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  1. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    Hi Scrodes, nearly exactly as the seat cover. silver base,RC424 base leather, brown mix varnish watered down, applied same way as seat cover. then applied a black wash to blend. I have a quick method earlier on this thread.
  2. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Looking good very neat.
  3. Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8/R11

    Jim that looks great, next Iam going to start my F8. you have convinced me. Converted to A8 with left over hassy parts.
  4. Trumpeter P40B

    Very neat work as always Rick, inspiring stuff.
  5. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    Just wondered Gus of you could water it down. The humbrol you can. They are very smart, slight mod to fit. But worth it. Thanks Rick , yeah it's big just picked up a 32nd fw 190 a8 feels like a 48 scale now lol.
  6. Big As MAZ

    Mega Rich..
  7. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    I used humbrol liquid maskol . On the leading edges I applied this with a toothbrush flicking it on. now I will weather this in.
  8. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    I've managed to get the paint on with the d- day markings here's a quick shot. Fun stuff to follow... Cheers Darren.
  9. 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang

    Great review as always Jim, was in P&S hobbies Scarborough this year while visiting my Son on holidays. Great little shop packed to the rafters.
  10. Moving....

    Good luck mikester with your move, and can't wait to see your lufftwaffe builds in the new year.
  11. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    Sorry Rob, didn't mean to scare you with my dodgy air brushing(not the airbrush fault).nice and raw, like blow by blow. It just shows an idea that may come in handy... Yes that airbrush is fantastic.
  12. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    Hi all update 3, some primer and paint going on. I think you get the gist from the picture's. Alcad white primer Tamiya xf 83 mixed with some xf 2 Tamiya xf 82 mixed with some xf 19 and a masking idea I wanted to share
  13. Amazing skills, and I thought my tiffy was big.