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  1. 6' tall deckhand/35=51 mm 6' tall deckhand/32=56 mm Could be that nobody will notice. (Who knows how tall the guy really was?)
  2. All hands on deck for the final touches.
  3. I recently purchased AMATI's kit B1300/09, the Scottish fishing vessel Fifie. The planking strips included in the kit are: Art. 212-(65) 1.5 x 7mm lime wood strip x 600mm long. Art. 213-(90) 1.0 x 6mm walnut strip x 600mm long. Since the ship model is 700mm long, it is IMPOSSIBLE to plank the hull's model using a single 600mm strip (as shone in the instructions pages 11, 12 & 13). The planking strips should be at least 720mm to be able to use a single length. At 600mm in length, the strips are to short and will have to be "spliced". This is not what the instructions say. The final result will not be as per photos and much more work. This is a big mistake in AMATI's very expensive kit. In LSM review of the kit, and subsequent comments nobody mentioned this fact. What do you suggest to work out this problem ?
  4. The planking strips are 60 cm long and the model is 70 cm long. Big mistake. This model can NOT be planked using a single strip in length as shown in instructions. All planking strips have to be spliced. Much more work and not as nice looking especially on the outside rows.
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