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  1. Hi guys, some news from July 2016. Thanks for checking it out. http://hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/july-2016-newsletter Martin HGW
  2. You can check the difference:
  3. Dear all, we would be very delighted if you check our May 2016 newsletter. It is all focused on positive riveting. Thanks for your time. All the best Martin Bobek HGW Models
  4. Dear friends, if you have a minute we would be delighted if you check our latest newsletter here: http://hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/august-2015-newsletter Thanks for attention. All the best Martin Bobek HGW Models
  5. Dear friends, if you have a minute please check our February newsletter. It contains: Camo netting; fabric seat belts for Felixstowe F.2a, Se.5a, Hansa-Brandenburg W.29, Arado Ar 196A-3 etc.; and wet transfers for Spitfire Mk.VIII. Briefly about our completely new product - camo netting: "Based on unique technique called relief print. Just soak in warm water for a while and let the gravity do its job."
  6. Hi friends, enjoy our December 2014 newsletter here: http://shop.hgwmodels.cz/en/blog/news/december-2014-newsletter All the best Martin Bobek HGW Models
  7. Here's our October newsletter: http://www.hgwmodels.cz/hgw-newsletter-october-2014.html Thanks for checking. All the best Jan
  8. Hi guys, be so kind and check our June newsletter out on this link: http://www.hgwmodels.cz/hgw-newsletter-june-2014.html Thanks for your time. Jan Bobek HGW Models
  9. Thanks for suggestion, Doogs. Jan
  10. So, what's new since our latest newsletter? Links direct you to our new e-shop. Stencils: Messerschmitt Bf 109E 1:32 (+ extended version) + 1:48 WWI related in 1:32: Roland D.VIb Seatbelts, Salmson 2-A2 Engine PE Set, Salmson 2-A2 Masks, AMC DH.9 Maks, Fokker E.IV Masks, Fokker E.I Masks, Thanks for your attention! All the best Jan Bobek HGW Models
  11. Dear friends, check our latest newsletter. There is completely new product (technology) which we call WET TRANSFERS. Our March Newsletter here. All the best Jan Bobek
  12. Dear friends, just quick news: 1) We just released some WWI pe sets, seatbelts, airplane nail sets etc. Check them in our e-shop. You can also find these products in our eBay store, just use product numbers to find them. for example: Fokker E.I Super Detail Set, Fokker E.IV Super Detail Set, AMC DH.9 Precut Seatbelts, Airplane Nail Set for Albatros D.V / D.Va etc. 2) We started to sell great products from Taurus Models in our e-shop and ebay. Their engines are awesome. Direct link to e-shop and eBay. All the best Jan Bobek HGW
  13. Dear all, check our latest newsletter. There is a lot of great stuff we think. All the best Jan Bobek HGW
  14. Hi guys, we just invented something quite useful, I think. Check our web for more info: Best regards Jan Bobek HGW
  15. Dear friends, we just made few photos of our 1:72 riveting sets for Thunderbolts. Here it is. Jan