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  1. Found this on ebay for 90 euro And this today at a convention have to grab it to funny
  2. yes the draken is also a great one i hope the do one and i will get it. This will be in the splinter camo only dondt know yet about the big orange nrs thanks i have used alclad,tamiya and a bit off pigments for that thank you but this week all comes to a stop. next up two hard days at work and on wensday the wife needs surgery so lot off things to do Thanks Kai i findt it a great kit i hope you will enjoy yours Yes harv and thats now the problem it takes shape and now its hard to stop building Mark
  3. thanks but this are not the best pics i think its about the light on the model
  4. here we go on another update pic haveay time to work on the exhaust but first fry fit and how i will display here time to play around with paint the afterburner ring dryfit off a wing a look at the exhaust And i have to fit more parts its only dryfit Still needs some sanding to get a good fit So thats it for now enjoy Mark
  5. wonderfull paintwork looking forward to see more Mark
  6. After a long struggle I call it done far from perfect but happy now it's from the bench Crappy instruction and soon Almost 2 times airborne
  7. thank you all small progress done. the braces between the intake and the feuselage middel part off the feuselage mounted to the front already sanded,and rescribd and some primer on also first airscoops in place the fit off the 2 parts off the feuselage ask for some sanding so take your time i sugset that you place the airscoops after the feuselage whent togheter because the are just at the seam and that will make it harder for sanding and scribbing. That whas it for now. Back to the bench and do some more work on the mirage Mark
  8. small things going one and found the first screw up after removing the tape from the front windscreen i see this im going to leave it like it is because i think i will break the windscreen when i remove it all tape off afterburner and just a quick look on the base plate Mark
  9. yes indeed the white metal is soft. I know the same problems with there cars you are doing a good job looking forward to see more Mark
  10. Thank you Peter for me modelling works relaxing after hard and long days at work. The time at the bench i forget all things from work and i get in to a flow and keep on building to recharge my battery. About the time i work one week and one week at home. but when at work it are days off about 14 hours and more. Thats why i have somanny free time
  11. small update over here last decals in place now waiting for the last clear coat feul tanks Pylons hope to have another update later this week
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