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  1. Just for Martin. Texas squirrels. And yes, before you ask, they taste like chicken.
  2. A few more Texas images. Obviously one is historical. You don’t know Texas if you don’t know our State flower, the Bluebonnet.
  3. Clunkmeister

    Paul Allen dead at 65..

    Just crossed the wire, guys. Paul Allen just died. Co-founder of Microsoft, but also a noteable vintage aircraft collector, including the only flying original FW-190 with it's original engine intact and working.
  4. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    Thanks, man. Plenty of work ahead to do...
  5. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    “Rubber band tires” you sound just like me!
  6. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    I get you engine on the weekend. It’s a Ford-Edsel (FE) big block Ford, 352 cubes. Identical block as the 361, 390, 406, and 427 Ford big blocks. There was also an option for an even bigger engine, a Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln (MEL) big block 430 cubes, which is a totally different engine. That was a real stump puller and turned the nimble Thunderbird into a dog. Like driving around with a ship’s anchor roped on the front bumper. Big power in a straight line, but it turned and handled like the Queen Mary. The 352 powered T-bird is a real riot to drive. Stiff shocks and a rear sway bar turn it into a neat little car. It’s really not that big... 112” wheelbase.
  7. Clunkmeister

    Your Best Build

  8. Clunkmeister

    Your Best Build

    This caught me flat footed and I had to do some thinking on the subject. I prefer WW1 subjects these days, but honestly, anything unique is my style. The one I chose is my FAVORITE build, as it’s the one that really got me back into large scale modeling. It’s by no means my “best” build, matter of fact, it’s probably close to my worst, but I had piles of fun building it, and it’s the build where I met all these Wisenheimers who claim to be my friends. the infamous “Toilet Bomber” where all sorts of off color jokes flew around and we had gobs of fun. I look at this build and see the glaring mistakes: alignment, missing arming wires and pins, weathering or lack thereof, shiny wheels, etc, and although I’ve thought of taking a couple days to update and fix it, I choose not to because I can look at it and see how far I’ve come in those years.
  9. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    Just like Elvira’s.
  10. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    They got that one so wrong. Thunderbird has a long hood, short trunk...classic. Gives the illusion of speed, muscle, and power. Somehow, Ford got that backwards on the last try. Totally ruined the car.
  11. Dang! I'd almost display it in it's "as delivered" condition. Covered tail boom, wheels, and an open cockpit,.. sounds like all kinds of bad stuff to make sure it wouldn't be good in Canadian winters.
  12. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    Now I'm sure I said "flapper", not "flopper".
  13. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    Yup. In 58, Ford made the Thunderbird a 4 seater. A bit bigger to accommodate the rear seat, and also some serious (for the day) power in the form of a 300hp 352cid V8. The two seater guys disdain them for not being "pure" to the original concept, but they sold huge and pretty much started the whole "personal luxury" concept.
  14. WOW! That 47D has to be one of the earliest ones still in existence. What a serious time machine! There's plenty of 47s around and even still working for a living, but an early D has to be rare like a decent Trumpeter kit.
  15. Clunkmeister

    New large scale project.

    Jeff in 59 they didn't stamp the vin on the engine block, so it's just "date matching". So as long as the engine is built earlier than the car, it's all good.