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  1. Acid flashbacks again. Poor Harv.
  2. I had started a thread in modeling discussion, but immediately shut it down when I saw this. Here’s what I posted over there: As I’m sure many know already, Kitty Hawk and Panda are ceasing production and will just sell off remaining inventory until it’s all gone. It comes as a shock to me personally, who has built many of their kits, and some multiple times. Glen gave a quick announcement on Facebook, and the Kitty Hawk Facebook page did as well. It’s certainly a blow to those who have worked tirelessly in recent years to give Kitty Hawk well researched designs w
  3. Rog, the used vehicle market is screwy these days. There was a fire in one of the two factories that make computer chips for newer vehicles. As a result, new trucks are not being delivered to dealers. So the used market is going insane. I had opened up all the emoticons for reactions last year. I’ll look again to see if more were added as available.
  4. Gaz, if you look at the pic taken behind the rear facing forward, off to the right, that’s a 57 Continental Mk.ll. Those cars were hand built and cost 10K in 1956-57, at a time the average car cost 3K. Basically, a 1950s version Deusenberg, Maybach-Zeppelin, or Bugatti.
  5. It’s always cool to see the rood in action on these old Fords. The Continental tire isn't the coolest looking thing, but it provides a crumple zone if rear ended.
  6. The metalwork is the Ace up the Sleeve. The car looks horrible, because the guy who had it, worked almost 18 years to bring it to this. The body was on a rotisserie and he had the body dipped and walnut blasted, welded in all new metal where needed, started doing his skim coats of filler to iron it smooth, then dropped dead of a heart attack. The chassis is completely finished. 245hp 312 Ford redone by Ted Eaton, a world renowned Y-Block guy, frame and suspension powder coated, I did the trans about 8 years ago. I put the body back on to move it. The metalwork is bloody flawles
  7. By this time next year, I should have turned this: Into this: Man I love a 57 Ford! Especially the Skyliner retractable hardtop. I’ve been working on mine for 8 years, and it’s about time for final paint, then the fun of installing the mechanism and adjusting the top. It’ll be the same colors as the one there copper and light tan. The car has a 245 hp 312 V8, auto trans, And full power everything.
  8. Rog, here’s our Bel Air on Friday. I was ready to sell this pile of junk. It made me walk three miles that night. Just up and quit. Then I realized the gas gauge wasn’t working and I ran it dry! Ooooooooops! It runs real well when it has fuel in the tank
  9. My wife wants a pool. I politely but firmly say nyet. We have a dozen kids coming and going every single day, and in today’s litigious society and the lack of parental responsibility, I would need complete and total physical barriers to prevent kids from sneaking in at night. So there’s absolutely no way on earth that I’m going to accept the very real possibility of someone’s kid dying in my pool at zero dark thirty after they successfully avoid 200 meters of minefield, claymores, drop pits, snares, crossfire zones, searchlights, and roving foot patrols with weapons free ROI and free roa
  10. Harv, I have at least one. One. Any even be the Hasegawa Rebox. I’ll look.
  11. well, we shall change it for sure. There are two styles of ignition rings in the kit, and the horseshoe style is what they call for, although I’m not certain on that now, either.
  12. Well, a bit of looking also finds a multitude of versions of the R1820 as well. Different cylinder designs postwar, and a multitude of ignition ring styles, etc. Prop governors changed depending on the prop used. The SBD used the 1820 as well, and various versions at that. Then we can get into the Ash-21 and M-71 versions.. The An-2 uses this engine, and the latest versions have been developed so thoroughly that they bear only a passing resemblance. One thing for sure, Wright painted the gearbox the wrong shade of grey through its decades of production. Wright used a totally incorr
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