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  1. Hi Cees, watching with great interest as I have the ix, which I will start after the hasegawa A8. Great start by the way. Can I ask what belts will you use in that version. Thx Darren
  2. Very impressive work, those tyres concept and build just rock dudie..
  3. What a great start, that detail already nice work.
  4. This is out the box modelling,,,, I mean blue sky building. Great work....
  5. Lovely start, just wow! On that wood..
  6. Great concepts, great skills well done. Darren
  7. Thank you RichO Thank you Mike
  8. Looks really good, like the black /white v2 nose.
  9. That's a nice start, jet looks very good will be watching.
  10. That is a beauty, great weathering. Well done.
  11. That is a fine example of a bf 109, great paint job inspiration work. The pictures tell the story.
  12. Thank you JP. Thank you, I practice on the inside of the parts. I draw pencil lines then free hand the wheel lightly over the line, then I push a small pin into every rivet hole. This rounds off and raise slightly, so I can rub up the rivets I want to show up. Also after the pin work is done, you can apply primer then rub with a 1000 grit very lightly (wear) you want to create a neat round looking rivet,rather than just a hole. I am still learning though. But once you do it no looking back....
  13. I used a RB Productions rivet-R for the wings (1mm) , and I made a rivet tool for the fuselage out of a Ultra small syringe needle.
  14. Thank you Mark, it looks very good.