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  1. Hey Guys, A quick posting for now. I have come to the point of moving on from the cab. I still have a ton of items to be placed on the exterior of the cab, but I do not want to loose or break off all the items that hang off the cab. As you can see, a ton of things to add. Antennas, spot lights, mirrors, grab handles........a list of items that are very fragile to build and keep in good order, all the way to the display cabinet. So what I'm going to do, is just move to the rear bumper, and save all the delicate items for the final rendering.
  2. You guys are great with the enthusiastic comments! Hey All, Work with the cab continues. I have done most of the putty work and added most of the out side details. I still have a load of items to add to the cab, but, light at the end of the tunnel. I thought about leaving the putty work in the corners as is, just because when fiberglass gets bashed, you have to fill it with bondo putty to repair. I also started to add the exterior details. You can see that I still have a lot to do with this. Mirr
  3. I get very frustrated when my space is a mess. Hard to find things and build smoothly. This is a bout as messy as it gets.
  4. Hey Guys, Not to much progress this posting, however this was a big step! I got the nose of the cab built and finally installed. I still have a bit of work to smooth things out, but, installed and in place. I have a bit of puttying to do, and sanding, with details for the nose to add, but the cab skin is on. YA! This is where the build is as of tonight. The single hardest part of the build is behind me. I'll report back with whatever is next. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hey guys, Hubert, The living Russian truck, has a frame and drivetrain made from heavy metal, and the skin is fiberglass. I am attempting to replicate this by making the frame and drivetrain from heavy styrene, and I'm making the skin out of paper, to replicate the fiberglass. I cut the paper to shape and then superglue the paper into it's final configuration. ( Superglue turns the paper to cement.) Once that is done, I can sand, primer, paint.........whatever. The paper is indestructible.
  6. Hey All, Spring has sprung and modeling has slowed somewhat. I've been busy working on a Dio and doing yard work. I have managed to skin the top and back of the cab. I started with an easy piece to get into shape. Once I had this portion bent into place it was off to the paint shop. A little more sanding ...... Nice clean paint..... This lives here.... The color's coming around...
  7. Hey Altogether, I spent most of this week cutting out the craziest shapes, and getting stressed about fitting these into place. I bounced around a bit with the skin. I also worked on the doors. The crazy shapes to work with........ The doors are doors and not so hard to build. I made the leather stow bags from brown paper grocery bag soaked in water and PVA glue. I used the rod to hold the shape... Then I would go back to work on the cab skin and get thing bent into shape, sort of.... I test fit as I
  8. You guys are just great with the comments. I'm glad everyone is following along. Hey Guys, This week was installing the cab into the cab frame. The actual install was just slipping this into place, but getting everything to squeeze into the cab when putting the roof on was quite a tight fit. The build for the roof was very simple, and only the interior lamp and the sun visors needed to be built. All I did for the sun visors was a bit of card, wrapped with .05mm styrene rod. This is turned over and secured into place. Once the fit was tight I s
  9. Hey All, This has been a fun and creative week of just making stuff up as I worked. I had references for most of the cabin control boxes but I sort of just made what looked good, but still resemble the real deal. I started the cabin build with the floor. I use the standard Evergreen Siding sheet to form the floor mats. Once I had these shaped, I started with the control boxes. I had to build so many, that I just set each apart like little individual mini kits... The control boxes are just that, boxes. lots of small styrene boxes
  10. Thanks as always, for checking in you guys...., Hey All....... This week was a bit slower for working on this project. I had a wild impulse about building a kit OOB just to do something a bit different. But I did manage to get the cab interior built, and start on the cab details. One of the things I had to do was to perform a bit of surgery. I had secured the cab skeleton, ready for interior/exterior, last posting, but upon trying to get the cab interior into place, I had a really bad binding problem and could not gain access to the cab. I had to, with scalpel in hand, rem
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. Hey Altogether, A small posting this week. I knew that this week would be a slow build. The skeleton of the cab had to support the skin, so there were so many parts to get things right. Some of the parts.......and nuts. This part is the floor of the cab. Once I got most of the parts cut and cleaned, it was time to assemble. You can see the back of the cab with the dash board skeleton and part of the door frame. I should have taken more photos, but every once in a while I get into a zen mod
  12. Hey Guys, It's been a busy week. I have the cage dropped into place with the final connections to the engine, fitted and installed, with some extras. I checked what's coming next with the build and I did find a bit not right with the front fenders, but this is not an emergency at the moment. I'll reposition these when the cab frame is placed. Also the elevated platform is finished and installed. I built the Air Filters with a portion of a wood dowel cut to size and shaped, with styrene details. The Air Filter compartment has a dust liner to help the filter.
  13. Hey Guys, The build continues at a steady pace and things are getting done. I have finished painting and installing the Mud Fenders, and also finished with the Launch Supports. The Launch Supports are installed, but only half of the full support. Fresh back from the paint dept. I only installed this part for now. The full support is a bit fiddly and I don't want to break anything off, so I will leave it at this point until quite some time later. I have placed the parts close, but will wait to finish the lower leg and Support Pad. These will
  14. You guys are great with the comments, Thanks!....... Hey All, Building the mud fenders was easy enough, just very slow work. However I do have six new mud fenders. Also some work done on the outriggers for the launch system. The fenders were just simple geometry and bent to a round.... To replicate the fiberglass body panels of the original, I have decided to use a heavy card stock. My thinking is the original frame and components are metal, so I made these from styrene. The body of the vehicle is lightweight fiberglass, so I chose lightweight card
  15. Hey All, I've had a fun time of it lately. I got side tracked, again, because I found one more dang thing to install before the cage can go on. It just never ends. The state of the cage today is this. I have finished the installing of the outer skin and after primer and sanding, finished the paint for this small part of the body work. I left the finish somewhat rough and abused, and a banged up body, only to get worse later on. I still have small details to add. A frame around the fan screens, fill the hatch panels, and fill caps, and.........
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