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  1. Installed some of the extra parts on the turret. And cleaned up the paint. and started on the commanders cupola. (Think I spelled that correct)
  2. Had a small pice break in removing it from the sprue. Managed to repair and place it. So main storage box is now installed on the turret too.
  3. Ah yes I did a lot of searching and looking in some games like Tank Mechanic Simulator. and found that majority of courses showed a light cream/Beige colour. the blue colour. was supposed to be darker but I quite like the look and contrast so I kept it instead of scrubbing and starting again.
  4. Well it's been a while. Have been to a convention and a military show (Militrax in the Netherlands) while waiting for replacement parts to come in. But now atleast work can continue.
  5. I It's definitely a nice kit tho this one is branded as the G verient. There is on there website the actual H verient as well. This kit however is like a mix between a 4G and A 4H. Still a nice kit
  6. Just gonna dump some photos. Got some inspiration and colours from my games and a restoration log from The tank museum of Tiger 131.
  7. Put together the brackets for the side of the tank. Very fiddly parts to get right.Then tryed dry fitting them to the hull with the side skirts as well.then right.Also put the headlights on too.No
  8. There is definitely alot more loose tools on these German tanks compared to US and British tanks. But it's nice putting them all together and painting them. Very satisfied with this. First off the convoy light. Really happy with this tiny detail.Its such a simple yet ingenious way of keeping distance. If the following tank/vehicle is too close they would see all 4 lights. If to far they would see 1 block of light. But if at the right distance they would see 2 blocks of light. Now some hatches And before details shots Left sideRight side And now with the details Right side Left sideand a little close up
  9. There are so many tools and pieces of equipment attacked to the sides of this tank. And most other German tanks. Do you think they ever heard of using a tool box? Lotsa small details. Also really happy with thoes spare wheels I painted Theo's with no guide or cover/masking. And I also stuck on a small handle.
  10. astounding looking build. love the detail and scene.
  11. looking very nice. will have to keep a tab on this one.
  12. Just painting some small parts and glueing a couple on as well. and then these 3 pieces.
  13. Not sure we're to ask this or put this. But seams about the best place. Id like to change my account name but don't know how.
  14. It's a good model but I have found some issues with it. Firstly an error in casting leaving 2 holes slightly out of line but easily accounted for. But 2ndly I wouldn't call this a panzer 4H or 4G it's like an amalgamation of both. Biggest difference I have found so far being the radio antenna. On the 4h or any verient with the side skirts it should be on the back left side of the hull and there should be something in between the side skirt and hull were it is normally. But it's in the standard location. I'll come back and show with some images when I get round to it. But with that being said it's still a great model. Yet to do the turret but that looks like it's going to be the main bit of fun with a full basket and interior.
  15. Well what a day. I am now a fully qualified counter balance lift truck (forklift) operator. So what better way to celebrate than doing a little more tank. First up a couple towing hooks. Fastened them loosely into there brackets. After gluing the 1st bracket I had to slot the hooks into place.And here's there rest of the tools
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