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  1. That is a photo etched RB production that indeed was too short. It did not end up this way in the finished model.
  2. Continued work on the Argus engine. Lots of detail missing here. Not strange considering you dont have the option from the kit to pose the panels open. Adding the missing detail now.
  3. Replaced the closed plastic grille with a PE one, making the engine area visible. So i scratched the radiator and part of the forward engine.
  4. It is! I am building the tamiya citroen traction to go along this build.
  5. Added the instrument panel and started work on an accompanying small project.
  6. Mindblowing and right up my alley. Chapeaux!
  7. Hi Troy, i used the Quinta pre coloured decals with relief
  8. Prepping the hull. Will open the luggage compartment. Also opened the ends of the exhausts with my new usb charged hand grinder.
  9. Great work! You make it look like a wnw kit and then some.
  10. I had a swedish 6.5 mauser once. Most beautiful mauser imho. But this one looks the part too. i now shoot and own a lee enfield, l1a1, m1 carbine, p38 and browning hp.
  11. Lovely work so far. Enjoying your teaking and updating.
  12. Only a few more washes and the pit is done
  13. Some more work on the pit. Quite happy with the eduard ones’. Love the way they attach to the back of the seat.
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