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  1. What truly sux is my first Viggen batch order is within 50 of the end. So late October they say. Dangit.
  2. Martin, the 58 Ford has to be the absolute ugliest Ford produced in the 50s. I think I bought this for about a hundred bucks back a few years ago. It takes a lot of vision to see anything but the world’s ugliest sculpture here. But the 1950s Ford retractable hardtop system has always fascinated me. It’s all mechanical. No hydraulics. Screw jacks, flexible driveshafts, limit switches, solenoids, and about a half mile of wiring.
  3. Next week we have a crew coming to insulate our metal barn out back, so we rented a shipping container and have some guys here working to move stuff out of garage into the box. Along with a ton of old Harley and Indian stuff, I uncovered this…. A 58 Fairlane 500 Skyliner retractable hardtop. Probably the ugliest Ford ever made, but it’s a real running machine. Took it down the Highway at 120 and it didn’t even break a sweat. The roof cycles perfectly, and the cas full power everything. So I have what I need and I’ll fix the old Ford up. It’s 100% rust free, despite its 17 different color scheme. The fi I shed car is something I can e vision.
  4. You and me both re the Fairey Battle. My ex FIL learned the art of aerial gunnery from the backseat of one of those. Despite me being a Yank, my secret obsession is FAA and RAF stuff. I’m a High Speed Silver fanatic.
  5. Well, my vote is for a Hawker Henley. 😇 For some odd misguided reason, I really love that plane.
  6. This is actually a very good thing. A Wingnut quality Spitfire 1. The last Spitfire 1 we had was that 1960s Revell release, which, ironically enough, is pretty close to being the most accurate one out there. Hasegawa tried, and missed, but other than the underbelly/wing fillet, did a very credible job.
  7. The Mk.1 is an iconic design, and quite possibly the purest Spitfire variant there is. I can see one in bare metal for me.
  8. I'd love to come down sometime, but it's a long way to drive a rod or an old car. I wouldn't trust the 35 hot rod, and the 56 and 57 both are serious cars that I'd be scared to have out too far away from home. Especially that 56. They only made 545 of them, and a deer would ruin my day.
  9. Here it is, folks. This should make alot of people VERY happy. https://www.kotare-models.com/products/k32001-132-spitfire-mkia-late
  10. Buffalo is looking up… I goobered up the tail decals, then made a mess out of painting the stripes on, now I’ll try it again, this time taking more care. The Killer Egg was the result of getting pissed off at the Buffalo for a few days. I’m not a helo guy, but that little kit is a really precise and nice building kit. Haven't got as much bench time as I really wanted, simply because I’ve been enjoying the summer with the old cars.
  11. Pete, being that you’re in Arizona and this is in Texas, could you just not fit a real 1919? They’re certainly out there.. Awesome job, BTW, and good to see you building
  12. Rudolf, you’ve do ez great job at showing the true mass of these German behemoths, the true granddaddy of the modern Main Battle Tank.
  13. So the moral of the story is? Don’t fool yourself into building support equipment without something to support? Either way, it resulted in a gorgeous build. I’m quite impressed the maintenance crew didn’t pull the engine and gut the cockpit of all useable equipment. That wouldn’t have been nice
  14. And a scheme we don’t often see. Great build, John!
  15. Another FLAWLESS build. Now I need another bloody kit, an Italari Mirage.
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