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  1. Lovely. I have this kit and might build it soon. Keep it up.
  2. Had the base plate printed and laser cut. Printed in 3mm thick vinyl. FullSizeRender.mov IMG_4830.MOV
  3. On a brighter note: really happy with the HGW decals without the carrier film.
  4. The paint keeps fighting me... but managed to hide most of the mishaps
  5. I’ll fix it but yeah... it sucks... big time
  6. The mr surfacer base coat appears to hate the plastic..... A lot of touching up to do...
  7. both.. and me neither... sealed with future now
  8. Experiencing some issues with the mr surfacer base that lets go with the masking.
  9. Both kits are great. The reason I prefer the HKM one, is that there is AFTER MARKET for it! Eduard, Profi Modeller, HGW etc... For the ZM kit there isn't that much, since we all think it doesn't need anything, but ofcourse it does.
  10. The base will get a concrete floor texture:
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