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  1. I made a mistake. The fairings were included in the set!! So i took it all of and followed the instructions like I should have done in the firsts place.
  2. Added the fairings. Also added a thin Plastic strip as a base for the fairing as can be seen in reference.
  3. I use my very old Mission Model bender. By no means perfect
  4. Thnx. I drew the strap shadow myself in a way it pops out
  5. Tried something new. I designed artwork in the Star of Africa theme and had it printed by Projectcolor. The signed photo of the 1956 star of the movie is sandwiched between the wooden base and perspex. 4 screws will hold it in place.
  6. Lovely detail work. I have this kit with the Part photo etch set in the stash. Bookmarked this!
  7. Hahaha! thnx. You’re too kind. I tend to only use Gunze mr hobby colour. Thinned with Gunze levelling thinner.
  8. Wings on. Sanding, some rescribing and polishing.
  9. The biggest headache was the oil cooler. You need to cut out sections of the underwing and compensate for the adjustment made to the higher sit of the nose. I think i’ve got it..
  10. Catching up after missing a few of your updates is the cherry on my day. If that makes sense...
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