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  1. Coming on great, neat as always.
  2. Now that has some character, great result , excellent WIP,great skills on the paint. Fantastic! Thx for sharing.
  3. Great start loving the cockpit dealing.
  4. Oops, I can see what you have done. Third time lucky . Still it's looking very good
  5. GREAT
  6. Will be watching, can't wait to see your setup.
  7. This one slipped me by, agree thoughts belts look very convincing. Great pit to.
  8. Superb painting, l just love luftwaffe camouflage really nice work ajcmac
  9. That grease and rusty effects very convincing, coming on, big Bertha...
  10. Great! You pulled the rivet detail out very convincingly, nice affects on the staining too . it really looks the part. And you say a pleasure to build enough said. I have started mine, I will pop a little extra detail and correction as you have no big deal. 1st spit
  11. Great detailing Dave, that paint looks great to, nice affects.
  12. Looking very nice, great paint job so far well done ajcmac
  13. Very nice work Cees, that's got me hooked for sure....
  14. That's a lot of parts, respect for having a go in a tent. Watching with great interest as I have the takom king tiger too. Good luck
  15. Great progress, looking very neat. Cees is there anything you have found that needs sorting for fit, yours looks seamless