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  1. This galloping POS will finally come off the hot rod SOD and get brought back in for completion. 35 Ford 3 window coupe that’s been beating around my place for 25 years or so. It had a 2” chop put in the roof years back, which definitely helps get rid of the bubbletop look. Plus the canvass top opening has been filled as well. The frame is original Ford, but has been boxed and a Mustang ll front end and narrowed 9” rear installed. Unfortunately, the Mustang front end is not what I want. It’s going back to a traditional Ford solid axle front and will keep the 9” rear. That, along wit
  2. Yes, the emphasis is now more on the LARGE, rather than just the scale multiplier. So a 1/72 An-225 is absolutely welcome in the main area. Its a serious attempt to be more inclusive and not disqualify people. One model a few of us have built or are going o build is the 1/48 Vickers Wellington. 1/48 is as big as you’ll find unless you scratch it or go vac, so as fast as I’m concerned, BRING IT! That U-boat will look stunning!
  3. That’d be oh so cool! A taped together NZ Corsair -1A is to me, the ultimate that can be done with the Tamiya kit. 213’s birds were worn, but the NZ kites were absolutely trashed.
  4. Nice to get this off the SOD. I’m fascinated by VMF-213. They took a kicking all through the Solomons, yet kept going strong. I see a few of these in my future. Another VMF-213 bird, an FAA kite, and absolutely an RNZAF -1A The funny thing on Tamiya... I actually don’t like the builds. They just seem too.... click and paste for my normal build style. But,.. it’s exactly what I need right now, and these turn into one awesome completed model. Tony told me many, many times,.. in the doldrums, build a Tamiya. Well, no doldrums, just big pressure in life cleaning up after the sto
  5. I love this... it’s ME!
  6. Just... WOW! I have the full kit, and much of that interior is absolutely invisible when complete. Stunning build so far!
  7. Speaking of ships... Trumpeter’s new 1/200 Titanic... No, I’m not ghoulish enough to model that ship, but with a small amount of change, Olympic is a real possibility,... and Olympic as a troopship would be mind blowing. And Britannic as a Hospital Ship would be a real stunner. Not many realize that Olympic served reliably on the Liverpool to New York run for decades, and was eventually scrapped as she became obsolete.
  8. A Clunk in 1/32 would be mind boggling. It was a big, big aircraft, but it was a two seat, twin engine all weather interceptor, and carried a lot of weapons and fuel. It was also arguably the best, and for awhile the ONLY really capable all weather interceptor available to the West. Plus, unlike many other contemporary aircraft, it was by NO means underpowered with it’s twin Orendas. It made the F-89 instantly 10 years out of date, outperforming it handily in every respect. It’s only flaws? A cramped rear cockpit and no air to air refueling capability.
  9. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jetmads does with the Viggen. I know of at least one other person here who ordered one as well. Hopefully it’s worth all the hype.
  10. That 1/48 B-47 will look real,y blood along with the B-36, B-52, and B-70. Along the same lines, I also have the 1/72 Tupolev 95, Antonov 24, and 1/48 Bone, all which will go nicely with the others, even if the scale is a touch different and Antonov isn’t a bomber. A Tupolev 22 in 1/48 might be too much to wish for? Displaying all of those together at the same time might be a bit real estate intensive. Even the Tupolev 95 is massive in 1/72, dwarfing the B-52.
  11. And the Tamiya Lanc has some shape issues that are tough for some to swallow.
  12. Fokker was THE undisputed American civil aircraft King in the late 20s up until the Douglas DC series. The Universal put him on the map, his Trimotors were leaps and bounds better than the Fords. If it wasn’t for shoddy maintenance work on the wooden wings, it might be Fokker and Douglas instead of Boeing and Douglas. But Tony Fokker was as set in his ways and immovable as Henry Ford. He refused to accept new technology and his airplane’s performance eventually overtaxed his still WW1 construction processes.
  13. That ironclad looks like a deathtrap.... Just a little bit of cold water leaking onto that hot boiler,... KABOOM!
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