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  1. The last of the stencils have been masked and sprayed. Waiting for the yellow 6 and jg1 u it badge mask.
  2. It’s a button that turns the power on and off. The fake 3d printed one is the one i’m holding. The real one is now in the base. Ready to paint the aluminium base in RLM66.
  3. I also managed to buy a new Netschalter. The one i wanted to use on the base is a 3D printed copy
  4. I use AK more work done. Small red stencils sprayed.
  5. Drew up the JG1 unit badge for the left side of the engine cover and the mask for the yellow 6. Mal Mayfield Is cutting the masks for me. As always.
  6. Sprayed the crosses on the underside, along with more stencils. Also started washes.
  7. More masks down. Slowly getting there and ready for washes.
  8. Hi Smitty, in hindsight i may not have removed the post. I sometimes get requests from the forum during my busy daytime job as director marketing and communications of a 1500 employee company and then act swiftly trying to piss out an emerging fire. Having said that: I also hope that all of us can think twice before reporting something. Most reports deal with spammers. Sadly sometimes it concerns abbrasions between members.
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