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  1. Rog, you're a bad boy. Don't even open that can. That's like asking 10 historians to mix the correct shade of RLM02. You'll get 10 different shades... and each will be right. But as others have said: "on models, it's a compromise". NAA puttied the major parts of the wings at the factory, then painted them silver. We all know that. Then, field service teams sometimes maintained that or not. Who really knows who did or didn't? I have no clue. A man much wiser than myself once said that what does it matter? In 1/32, if we were "in scale", panel lines wouild be pretty much invisible at a normal viewing distance no matter what. So I actually really like the approach made by the designer of the Revell P-51D-5. The wing appears somewhat puttied, but the access, fuel, gun, and inspection panels are nicely visible for those who wish them there. So we build them as we want. If we want a newish bird that hasn't been torn up and rebuilt yet, we have smoother wings. If we're looking to depict a turd ready for the back shop and a total rebuild, we accentuate the lines a tiny amount to reflect wear. I'd say that applies to most all aircraft with flush panel edges, not just Mustangs. If you're a P-51D fan, Tamiya, ZM, and Revell of Germany have you covered pretty well.... I'm expecting ZM's P-51B to be absolutely mind blowing. Some very good minds are making this one come together nicely.
  2. The restored B-36 is now at the Pima Museum in Az.
  3. I’m hoping it’s a good one. This will be the kit for the ages if done right.
  4. Brown gravy on fries is only good with ketchup as well. Yum yum
  5. Korean War version? Nice! That closes the D circle quite nicely.
  6. Yep. That was a horrible time for families. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and suffering of so many. Did they end up in Canada? Many came to Canada and the USA during the war, despite the ocean crossing itself being horribly dangerous as well. But yes, we need to set this topic aside.
  7. There ya’ are, Wumm, your marching orders. Your penance = one world Ladd thread drift Hitler Rant meme by tomorrow night.... Mwaaaaaahhhhhahahahahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaa,
  8. My personal thought right now is that the Invader thread is truly FUBAR. And yes, that’s a military term as well. Im actually looking at figuring out how to separate the two...
  9. Back in the days of my idiocy, I was known to have, on occasion, referred to said site as “Diaperscale” obviously to do with the whining. I, as well, was corrected. I was an NCO in the Army. Officers got out of our way. They were the Policy Wonks, we were the movers and shakers. We learned to let the Officers set their policy, and we’d implement it in our way. It’d get done, but in such a way that caused the least disruption to operational readiness. Woe to the Officer who tried to micro manage his NCOs. They generally ended up corrected by the RSM, (an NCO otherwise known by all as GOD), transferred out, or fragged. My personal belief is that it’ll all sort itself out over here. I hope it does. They, like us, have much to offer the community. But not if they continue to blow others off with silliness.
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