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  1. Hey Nige and 1to1 There is a gentleman on Ebay selling replacement turrets Emerson and Consolidated. They are resin bases with vacuum glass parts. He's selling them for around $15.00 US. They look ok they are 1 piece clear domes. They may not be perfect but for $15.00 they maybe good to scratch build into something that maybe just right. Here are some pictures of them. Consolidated Emerson
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bomber Country. Ides of march. It's my wife's birthday too.
  3. Hey Nige I just watched your video on YouTube showing the mods that you did to the undercarriage bays and landing gear. You showed a book that had lots of pictures, can you please post a picture of that book and were to get it please. Ron G
  4. Hey all I've been doing a lot of investigating on the net and I have found out that almost all of the Marine PBJ-1Js didn't show up to very late at the end of the war in 1945. The decals I have for "Devil Dog" are for a tribute bird to the Marines. It's not a plane that served in the war so not sure how correct it is. I don't want to make a post war commemorative bird. I want to do one that actually saw combat. My main problem is I can't seem to find any pictures of the 8 gun nose strafer version of the PBJ-1J used by the Marines. All of the VMB squadrons pictures that I have found seem to either use the glass nose or the G/H version with the cannon. If anyone on here has pictures of a Marine PBJ-1J with the 8 gun strafer nose and or any books that give information on them please let me know. I have the Squadron book on the B-25 but it mostly covers the G/H version. Thanks Ron G
  5. Memories of working...so glad I'm retired, sleep in to 9:00am get up make breakfast eat and put in 3 to 5 hrs at the bench, on a good day. Some days I just do notin.
  6. Hey Nige We need up dates, pictures, pictures, pictures
  7. Hey Nige you could just keep it for the "D" when it comes out.
  8. If you enlarge, or I should say reshape the cowls your going to have to do the same thing to the nacelles which will be alot more difficult, especially the inner one because of the main landing gear goes through it.
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