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  1. Yeah, I could use the plastic kit parts from the AMT flatbed trailer kit, but I think I can make them out of very thin aluminum sheet stock, I don't know I haven't checked into it yet. Ron G
  2. Hey Jeff You don't see these around here (Detroit/Flint, Mi) anymore, but back in the hey day of the Auto industry they were everywhere hauling big steel sheet metal rolls for the auto plants to stamp out fenders, doors, hoods, etc. And yes the tires were usually way worn out...lol Ron G
  3. Hey all Well I did it, I started another project. I purchased some air suspensions from Shapways for the lowboy, but they were to tall, they were meant for a standard height trailer...sooo, I decided to start a new project so I could use them. I'm making a 6 axle heavy haul/steel hauler 48' flatbed trailer based off of info form the internet and kind like the AMT flatbed trailer, but different. here is my drawing that I built it from. side view of 6 axle flatbed trailer. this view shows the air suspensions that I'm using, they still need a lot of work. I now need 6 compl
  4. Looking good Mark, she's going to be a beauty when she's done. Ron G
  5. Hey Mark I just found this build, and will definitely be following along. WOW!, just WOW!, I mean really WOW! Ron G
  6. Hey all Small update for you all. this view shows the support legs that I added to the booster/stinger and that I moved the nitrogen tank to the mounting bracket for the trailer. Also the frame braces between the tires. this view shows the support legs and crank mechanism. Well that's it, be back soon. Ron G
  7. Hey guys Small update. I did some more work on the booster/stinger. side view of the XL 42 PMB booster/stinger. I drilled some lightning holes in it. view looking down at the booster/stinger. You can see the nitrogen bag with mounting bracket I added, I also added a power pack, its under the cover with the handle, you can see the exhaust pipe for it sticking up and I added a nitrogen holding tank just above the hydraulic cylinder. this view shows the nitrogen bag, nitrogen tank and the power pack cover and exhaust. view looking down at the nitrogen tank and power p
  8. Hey guys Get out the butter and salt, I have a new batch of pop corn ready...lol. I have the booster/stinger almost completely built, I'd say about 80%. I assembled everything temporarily together to see how it looks, and WOW!!!! It's Lloooonngg!!! So here are some pictures for you all to perose. this view shows the mounting bracket, the attachment/pivot bracket with the hydraulic cylinder and the booster/stinger. same thing from above. this view shows the whole set up, WOW! this view shows the Peterbilt 359 heavy haul tractor attached to the jeep this view
  9. Hey guys I now have the bracket that goes from the mounting bracket to the booster/stinger pivot point. I still need to create the cylinder, nitrogen chamber and attachment mechanism. this view shows the rear of the trailer, mounting brackets and the booster/stinger. this view shows the mounting bracket and the attachment point for the hydraulic cylinder. top view of the whole set up. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
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