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  1. Thanks I Will keep you posted Thanks Thanks When I know more you Will know it too Mark
  2. Hello to you all like some off you know im in the army for a long time I joind in 1995 with the field artillery untill 2001 then i whent for the anti aircraft artillery After a big reorganization off the army in 2007 i whent to the combat engineers Now after 14 years doing the same job the give me the chance to go to another job So now friday i will speak with the new boss and hopfully i get the new job What i know so far is that i have a 3 month period to decied iff i will do the job for the rest off my carreer But iff i look at the program in the futher thi
  3. here more news on the Lotus next up rear breaks I hope to get the done by next weekend Mark
  4. iff you are looking for some PE take a look at the aber sets the are great Mark
  5. few small things done still needs some tubing and details thats it for now Mark
  6. its a nice kit to build its a older one About the tracks i cant help you with that i have used the friul tracks and youcan use both types so far i know one off the 2 is a later version Mark
  7. small things done Mark thats it for now
  8. im thinking on a Turkish bird in flight Looking forward to your build Mark
  9. Thanks Peter Still a long way to go but we are getting ther only 8 build steps before its done Maybe another update tomorow Mark
  10. just recievd this one second hand just need a few more parts and we can start this You never cant go wrong with a tamiya kit
  11. after 3 weeks away from home time to spend some time on the bench few small things done so time to put the gearbox in place with the rear suspension Mark Going back to the work table
  12. This is how i left my lotus 2 weeks ago at home. I forgot to do a small update Front wing is still a dry fit Still 1 or 2 weeks to go before i will be home cant wait to work further on this car
  13. nice i almost bought that kit Will follow you and its a big one. Mark
  14. there are more topics over here about trucks cars and tanks so no problem I have also a topic going on on my Lotus 98T 1/12 So share your builds Mark
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