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  1. John, you jumping back in might persuade me to as well. I was in he middle of a BOAC Mossie, and contracted the dreaded PE burnout, so to the SOD it went as well.
  2. Hey folks, Time for an update. First off, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated, and, I believe, are helping. Dad took a turn for the better and is actually home, although I’m not so sure I agree with that yet. Last week, he had one leg in the casket, today he’s doing much better. They changed his CPAP to a BiPAP and added O2 go the stream, so he’s much better as of now. Mom, not so much. She’s a disaster. Her dementia is getting worse. My brother Rob tried to pick her up in their 4 door Dodge pickup for a day trip to the house, and when they wheeled her out to get her buckled into the back seat, she refused, curled up in a ball under the seat, and wouldn’t come out. So the orderlies extracted her and too her back to the room. To say it upset Dad would be an understatement. Buried Uncle Ronnie two weeks ago. Buried my 26 year old (God) niece today. She passed of a massive brain tumor that spread to her spine. A truly beautiful girl both inside and out. My niece gave birth by C-section yesterday. 28 days premature, and the only reason she did is because she hated hurting and cared more about herself than her child. As a result, young Evelyn Joy is in NICU because her lungs aren’t ready yet. If I could feel true hate, this mom would be high up on he list of candidates to qualify as a recipient. My wife Joy’s Lupus is worse and now she’s in the middle of a flare up. She’s a fighter but good grief! The good news: We’ll get out to our homemade black powder pistol and rifle range next weekend and take our anger out on hapless pumpkins, watermelons, and time expired fizzy drinks. Saturday I’ll step back from the bench and go to the other bench. Some .45 LC and .44-40 in black powder will be pressed together, then maybe put together 20 or 30 .45-110 for the old Sharps. I have 500 yards to play with, which is child’s play for a ‘74 Sharps. After 10 through that thing, my shoulder’s screaming ENOUGH! Then, in November, it’s that time of year: our gathering of antique military firearms here we got out to a local specialty rifle range and shoot all our stuff that can’t be shot on a regular rifle range. Bloop! Boom! Bloop! Boom! It’s time for a Rock & Roll Show. I’m presently madly linking together a few thousand rounds of 8mm Mauser surplus ammo into nice long beautiful belts for the 34 and 42s. That should be good for a couple minutes of grins. I’m all out of 30.06, so I have nothing for the 1919. We will act FALonious that day.
  3. I'm mostly 1/32 scale throughout on aircraft. However, I have some exceptions. I've taken to doing modern Russian jets in 1/48, simply because of space considerations and subject availability. I may follow suit with bit US jets as well. Big transports are generally in 1/72. By big transports I mean IL76, An124, C130, An12, An22, etc.. If something I love is not available in 1/32, I'll generally build it in the largest available scale. That means 1/48 Beaver, Otter, Norseman, Caribou, etc.
  4. Yeah, she’s my Right Hand Lady these days. Always there when I need her.
  5. I’ve got over 275 kits, and the only “Romp in the Hay” I’d probably get these days is with Rosie Palmer and Five Fingered Freda.
  6. Sad news indeed. #4 was most likely ok. Witnesses to the bomber on short final said that at least one engine was at a high power setting and that they heard the sound of one engine eating itself up and trying to tear itself to pieces. It’s sad, but it happens.
  7. I hope your FIL’s doing well, Mark. I admire your dedication, this is looking nice. I, of course, will cling to my HPH and if I find a month or two with no other builds ongoing, knock it out so I have an actual Baby MiG on my shelf.
  8. Oh good GRIEF I hate building AFVs! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But, ze group build requires it, so I finish.
  9. Yes Mikedid his duty and took one for the team.
  10. That's stupid. half my old builds are on PB and I've thought about rebuilding the pages here, bnut extracting MY OWN PICS from those people is about as fast as watching paint dry. And I mean artist oil paint, not gunze lacquers.
  11. Been working away at this some. Tonight I’ll throw a shot of fresh olive drab on it, then start detailing the running gear with brushes, misting, and a bunch of gunk splattered about. I’m finding ground equipment to be tedious work. We work on this stuff all day long and here I am at home making a motor vehicle in miniature.
  12. Seems like a place to start. I’ll match it to my Gunze and Mission Paint. Im not a fan of the Tamiya mixes we get here in the USA
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