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  1. What i mean is landing lights on and taxi light off Taxi light on . Landing light off
  2. Looks great to me the exhausts Just a small heads up on the light set I have taken a good look on my set and iff i see it right the landing lights and taxi light are on at the same time. So far what i can tell is its taxi light on landing light off ore the otherway. Thats what i found in my references Keep up the great work
  3. Is there a way to get replacement parts from them? I have a kit over here and missing 2 parts. Thanks Mark
  4. More work done next up engines and wings Mark
  5. Yes its a great kit no major problems so it can go fast Yes im painting the wings later Didt a test fit and i see no problems for that It looks beter for me to paint it like that. Mark
  6. Nice and looks that is a great price. Never used that before Mark
  7. Thanks So no good words for sac landing gears Will keep that in mind. Mark
  8. Pickd this kit up from a friend that is quiting the hobby. The box is beaten up But boy what is inside. All aftermarket that there is and some sets double and only for 70 euro damn happy
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