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  1. Getting ready to close the fuse. The tailwheel strut connects perfectly to the Aires parts.
  2. Cool. Never seen one of these built before. Following with interest.
  3. 1/8? Wow. How big is this thing?
  4. Thnx guy. A bit more paint in the pit. I removed a lot of resin from the seat cushion on advise from Tony Argudo. The cushion is otherwise oversized. The Eduard instrument decals were a bit off register, but they’ll do...
  5. While my iwata is in the repair shop, i went back to my Tamiya trigger airbrush. Not as fine as the Iwata tr1, but it will do.
  6. Thnx guys. More polishing done. The panel fits superb.
  7. First paint on. These are the places i need to paint first, before closing the hull and wings. I love the detail on the Aires tail inspection set. Look at the rivets in every dimple as they are supposed to be.
  8. And here’s a shot of the Aires instructions. Only need to add the retraction cable from EZ Line.
  9. Woke up thinking: i’m going about this in the wrong way, so i removed the PE panel frame. I think I need to glue this part to the interior resin. But to do so, i need to paint the resin first. That’s why i’m scanning my reference books for detail and colours.
  10. Slowly sanding the tail inspection hatch into submission...
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