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  1. Members may be interested in my recently published book, a lavishly illustrated step-by-step account of the building of my 1:5 scale museum model Spitfire. Lots more about the book and how to order on my website www.spitfireinmyworkshop.net
  2. Greetings all, I recently posted some pictures of my two 1:5 scale Spitfire models. I've also built a P-51D in the same scale. The model took the best part of a decade to complete and is now on permanent display at the RAF Museum in Cosford..
  3. Greetings, everyone. Recently I posted some pictures of my 1:5 scale Mk I Spitfire. Four-five years ago I began this Mk IX and here are some in-progress shots. I calculate there are at least two to three years of work left before the model is complete. I contemplate finishing it in 601 Sqn colours, where the airframe is predominantly bare metal. The picture of the part-finished cockpit was taken before the starboard side wall was installed.
  4. Thanks Rob. It's litho-plate over a mainly wooden core. The rivets in the skin are put in individually, and there are tens of thousands of them!! The rudder and elevator are fabric covered.
  5. Greetings everyone, and thank you for inviting me to join LSM. My favoured scale is 1:5... Yes, I guess you could say that's large. Here are some pictures of my early-mark Spitfire, which took more than ten years of my spare time to build. I have more images if anyone would like to see them. I greatly look forward to joining the discussions. I have also scratch built WW1 subjects in 1:24 scale, and have been an avid kit basher for most of my life.
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