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  1. 1:72 S.M Unterseeboot U9 U9 Class: U9/U10/U11/U12 Das Werk Catalogue # DW72001 Available from Modellbau Koenig for € 99,- Introduction Otto Weddigen. Does that name ring any bells? I’ll bet I doesn’t. Which is strange. Since during the first world war, his name was about as ‘famous’ in Germany as for instance Von Richthofen. The U9 of the U9 class U-boat was his mount in which he sank three British armoured cruisers (The HMS Hogue, Aboukir and Cressy) in less than one hour. This happened on September the 22nd 1914. Even though these three ships were de
  2. Yes they are but you need to spray at low pressure. Very lightly and build it up.
  3. Yes, Alclad. Still much more shading and weathering to do..
  4. Thnx! Here’s a pic in mid panel wash stage. The underside of this plane was bare aluminium.
  5. Panel lines done witg a Mig black panel line wash. Matt varnish down. Now on to my favorite part: weathering.
  6. Don’t underestimate the power of sateprikkers and styrofoam! Nice..
  7. I read the elbow grease is on sale at Kruidvat
  8. Both kits are great. The HK kit has better fit and better after market options available. In terms of accuracy both kits are on the mark. Out of the box ZM might be better but there is hardly any after market available for it.
  9. More masking and spraying done. Now measuring out the kreuz that goes over the engine compartment.
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