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  1. I worked far under that building back in the early 80s. We were warned about possible unexploded aerial bombs in the hills behind us. The Kaserne was obviously military, but the town was amazing. Gasthaus crawling till 0200. Adler to Adler. The town pic i apparently recent, signs are different, but the buildings are all the same.
  2. I can see it now..... if I did one it's be leaning like a drunken sailor fresh out of the bar after 6 months at sea.
  3. Thanks Phil, and it's so good y'all are here. Y'all came on your own, and it's been a blessing for everyone involved. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all in the future sometime, Telford, Moson, and the big show Down Under are on several of our bucket lists.
  4. I'll certainly look on this one, but initial inspection found nothing of concern. I check Nige's stuff often, but haven't checked this one yet.
  5. maybe so. but I have very interesting plans for my floaty Gotha.
  6. Pretty quick all we’ll have are the old glass bottles.
  7. OK, a slight minor two minute last ditch modification. (Translation into LSMish: a Contributor noticed something I missed.) The thingamadorfer on the portside bomb bay doubler had to go. FM104 didn’t have it, so, out with the magic #11, trim trim trim, and stuff the hole full of Apoxie. Total collateral damage is a couple chips on the aluminum overspray that’ll be covered in Voodoo grey in a couple days. Has anyone else had any issues with Apoxie Sculpt? It doesn’t seem to want to harden at all, even after a month. I mean, good grief, I’ve already used almost all of it and it’s still soft. Maybe I’ll have better luck with the second container of the stuff they give. I dunno, but it’s maddening.
  8. So don’t touch redline, stay with orange lacquers. Ok, good to know. Thanks!
  9. And now the GREAT news! A couple minutes with some putty, plus a shot of prime,.. literally a three minute investment, aaaaand, it’s fixed. At least 99% of it, at least.
  10. OK, here’s the bad news. Those aren’t flow lines, they’re sink marks. I looked at it under a good light and yeah, there’s some significant depression there. BUT, it’s on the tailplane, so it’s small, and a bit of elbow grease fixes it. pics to follow after the primer dries.
  11. Same as the rest of us, my friend. I’m still grinnin’ from ear to ear that you’re back! Hoorah!
  12. Food for growth. Hahahaha. Oh well, I just feel sad for these folks. Life’s so much simpler over here. You know what this means, right? Build another T-28!!!
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