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  1. Is it appropriate to look for smaller scale models here? Apologies if not, feel free to delete if deemed inappropriate.

    I'm looking for an Airbus A340-300 in 1:144 scale. Looks like the Revell models are the only game in town currently. I don't care about the decals. It will be in one of Finnair liveries anyway for the 100 year jubilee of Finnair / Aero in 2023.

    Trades can be considered as well.

    Br, Jani

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  2. On 9/13/2021 at 5:51 PM, Landlubber Mike said:

    Next time around, after placing the mask, I might shoot a thin coat of clear around the edges of the mask to help avoid colors going under the masks.  Anyone else do that?

    Your models look stunning, great work!
    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try the clear coat after masks.

    Br, Jani

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  3. Hi!
    May I ask advice from the wise? I currently building an older Revell F4F Wildcat. The decals looks pretty bad, so I thought I'll try painting them instead. Which order do you paint them? I'm thinking first painting the whole roundel with white and then adding the star and then spraying the blue color.

    Br, Jani


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