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  1. Oh my lord.... talk about creativity... a feast for the eyes!!
  2. Cheers! I'm really pleased with the guys from Profimodeller. They sent me a bunch of drawings and more photographs that really help. This is by far the most useful: Note how far back the V1 is. and that that does with the balance. Especially with the massif resin engine at the back.... so... I filled the nose with lead. The arm really works smoothly on the model, but to make sure it can cope with the weight I will glue it into position eventually.... I also glued two metal pins in the resin bed that holds the V1 that go into two holes in the V1 hull. Tight fit and looks like I don't need glue to attach the V1.
  3. I can imagine special hobby doing one some day. But indeed: how cool would it be if tamiya had a go..
  4. Hehehe, sleep is overrated! Today is the birthday of our king, so... no work! Perfect opportunity to do some work on the V1. The booms are glued. Wheels dry fitted. Pinned the front wheels with copper rod, so they can turn.
  5. Nice... great side by side comparison.
  6. Since this was the Schlepper towing the Loader, I guess it was this colour:
  7. Cheers Mike! I have been searching the web for weeks now to find reference pics of the Anhänger.. But with no success. Not one single photo! So i sent an e-mail to profimodeller and immediately received a few snapshots. Now all i need to do is figure out the colour. I'm thinking a yellow / beige RLM colour? This is by far the best pic. I reckon i see a he111 in the background with a tarp over the cockpit. Instead of this being an Anhänger, a better name would have been: Loader.
  8. Yes! Good to see this build back on track!
  9. Bring m on!
  10. Done! Deadline has been pushed back by one month. Good luck and Godspeed!
  11. So cool... In a league of it's own!
  12. Lovely work! And what a lovely work place too..
  13. Here's some more. I added metal pins in the most important connection of this model. Pretty tight. Almost doesn't need glue! Check out the size of the whole ensemble..
  14. That woodwork.... sweet! The brussels army museum is (despite it's somewhat deplorable state) still one of my favourites..