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  1. Next, we’ll explore nosecone fitment. The Trumpeter part looks kind of fictional. Too long and pointed.
  2. I absolutely live for this stuff. Cutting plastic, then pushing, prodding and massaging resin to fit where plastic once was. It’s simple exercises, but they keep you sharp because you can screw up oh so easy if you let your guard down. The dorsal fin replacement is one of the easiest exercised in modeling. The Trumpeter supplies abomination looks hideous, like a blob of plastic the GT Resin replacement component simply slides into place, no muss, no fuss
  3. Update 01/15/21 Got both smooth sides of the fuselage installed and some handy dandy Milliput filled the gaps for me. On the right side, I got cocky and in a rush and started drilling holes too far back. The result? I created myself a bit of extra work. But my good friend Uncle Milliput came to help. This weekend, my goal will be to complete the resin conversions and additions, plus drill any holes, vents, and drains left out by Trumpeter
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Hubert. I’be seen pics of Vietnam D’s In NMF, but like you said, they’re few and far between. to me, the G is the ultimate Thud. They did a thankless dirty, crazy, insane job and did it well. The F did the same thing, but without all the fancy electronics. Insanity!
  5. Yep. I think thy called it “Air Defense Grey” or “Canadian Voodoo Grey” by ModelMaster. It’s a odd color and hard to match. P,us, yes, it’s some seriously boring.
  6. A lot of soul searching going on here. My heart says “speedbird”, a slick early F in NMF, but my brain say Vietnam, possibly Ryan’s Raiders or Red River Showboat.
  7. I decided to look very closely at the canopy. The single seat D kit has a canopy that is more fiction than fact, although someminor vixen and posing it open will hide much. The two seater seems to fare a bit better. A bit of shaping on the turtleneck and we should be OK
  8. I’m at a standstill on my Fokker project as I wait for reference material, so.... Here’s my take on one. I’m thinking I’ll do an EF-105F from the Trumpeter G kit so obviously there’s plenty of hacking, cutting, and sawing go do. An F looks NOTHING like a G. Someone dared me to do it, so here we are. But before we get crazy into details, the shape needs to be fixed. If I can’t get the shape more or less right, I’ll pass on it as a valiant try The Trumpeter Kit is legendary for its basic shape issues, from the nose all the way to the he fin and even the ventral fin being all
  9. I have some of Buchon Models, uhhh, Buchons, and they’re absolutely first rate in every respect!
  10. Good to hear ICM marches to their own drum. A Cobra in 1/32 is something I’ll certainly build. Kitty Hawk and Academy have been giving us phenomenal helicopters these last couple of years, and it’s nice to see another player enter the fray.
  11. That might be it. Although why Tamiya got going on 1/35 when 1/32 was a standard established accepted scale. It just places helicopters in that murky grey area where they’re out of scale with airplanes. And the odd manufacturer who dares kitting a helicopter in 1/32 gets bitched out by the armor guys.
  12. There isn't much hate here, except that 1/35 was a scale Tamiya settled on for it's armor. All the other armor companies kinda somehow followed suit. I think much of the "hate" from airplane guys revolves around helicopters. Airplane guys think of helicopters as "theirs", and armor guys feel they "belong" to them. By default helicopters end up in a grey area. 1/32 and they're out of scale with the airplanes, 1/32 and you can't use them in a diorama with armor.
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