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  1. hey Ron, youve gone dark? Any news on the rear floor and ammo boxes? i'd love to have some so as i can finishoff my observers sation. hope all is great
  2. Sounds great! Good luck! can I also ask - for your landing lights grill & sight and the 1-32 strips for the ribs who do you order through?
  3. Hi Ron, id love to get my hands on some of those ammo boxes if you’re printing some, let Me know your thoughts? thanks again
  4. Yours is beyond awesome and way more detail then I think I’m going to be able to obtain I can only use yours as inspiration for what I want mine to be! but love building this kit and will keep flowing your progress to give me inspiration and guidance keep up the fantastic work!!
  5. Hi Ron im finally on!! Things are looking great on your machine. We’re almost ruby side by side on progress but I think I’m going to skip the canopy as I mentioned on the other site currently in middle of building the observer position be super keen to see what resin stuff you were going to print would love to get some pieces to help with my build and happy to fix you up for your time! I have all the same model money parts as you as well as the exhausts, I have ordered landing gear, instrument decals and harnesses. The last 3 am still waiting on b
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