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  1. Hey all I did some work on the wheel bay doors. I still have along way to go on them, but here are some pictures to show how far I've gotten. I found these on Bill S. build on LSP. here are mine, I only have one pair started. view of my door inner side on top his inner door below. view of my outer door on top his outer door below. Well that's all for know. I'll be back with more soon. Ron G
  2. I believe you are correct Fidd88. 14 pipes on the townend ring connected to 14 dual pipes coming from the cylinders, of which there were two different types for the Hercules. The Pegasus had all 18 pipes, individually going to the ring. I'm no expert but I believe I'm correct. Ron G
  3. Speaking of "townend rings" I've been working on mine here's where I'm at. I took this piece of 1/8" thk. piece of plastic and made this. the beginnings of the "townend ring" view front to back. view of the ring from the rear. view showing the ring inside of the cowl with the 14 holes drilled out. another view of the ring. view of ring through the cowl. another view of the ring through the cowl. I still have alot of work to do on this plus create all the exhaust pipes times two. . Ron G
  4. Hey all Ive been waiting on this for 2 1/2 months!!! Well it finally came. Since its from China it's been sitting in the garage for a week, just in case. I cracked it open and took a peak from initial glance it looks like a really nice kit. This will be displayed next to my 1/24 F6F-3 as dueling foes. I'm going through the instructions now just to get familiar with it. I'm not starting it yet, have to finish the Beaufighter first, then the Hellcat, then the Mosquito, etc., etc.... later dudes! Ron G
  5. Hey Bill I just read through your build on LSP. WOW! I hope I can achieve as good a model as you made. Really nice work. Ron G
  6. Hey Bir If you look closely at the picture of the inside of the ring you can see a flange attached to the pipe stubs coming out of the ring with two holes in each one. There are 14 of them. In the picture looking into the cowl ring you can see the pipes that go from the cylinders to the ring, there are two different types 7 of each that also have a flange that matches the ones on the rings pipe stubs. They are bolted together I assume with a gasket between them. Ron G
  7. Hey Fidd88 I know it's not supposed to be painted bronze/copper because its actually metal, I believe it is stainless steel but not sure. Here is a picture of what you are talking about. this shows the early cowl ring on the left with out the baffle and with on the right. view showing the exhaust pipes going from cylinders to the cowl ring. inside view of the cowl "townend" ring. Thanks for the input. Ron G
  8. Just trying to keep up with you...lol I'm working on the wheel wells right know, and boy did Revell get these wrong! Way to shallow, the floor, I guess you would call it, needs to move in to the nacelle about an 1/8th of an inch! That's a scale 4". So I'm making all new pieces for the wheel wells, trying to match the 1/48 scale ones I have from Revell, they are alot more complicated made up of 6 pieces. This is going to take a while. Ron G
  9. I'm back Some more update pictures. view through the starboard side of canopy at Model Monkey cockpit. view through port side of canopy at Model Monkey cockpit. view looking aft through the canopy at Model Monkey cockpit. It still needs more polishing, but I think it's going to work out. Now all I have to do is figure out how to do the rear observer/gunner's bubble...Yikes. Ron G l
  10. Hey all Another small update on modifying the kit canopy from a MK. 1f to a MK. V1c not easy but I think it's doable. Here are some pictures. this view shows the 1/32 Revell Beaufighter MK. 1f on the left and the 1/48 Revel Beau MK. TF. X on the right. view of 1/48 Beaufighter canopy in place. view of 1/32 Beaufighter canopy in place. I'm going to sand off all of the raised framing and redo it with evergreen plastic strip. Wish me luck. If it don't work I'll be looking for a replacement Ron G
  11. OHH YUMMY! I want to do one of these or the ZM one, not sure which... so I'm watching and takin notes Ron G
  12. Hey guys Just a small update, some work on the nacelles and exhausts. view of the actual Beaufighter exhaust showing cockpit heater pipes. view showing Quickboost exhaust with scratch built heater pipe going into nacelle. another view of pipe going into nacelle. view of the two intake cooling pipes on cowl exhaust ring. close up view of the two pipes. All for now be back when I get more done. Ron G
  13. Thanks Hubert Just bought the mattel vacuform machine of of Ebay. Need to make conopys for my 1/32 Beaufighter build. Ron G
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