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  1. Great going Danny really like the extras.
  2. Yes great work home stretch.
  3. Wow i lost the invite...... but so glad i found this party, excellent work Mike catching up.
  4. Really fascinating to watch, great detailing Martin.
  5. Great going, really like the look of the camo.
  6. From what I'am seeing i can't wait to see this build going. Great work on the 51s john.
  7. Harv I've got to do one of these one day, great going.
  8. Oh yes Danny that will go great with CM one in finished. Can't wait to see this go together.
  9. Hi BC, tamiya cut approx 50% with x20a tamiya thinner. Primed with mr surface 1000 again cut 50% with mr colour leveling thinner gives me a solid smooth base for paint.
  10. What a great start, will be watching this for sure.
  11. Hi one and all, another little update. 1st off painting insignia for me, have i crossed the line?. A joy to do ( i did do a little touch up here and their) but it's worth it! Hope you guys like it.
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