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  1. Thnx! the rudder pedal had to be re-done. There is only one known photo of the rear cockpit. I made a new floorplate and used spare PE and plastic to make something more realistic
  2. Since this kit isnt out on the market yet i have to make do with a test shot sprue that has many flaws. Short shot parts. The rear seat had a large hole in the back of the seat and the leg rests where half gone. I cut out the entire back and made a new one from green card. The leg rests were made from 0.3 mm rod.
  3. If you add the bomb to the internal bomb bay the detail is sufficient. But when you leave it out you’ll need to spice it up. Here are the first of some added details. also found a long thin spring to make the hose that is connected to the control stick. the do335a instrument panel has a few instruments more than the b version. So today i swapped my b version from eduard for the Yahu instrument panel.
  4. Thnx guys! Added more photo etch to the pit. The HK seat lacks 4 small reinforcements at the underside of the armrests so i added them from small strips and sanded them into shape.
  5. Time for a new project. I felt like building something not too complicated. But then i went and got: Eduard interior set Eduard exterior set Eduard wheels Eduard exhausts DN Models mask set HGW seatbelts
  6. Thnx Rick! the rope comes from the spares box. Came with an old armour kit...
  7. Fixed a few small issues. all markings sprayed. Decals added. Ready for weathering.
  8. Almost done with the markings...
  9. Wasnt happy with the markings. Removed the paint from the band and started all over again. This time in a different sequence.
  10. First markings sprayed. DN Models masks.
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