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  1. I have a buddy in the middle of a Hasegawa 109 project and he needs to install the large wing bulges. Should the wing be cut and these installed flush with the skin, and the join seams removed, or should they be applied over the existing wing? I’m no 109 expert, so I don’t have the foggiest idea....
  2. Yikes. I have an ex wife like that. A venomous forked tongue that one has. Our scorpions aren't so bad. They'll make you hop, no doubt, but it's much like a Yellowjacket wasp except that the excruciating pain stays for 6 hours, not just 30 minutes.
  3. Danny, you should be getting your ZM kit anytime now. Hannants didn't appear to carry them, so I ordered it from Volks USA and forwarded it to you. Looking forward to seeing many up and coming cool build threads. I'm seriously looking forward to what happens when Carl gets his Lanc. He might need to keep cats and such off the build bench....
  4. Thank God for that. I've never been one for aircraft all opened up and stuff. I always thought that if cowls are off, inspection panels are off, and all other doors are open, it really should have all the armament removed and be up on stands. Heck you can swing the gear, pull the spinners to check the prop seals, and finish the rest of it's condition inspection as well.
  5. yeees, my diction wasn't exact, but my wife was sitting in bed, saw my antics, and tossed her slipper at me.
  6. Shiny arsed nekkid, actually. What a hero!!
  7. I actually have an understanding with the local tarantula population. We know of sizable nests of them about 300 ft from my house and I actually welcome them in my yard. They do a very thorough job of keeping the scorpion, grasshopper, and cricket population in check. They don't bother me one little bit, actually. As long as they don't enter my home, I'll do what I can to aid their staying in my vicinity. Once in a blue moon one will make it's way into my house and I'll shepherd it out the door. However, I have a HUGE problem with Black Widows. Those bleeding things cause people more visits to the ER and occasionaly the ICU than all others combined. A distant second is the godforsaken Brown Recluse. Those things will get you and you won't even realize it until your hand starts festering and falls off. Back to the original story. Last night, I snuck into my bedroom "Elmer Fudd on the hunt" style last night (be vewwey vewwy quiet...), we're hunting waskawwy fuzzy spiders, and it earned me a dirty look and a house slipper tossed at my head. I really must refrain from prodding the War Department. It put's the stash in jeopardy.....
  8. Can any of the interior be left out? Or is it all needed?
  9. I didn’t dream about it. She did. I dutifully set out to slay the offending marauder. It never dawned upon me that tarantulas don’t climb walls around here. And most tarantulas here are someone’s pet.
  10. I’m not a member of the built Tamiya Mossie club yet, John, but one of these days... I expect to go OOB as well. I like mine closed up anyway, but I’ll learn from yours
  11. Last night at zero dark thirty my wife wakes me up in a panic, saying that I gotta kill a huge spider climbing up the bedroom wall. Half asleep, I dutifully leap into action, run and get the flyswatter, and when I return 10 seconds later she hollers that how in heck do I expect to kill a huge tarantula with a flyswatter? Go get a shovel! Now, I’m wide awake. I’ve never seen a local tarantula climb a wall. They’d fall and burst open. maybe I better get my pistol because this might be something sinister. Meanwhile, no sign of giant man eating spider, I pull the curtains back, nothing. Look on the floor, nothing. Check all around. Nothing. Absolutely zero sign of that dastardly arachnid. She was dreaming and woke me right up in the middle of the good part of a great dream, dangit. I can’t believe we’re both going senile at once. No booze involved, just cold and flu meds. Freaky. Who says you can’t take a trip and never leave the farm....
  12. Looking good, John. I burned out even on my HK kit after awhile. There is SO muchinternal; stuff plus PE, I just got fried. But you made it much farther than I did, and I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished sometime in the future.
  13. I'll be honest here. I'm trying to figure out how to so some weathering and wear to a solid OD green vehicle so I can break up the monoptony. This is literally my first ground vehicle since I built a Tinkertoy tank as a three year old.
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