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  1. It's real shit. These vets are going fast.
  2. His balls are already well weathered.
  3. See, Aires is a piece of piss. It's only our levels of patience that vary.
  4. Hell, that came on quick! I hated the scheme you showed but you made it look great!
  5. If ever you struggle to get on the forum, the best way to see if it's a problem local to you, or a global issue, try this site: https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com
  6. Setting those parts back won't make the wing sit any deeper into the fuse. that is determined by either/or the depth of the plastic edge around the wing root and the depth of the the recess into which it sits. I found it easier to reduce the depth of the plastic around the wing fillet. You will also need to slightly remove plastic from the edges of the wing connection stubs on parts C11 and C12.
  7. As with most things Aires, some remedial work is needed to make the resin parts fit as they should. Their resin pit is actually very nice, but is slightly too wide at the front. I assembled this with a few bits of tape and did some sanding with a coarse sanding stick. Only took about 10 mins of work to fix, and here's the result.
  8. This is true, but the protruding ridge is he best part of 0.5-0.7mm. In real terms, that is 16-22mm which is way too much I know there will be metal thickness, but the edge in 1:32 needs almost eliminating (0.2mm or less) to not look exaggerated.
  9. Just fiddly engineering in places, but it's still a nice kit. I altered the wing connection to the fuse so the root recessed further into the fuse. I found it stood a little proud.
  10. I actually built this for Tamiya Magazine about 5yrs ago, in a wood/metal ensemble. Certainly a quirkymodel to build.
  11. After some soul-searching, I've decided to go with a Luftwaffe machine, simply because I want to display the model with its engine, guns and ammunition. The British evaluation machine wouldn't allow that, so from now, she'll be painted like this:
  12. Low pressure, work closely and I always draw the needle a little further back to allow a wetter flow.
  13. Hi ladies, Now the Buchon is complete, I've been asked to build a Komet for Model Airplane International. I have a rake of AM for this too, which I'll selectively use as some is a little crappy or it'll be a choice between good and better. I was going to build this as a Luftwaffe machine but thought two German machines in a row would make some in this hobby think I'm a nazi sympathiser. In that light, I'll build the machine that was captured and test flown by Eric Brown. I had an opportunity to chat with him a few years ago about his Komet flight, so this seems to be a fitting way of remembering the guy. I will use some artistic license though as I believe the machine he flew was unarmed and most certainly won't have carried ammunition, but I will install it just the same. Basis for this build is the excellent if slightly fiddly Meng kit, with some Eduard, MASTER, and Aires stuff thrown at it. I don't expect this model to take too long as I don't want to be taken away from the F-104 which I will shortly show here on LSM. Anyway, here we go!
  14. Complete and coming to a forthcoming issue of Military Illustrated Modeller!
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