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  1. Had an alu box made with holes for the instruments. Corners need to be smoothened. And the base will be sprayed rlm66.
  2. So.. the HGW rivets were a disaster. Followed the instructions. Even got the right Mr Mark softener, but about 20% of the rivets stayed on the carrier film. Ah well! Back to old school riveting.
  3. Almost finished all the major subassemblies
  4. Started work on the canopy. The thin PE cables are flat, so i replaced them with thin brass rod.
  5. Trust me. I haven’t figured it out yet! I just take my time and try to really work out the sequence. You PE work looks fine to me!
  6. Flaps done. Turned out a little easier than i thought.. preparing all panels for RLM02. And there are quite a few..
  7. A strange melange of detail. Almost if more than one company put this together.. Looking forward to this!
  8. Was not happy with the louvre controls and some other things so re-did them.
  9. One step further with the louvre controls.
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