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  1. Great stat JP watching for sure, that worn pre shaded pale blue is so awsome.
  2. Still amazed at the exhausts, looking good Ernie.
  3. That nose has really gone very well, very nice build.
  4. I will be in for sure. Hummm hazzy or reveey.
  5. Sorry guys i took my eye off the ball here. This is the one i want to do. Messerschmitt Bf 109E4 8.JG54 Black 3 Erwin Leykauf France 1940-0B Well done Martin !
  6. Oh yes.... and that rad.
  7. Great work again, very clever ideas .
  8. Wow all done it look fantastic, great work.
  9. Watching and learning for my tiger venture. Nice one John
  10. Build and fit look great.
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