy, They simply chose to ignore it and not include this item in their kit. Problem solved. I've circled where they should be. The Model-Kom representation is ok, but not as detailed as the E63 kit... The E63 kit is more detailed than the Model-Kom kit is, so I used that example of the parts compared to the one photo I could find for this item. I used the Model-Kom kit for the scaling I had to do, scaled the parts, and made sure that the other kit parts fit into the one I am building. Trying to get photos of the deep bowels of Maz frame components is a tuff one to find. The parts of the two Gear Box... The four faces of the cases with all the parts stacked on... The Gear Box's have a certain thickness to them that is all held closed with a series of perimeter bolts. You can see in the photo above, I have drilled a series of holes around the edge of the parts and then cut to size, which left a postage stamp sort of affair around the edges. I next added the dimension that I needed with strips, to create a box to glue the two face together. When the boxed parts were dry and solid, I cut away the openings where the case bolts go. Once I got the openings cut out, I installed 1.5mm rod, and anchored everything into place. The last step is to install all the bolts that hold this thing together... New primered Gear Box's... That is where I am at in the build today, I managed to finish this step tho, and now I'm off to the Main gearbox. Thanks for looking...Later All
  14. Hey Everyone, I managed to get some color on to the Maz frame. My internet connection died for four days, on the same morning that my printer ran out of ink. I have not been able to do any pattern work for a while. I drove for miles to the nearest office supply place just to find out that my printer is some what outdated and they don't have ink in the store. "Go on line to order it". So I had to wait for four days for inter service to return and the ink wont be hear for week. AND, I'm not even sure if it's the correct ink cart. We'll see. I thought I would show a detailed account of my particular rust method, with a bunch of photos. At this stage of the build, I am not so concerned about the amount of rust that I am attempting to portray. Please keep in mind that just about all the rust that you will see here is going to be covered up by other components. So I have over done this step some what, because I want a certain amount of the rust to show from under the other components that are installed over the frame. Also keep in mind that this build is not a military version of the Maz, but as if, neglected by years of private civilian use. I have primered the frame with a dark gray color... The next step was to paint the frame with the base rust color. Because I used a dark primer, I used a light colored rust, which turned a nice shade of medium dark rust... Letting all that dry, I next started with the building up of the colors. I try to select a nice cool contrasting color for my first layer when doing rust. My years of art have shown me that a cool contrast adds depth to the finished rust. For this build I chose a light lavender color... The next thing I do is add the deepest color. For this, I chose a deep burgundy maroon color. I use a small piece of natural sponge, it has a more irregular edge to it. The next layer is a gold orange color, applied all over, but splotchy... A rusted out hulk... Once I got everything to where I liked it, it was time to cover it all up. I started with thinking where the rust might collect and started with the salting... When the salt was where I liked it , I painted the whole thing black... I just let everything dry for about an hour and then scraped the salt off... Because this is all under everything else in the frame, I didn't go wild with the powder, but just enough to look good...I know this looks a bit over done, but it really wont be seen when the drive train is installed. Bye for now...