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  1. and here it is: ZM 1:32 Hs 129 B-3 - release date: Dec 2022.
  2. Wow!! I love it! The work behind this model is epic!
  3. I working on a brief review.... It is on my pile to do soon as another 10.... 🙄but when I started I will put some wip pics...
  4. Happy Birthday Rod!!! Have a great one!
  5. just a very very positive feedback to Telepatu!! Everything went smooth and perfect!! A total gentlemen to deal with!! Thank you very much
  6. Hi Guys. I got a 1:32 LukGraph Friedrichshafen FF.33L for sale: 140€. Shipping at cost. I can consider trades of the follow (althought I would prefer sale): ZM 1:32 Heinkel He 219 UHU GWH 1:32 Curtiss Hawk 81-A2 HK Model 1:32 Dornier Do 335 A-12 HK Models 1:48 B-17F Flying Fortress 1:32 HpH He111P Cutaway Kit 1:32 Revell He-111P 1:32 Fly Hawker Hurricano Mk II D 1:32 IBG PZL-11 1:32A-10 Cockpit (Cutting Edge Modelworks) and A-10 Thunderbolt II Engine Set GT Resin 1:32 1:32 Avionix P-61B Radar Operator Set and Cockpit and Gunner Station 1:35 Meng Char 2C 1:35 Miniart FW Triebflügel with Boarding Ladder 1:35 Amusing Hobby Ferdinand Jagdpanzer sd.kfz 184 & 16t strabokran MiniArt 1:35 Military Lorry B-Type Takom 1:35 Krupp Raumer S HobbyBoss 1:35 M1070 Truck Tractor & M1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer ICM 1:48 Heinkel He-111Z-1 “Zwilling" Tamiya 1:48 Lockheed Martin F-16CJ (Block 50) Fighting Falcon Kinetic 1:48 EA-6B Prowler "Darth 'Vader"
  7. I know this one... As always, great work my friend!
  8. Realy realy nice! Well done ! The weathering is spot on!
  9. Really nice work in a not easy kit!!
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