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  1. I always loved the F.W. Triebflugel!! I have made in 1:72 Huma Model one but this in 1:35 is on my wihlist!
  2. Love it!! Those extras make the whole model much more appealling! Great work!
  3. Thanks so much Carl!!! They look amazing, with keen surface detail... And you got love the little Millenium Falcon.
  4. Yes, Its a full article build of it... It took me four long years, in and out the bench..
  5. Sorry guys but I very excited!! I made the cover of the MiM Aircraft Edition!! I know was not with a Large Scale Model or a Large Model but nonethless I`m really proud about it!! Fran
  6. Now from our friends from Special Hobby to be available this month: Tempest Mk. V fuselage fuel tank and oils tanks - 1:32
  7. Keeping modelling news 2021 hot here`s one from Buchon Models: Hispano Me-109 E conversion for 1:32 Me-109 Eduard kit.
  8. Nice to see a Classic Nichimo build and in a very good way!
  9. Thanks!! That`s good news I think! Any new tool (good kit) is good news!
  10. and i cant forget this "new" from Miniart! I really like their Tram and I have one that i reviewc here on LSM. Its a totaly different thing that could look awesome in your colection!
  11. Your Talent and Quinta Studio AM really makes the difference!! Looks great!!
  12. love it!! awesome work with a outstandng presentation.. love the base!
  13. ahh.. and Border still keep them coming!! MobelWagen!!
  14. Well, some others modelling news... This time from Academy F-4 1:32 - I saw that this is probably not a new tool but a Revell Re-box. and also
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