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  1. Thanks all for the nice comments! Appreciate it. Really a nice kit, enjoyed the build. Ernie, I used Eagle Editions Preddy's decals. Would be glad if you put on your Facebook page, thanks. Larry
  2. Just finished the Revell P-51 Mustang Early. Painted to represent Maj. Preddy's 'Cripes a Mighty 3rd'. Added Yahu instrument panel HGW seat belts & dingy Eagle Editions decals Barracuda oval tread tires & wheels Barracuda cockpit decals Added Tamiya sliding canopy Riveted fuselage, tail & wing control surfaces Added plumbing, wiring , uplocks & brake lines to MLG & wheel bays. Added details, plumbing & wiring to cockpit & radio rack Added drop tank plumbing & sway brace details Painted with Tamiya AS-12 deca
  3. Got my SU-27 decals from a on line forum member. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Drifter. That is for Begemot SU-27 stencils. I am looking for Linden Hill SU-27's Flankers on Patrol.
  5. Yes, Have been looking at ebay worldwide, as well as other other countries hobby sites. I'll keep looking, as I have a few projects ahead of the SU. Thanks,
  6. I am looking for any partial decals from Linden Hill SU-27 B decals # 320032, 'Flankers on Patrol'. I want any numbers, markings for a single Soviet SU-27 from the set. Not particular which aircraft, I just don't want to use the Trumpeter supplied marking. Willing to pay for what you might have. Would also take any partial decals from their 32001 decal as well. PM me if you might be able to help. I have quite a few WNW & Aviattic decals I can offer for trade if interested, as well as some Bf-109G, Corsair & FW-109 D decals as well. Thanks, Larry
  7. Phil, Here is my Special Hobby Tempest & my WNW Albatros D.v. 1st & 3rd places. The Tempest I have posted here in the completed builds. I entered 3 models in each category. Larry
  8. Here is a link to the winners. BOS was Eagle Deconstructed. http://svsm.org/gallery/chattanooga2019
  9. Here's what I brought home. Great show! Modest haul Won 1st in 1/32 US/British & 3rd in 1/32 Biplanes. Was great to meet some of the people from on line there. Larry
  10. The first 2 are mine. 'Stroop' took 1st place, nice build. My Albatros in the middle pic took 3rd place.
  11. I will be bring 3 planes for display, 2 1/32nd scale & 1 48th scale. Planning on entering 6 planes in the contest, 3 WNW kits, a F4U-1, Tempest & FW-190 D-9, all 1/32nd.
  12. Thanks all for the great comments! joeg, I have not read Sheddans book, will have to look into it. The next British fighter I build will probably be Tamiya's Mk IX. Working on a WNW Albatros D.v now.
  13. Just finished the other day; Special Hobby Tempest Mk V 'Hi Tech' kit. Finished as SA-M, a Mk V flown by James Sheddan of 486 Squadron. Beautiful model when finished. Takes a lot of work to get there though. Many fit issues which I guess is common for the brand. Sure looks good when finished though. The Hi Tech kit comes with the 1/2 engine, lots of resin to replace plastic kit parts, HGW seat belts & photo etch details. After seeing Misoslav build so many, I was real interested in trying my hand at one. Got the kit @ 1/2 price on sale at a on line retailer. Added
  14. Hello, I am in search of 2 decals from either the Special Hobby Mk V Tempest 32052 or the PCM Tempest kit. I need the blue 'flag' decal # 27 & the swastika 'kill marks', decal # 9 (Special Hobby #'s) I am building the Special Hobby Mk V Hi Tech Tempest, I want to model A/C coded SA*M, SN129, which is not one of the kits decal options. I have masks for all else except those 2 small items. If you have & are willing to part with, sell or trade to me, drop a PM. I have the complete decal sheet from my kit I won't be using (kit 32070) Thanks for looking, Larry
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