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  1. super work love it with the red. Nice job Mark
  2. Thanks Thanks no decals or pe used tis is all painted thanks thanks thanks Harv Mark
  3. great start with the cockpit. Will try to follow Mark
  4. just what Harv said I have to look twice at the pics great work Mark
  5. a small update on this one started the cockpit its oob the only thing off aftermarket that im going to use are seatbelts from hgw Thats it for now Mark
  6. thanks and still more rivets to go. Thanks I do my best Mark
  7. so here another update step 1 is done In total about 440 rivets in place for this part Next step making the oil cooler Mark
  8. Any one off you now a good source to find scale drawings? Im after drawings off the invader for futher project. Many thanks Mark
  9. looks great to me Looking forward to see the paint on Mark
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