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  1. Stunning build builds, I am catching up with this one. Watching!
  2. I am liking that style of wash too, I have used this now twice, and like it dirty also. Coming on very nice )..
  3. I am liking that canopy, looks so much better than the kit part. A lot of work gone into that. Also liking your detailed WIP. Well done.
  4. Wow this is coming on great, can't wait to see with a wash.
  5. Wow Bevan, that ticks all my boxes, really inspires me. Great work..
  6. They are indeed, I have a few now, so many 109 I would like to have a go at. Cheers Aaron
  7. Wow that is so good, the faded paint and weathering. It looks pretty big too.
  8. trumpeter

    Very neat I like, how do you do the shading James it looks spot on.
  9. Thx Bevan, this was a very unusual camouflage style for a 109.
  10. All done... http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/5063-revell-bf-109-g6-erich-hartmann/?do=findComment&comment=64760
  11. Very neat great detailing, weathering.
  12. Great Dora, well done
  13. Well I am going to call this finished, Revell's bf 109 g6. Started early January, more pictures in finished work . sorry I've put this up so quickly. Thanks all, hope you enjoy this. Finished link http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/5088-revell-bf-109-g6-erich-hartmann/
  14. Thank you, glad you like it. Grimey and used.