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  1. Just got this in the mail from bigTim, thank you, it's a 1/24 scale print of a ww2 US aircraft carrier deck. It's 18.0" x 17 3/4" just right for my 1/24 F6F-3 Hellcat (converted from a F6F-5). I found some US Navy figures on Shapways, there 3D printed in lots of different poses. There a bit pricey, but not to bad at today's pricing. If I can find some 1/24 scale tie down strips I might replace the printed on ones. I know they make them in 1/32 scale, not sure if they make em in 1/24. All I have to do is trim it to size and glue it to a piece of 1/2" - 1" thick foam board. Ron G
  2. Hey Trigger Is that a radio controlled F6F-5 or did the pilot bailout?...lol
  3. Hey all Found this on the net. Would make a cool add on to my 1/24 Airfix Tiffy or Mossie pulling a bomb or rocket trolley. These are the trolleys I'm talking about. I would have to scratch build the trolleys and then find some 1/24 figures to use for ground crew loading rockets and/or bombs. It would definitely be a cool diorama. Ron G
  4. Hey all I thought I would let everyone know that Nigel is making some replacement and add on stuff for the 1/24 scale Hellcat. He has a replacement engine core, to replace the out-of-round one that comes in the kit. And he is making all three fuel tanks. These are resin castings so there will be some cleanup to do on them but they look really nice. I ordered a set of the tanks. I already fixed the engine core on mine, so I don't need that part. It will save ALOT of sanding though. So go to YouTube and look for the videos he is doing on the big Cat and he will show you how to get them. Ron G
  5. Hey Jeff I know how you feel we, the wife and I, are on our third Golden Retriever, his names Chance. He's getting up there in years and I think he may have cancer, a lot of lumps. When the last one Dusty died, from cancer, it really broke my wife up she couldn't eat or sleep for a long time. She had to have another one. Don't know what will happen if Chance passes away, I know she wont take it well. So I feel for you buddy. Ron G
  6. Hey Kahuna Deluxe makes a twin syringe kit with different size tips on there web site. I know cause I have it. It works pretty good with the large size tip, the smallest one is good for pva glue. Ron G
  7. Yeah, an a month or two they'll find some shit ass reason to fire him. Big companies don't care about the peons, they sit in there offices and draw there exorbitant wages and don't even give there employees a second thought, until it starts eating into there pocket book. Ron G
  8. Hey Trigger That looks sweet! Really nice looking Tiffy I hope mine turns out as nice. Ron G
  9. Hey Trigger Know all you need is a good recording of a P&W R-2800-10W to play when you switch on the electric motor...lol Ron G
  10. Hey Peter we're all waiting for further info and pictures. I just found this build, and I'm going to be watching very closely to your progress as I've just picked up the Airfix 1/24 'Tiffy' bubble top and know I can pick up alot of tips and tricks from the master.
  11. WOW! That looks really good Trigger.
  12. Hey all Anyone out there have any pictures of a Hawker Typhoon Mk 1b bubble top with uncovered cannons? All the pictures I can find on the net all have covered cannons. The only ones that I can find are of the earlier car door Tiffy with its guns uncovered. I bought the Master Models brass barrels for it but don't want to cut off the end of the gun fairings if it's not correct. I'm thinking I could use the Master Models barrels for the Mossie instead, but not sure if they would fit under the covers. So what are your guys thoughts. Ron G
  13. Best of luck Harv. We are all with you Ron G
  14. Hey Trigger Go for it you can do it. Mask away Ron G
  15. Hey Trigger I kinda figured those would be a pain in the ass. Masking and painting them on will be alot better. Good luck and take your time, let the paint dry thoroughly. I do the same thing, I rush it so I can see it done. And usually mess it up...lol I'm getting better at painting trying to slow down and take my time and do it right, but sometimes it's really tuff to do...lol. I'm going to do my Hellcat with all masks, except for the small stuff those will be decals. And my I say. I DON'T LIKE DECALS! There really my down fall. Ron G
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