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  1. Dryfitting the upper deck. Not bad for a test shot.
  2. Both pits done. Also finished the bomb bay. In the trainer case a fuel tank was installed but i’m leaving it empty. The middle section is not correct. Neither is the Eduard one. Zoukei Mura is so i replicated it from Evergreen.
  3. Really cool. Saw it pop up on my timeline today. A piece of history of civil aviation.
  4. First colours added to the nose wheelbay.
  5. Front pit done. The Yahu instrument panel is slightly nicer than the eduard one. Only need to figure out where to attach the seatbelts in the rear pit. Back of seat or rear wall.
  6. True! But need to install more levers and switches. At least the seatbelts of the front office are done.
  7. Bought two sets of HGW late luftwaffe seatbelts. I can assemble these blind by now...
  8. Slowly starting to look like a cockpit
  9. Cheers! One of my fav aircrafts. added a little contrast with lighter and darker Shades. Now the fun starts...
  10. Bump! time to continue this stalled build. First paint is on the pit. Trying to match the eduard rlm66 as much as i can:
  11. A good friend of mine was a truck driver. Was. Died in his truck a year ago in a collision. His wife asked me to paint a model of his Mercedes Actros truck in his colours. I had decals custom made.
  12. Really cool Frankenstein stuff going on here!
  13. She's all done. Attitude Aviation Resin conversion for the Hasegawa Bf-106G6 kit, but I used the Revell Bf-109G-6 kit. The scheme is in the old Black and white movie colours 'Der Stern von Afrika' about Joachim Marseille. This role was played by Joachim Hansen. A signed photo of him is sandwiched between a printen perspex plate and wood.
  14. I only strayed when i built the 48 Wellington. Simply because a 32nd scale version isn’t available.
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