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  1. This is my favorite part. Adding life to the pit. Still a long way to go.
  2. Started adding the Quinta decals and some washes. Lot’s more work to be done!
  3. Alclad white aliminium with a bit of chrome is on.
  4. Primed the inside of the fuselage. Check out the Kitsworld detail set. I havent touched it but it’s starting to fall apart. Really poor quality. I would recommend the Quinta Studio set.
  5. Reprinted the radio. Perfect now. Also started painting the cockpit with some black pre shade.
  6. It all seems to fit. might reprint the radio, since some supports ruined some details.
  7. All fitted. A real pain but hopefully worth the effort. I’ll now scratch the panel and face the same dilemma the whirlwind fighter project faces: what was printed on the information panel inside the hatch?
  8. Managed to find a rare fuel gauge from a Hawker Tempest. The Tempest had two. The upper one showing the nose tank contents and the bottom one (with two dials) showing the wing tanks contents.
  9. Installing the frame (which needed trimming…) and stringers.
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