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  1. Damn that's so nice, and that canopy weathering makes all the rest of it come together and make sense.
  2. You are a machine! Really like this one, and such a nice kit too.
  3. HPH

    This last week or two has been slow due to the nature of this build. Most work has been done with 24hr epoxy. I have cleaned up a few other parts for future assembly, such as undercarriage and bombs etc. but I but post those yet or things will get confusing. The current state of play here shows the basic airframe complete, and the brass PE straps added to the booms. The forward upper ones hide the boom to wing joint nicely. Also added is the lower rear part for the crew nacelle. A small shim of plasticard was added here to create a solid underside edge into the area where the landing flaps will fit. Control surfaces are now fixed with 0.9mm copper wire and CA. My next post will show the engines installed and cockpit floor sections in situ. Things are now really starting to roll!
  4. If I had a formula, I'd sell it. I think the only reason I can do this is because I've actually managed the impossible (for me), and that's to become disciplined. 4 to 5 years of mag work has turned me from a 1 model/year guy into a production line. That spare time you spend between tasks is jammed with infill for other stuff. I don't even notice it these days.
  5. Been a hard day for my postie. Millennium Falcon stuff including pulsating animated Hyperdrive lights (Neopixel), Paragrafix PE, underside lights and gear bay doors. Bandai AT-ST Fisher Models Meteor T.7 conversion for HK Models kit Tirydium lighting set for Moebius 1/32 Cylon Raider (Original series)
  6. Kajetan Schulz of Copper State Models did these as a custom for me, but I think he may have been looking at selling regular. If you're on Facebook, check him out on my friends list and send him a message.
  7. WOW!!
  8. jEsUs!
  9. It's like the transit of Venus!
  10. Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3 built with AIMS resin conversion and decals Why do I do this? Ok, there will be an update on the 1/32 Fw 189A-1 in the next days, and this is on the runway for completion in a few weeks. Despite this, I still have an open topic for the Sea Hornet that I'm hoping to make progress on in the next months......BUT, how about an infill project? Converting the 1:32 Trumpeter Me 262A-1a fighter into a reconnaissance machine, Me 262A-1a/U3. These were rare machines, with many being converted from standard fighters at Cheb airfield in the Karlovy Vary Region of the former Czechoslovakia. The seed for this project was sown a couple of years ago when a good friend of mine gave me a part of a fuselage stringer from one of these rare machines, shot down, possibly by a Mosquito, whilst in the Cheb area. When AIMS announced a conversion kit, I decided to get this and stash it for future use. This is a fairly simple conversion, and whilst I yet have to get the associated decals for it, I thought I'd plant a flag here, right now and say that I WILL build this one. On top of the resin conversion, I'll be adding the AIRES cockpit and main gear bay set too. This is the basic kit: And these are some photos of the conversion from the AIMS site.....something to aim for!! Hope you like it.
  11. How is this going? Any test fit stuff to see?
  12. Beautiful! More fading yet though?
  13. Definitely rivet. It adds some visual interest to a quite bland surface. Should look real good!
  14. The endless hours, days scraping the seams on the cockpit parts due to tooling misalignment, and the cowls. Fitting those is enough to make a saint swear. Two of these, and the second was no easier. Still, it's a kit I love, and I'd easily build another. If this was tooled by another factory instead of those clowns in India, this kit would be perfect.