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  1. I have a perplexing problem which has come two or three times while applying alclad 11 aluminum: Every dust particle in my neighbourhood gravitates to my model neing sprayed! I'm guessing this has to do with the metal particles ionizing on leaving the airbrush. Other than spray in a vacuum, is there any viable and practical solution to this rather vexing problem. I like NMF and like alclad. What to do?
  2. So the cables are attatched internally in the wings. The Camel pics are clearly modern. I need to find some original Camel pics. This is the fun and interesting part of doing 100 year old aircraft photographed in black and white.
  3. As an aside, why would WNW tell us not to put buckles on because "it would wrong anyway"? Your photos clearly show buckles on a Camel. What's up with that? Just curious about WNW assertion. Cheers!
  4. Thanks so much for the pics! I'm still amazed at the level of info I get from members on this site. And their building skills as evidenced by the posted builds. I will post once my IT department (my 18 year old daughter) returns from school in Quebec in April. She will be able to mask my blemishes.
  5. Are the attachment hard points for the rigging internal like the Snipe, or do I use bobs buckles like I would for any other british/german aircraft of that era? I have not seen a Camel real or replica so am not sure. I didn't on my Snipe, but WNW is not clear on buckles/no buckles on the Camel. I have yet to receive the kit, but was just wondering. Just started rigging my Roland dvia so I guess I've got rigging mojo at the moment. So withe the Camel: Buckles or no buckles? On that note, happy modelling. Cheers!
  6. Dainis

    WNW amc dh2

    OMG! I love this forum. Thanks so much. Your link got me there. I'd buy a pint for everybody except we're online. A virtual pint for LSM members. Cheers!
  7. I tried downloading the bobs buckles rigging guide link but all that was downloaded was a jpeg of the cover image. Has anyone successfully downloaded this guide recently? Or is there another avenue by which I can download this file? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Sounds like the current wisdom for thinning paint over the black base. I've read as much as two to one or three to one. Although that on first look seems a bit much. Or have tremendous patience building up the paint layers. Thanks and cheers!
  9. Thanks. I test shot 50/50 and it did seem a bit thin. I'll give the 70/30 ratio a go. Tangentally, have you tried the black 1500? The only time i have used a black base is for the alclad metallics. How does cammo look over black? It sounds like one big preshade
  10. I have used mr surfacer 1000 and 1200 thinned 50/50 with levelling thinner. Looking at a new jar of 1500 black it seems quite thin already. Any tips on thinning ratio for this product?
  11. Thanks for replying. I did notice the elasticity of the decals. The aviattic decals didn't seem to mind setting solutions like micro sol or mr mark softer  on a practice piece. I guess I'll start the wings today and hope for the best!

    1. JeroenPeters


      The do respond, but they need much more Micro sol than usual.

      Good luck and look forward to see the results!

    2. Dainis


      I did get some silvering on the wing bottoms despite mr color gloss white and a big coat of clear. I think you're dead on with the micro sol. Im going to up the ante and use the nuclear option with solvaset on a small area. Cheers!

  12. Dainis

    WNW roland dvi a

    Not my first WNW kit but my first lozenge decal application. I have the aviattic decal set and have applied the lower set to the bottom of the elevators and flaps with little problem. I am a little nervous about the wing surfaces especially the uppers. Any nugget of advice would be appreciated!
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