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  1. Ok another update These are all the colors I will need to paint the Mossie. They come from this book and will be Vallejo model air. Most will work straight out of the bottle, some I had to modify to match the paint chips from the book. Cool book, has alot of paint info on RAF aircraft from 1939 to 1945. This picture shows the cockpit floor and some bulkheads. I added the white plastic pieces and the lead wire basde on photos and books. The small straps over the wire are bits of 0.7mm masking tape cut to size This are some of the parts I modified withe the first coat of RAF interior grey/green. heres a shot of the seat temporarily in place. Thanks for looking let me know if Im going down the right path...lol Ron G
  2. Hey all Just a little update Added the cover plate over the AI rader hole and added the light between the two inner machine guns. Added some detail to the inside of the door. The two small pouches are made from card and the emergency door release handle is made from some scrape photo etch and misalanious stuff from the scrapes box. Inside of the engine nacelle. showing one of the landing gear braces. this view shows the internal ribs I added. These are from photos of the real thing. Rear bulkhead in the nacelle. Holes added for the identification lights. View showing the lights in place. These are made from colored acrylic rods from Plastistruc 5/32" dia. There a bit small in diameter there 3.875" and should be around 5" diameter. This will be part of the diorama painted in RAF colors and pulling a bomb trolley loaded with 3" rockets. Thats it for know. Ron G
  3. The shrouds are what I really need, I can modify the kit exhausts but the shrouds would be difficult to scratch build. The radio would be great, if he's interested in giving me a copy of the STL file I can print my own on my 3D resin printer. Any more progress on your Mossie? Ron G
  4. Don't forget to add the outer spark plugs and leads, for some reason Tamiya didn't include tese on the Mustang and Spitfire not sure if there missing on the Mossie cause I don't have one. Not to hard to add though. Looking good so far. Ron G
  5. I know they are out of production, but I believe Anthony has a set and I'm trying to beg him to sell them to me Ron G
  6. Hey Anthony Thanks I hope I can do as good of a job as yours. You wouldn't be interested in selling those please? Do you have the shrouds to?
  7. Hey Drifter YES it can be, but I have told myself to go very slow and test fit often. The first thing I did when I opened up the kit was remove the sprues from the bags and go over all the parts with the instructions and found all the pin marks and filled them with Mr Surfacer 500, some I had to do twice. Then I tackled the landing gear. I did another post on them. I added brass tube and rod to them because they are way to weak on there own. Also I didn't want to use SAC gear cheap white metal and they are to hard to attach to the plastic. Mine will be attached with tamiya extra thin and some CA glue. I plan on doing it as L 3, PZ474 I know it is not a plane that actually was in WW2 but that plane is so cool looking in extra dark sea grey and sky with the invasion strips. Ron G
  8. Hey all Anyone have a clue if the Mossie had identification lights, the red, green, amber ones, and where they would be located at and what size diameter? Thanks Ron G
  9. Thanks crazypoet Just beginning this project it's going to be a llooonnggg ride...lol, so grab your pop corn and a brew, buckle up and hold on, going to be a bumpy ride
  10. Hey all I've put the Hellcat to the side for awhile, waiting for Alistair at Aerocraft to finish his landing gear. So what to work on next...hhmmmm..I've got it Airfix's 1/24 scale Mosquito FB VI. I started by modifying the landing gear, added metal tubes and rods to stiffen em up. I covered this in a separate post. Now I'm working on the fuselage bits. I cut out the rear access hatch and added some hinges and the latch mechanism to it. I added the inner flange to the opening in the fuselage for the hatch. The hatch will be displayed in the open postion. Also I've added some surface detail to it (see pics) I also added the missing surface detail and a handle to the entry door, this will be in the open position also. Rear hatch on left, entry door on right. That door knob was a real PITA! I lost it twice to the carpet monster and had to start over again. Inside view of entry door and hatch. This needs to be cleaned up and primed. This ones just to show size. Next I cut the hatch/cover over the front .303 Browning machine guns into left and right halfs. Airfix kinda dropped the ball on this making it one piece. I added some interior ribs that were missing from the kit parts. I also added some surface detail that was also missing from the kit parts (see pics) these modified parts still need to be cleaned up and primed. Inside left and right hatches. This shows the scribed in lines and latches. Next I started on the cockpit area, first I added some detail on the canves boot around the control column to simulate the stiching at the rear of it. You'll never see this but I know it's there. I started on the control column by modifying the thickness of the hand grip. I shaved it down being very carful not to break it. I carved a groove down the length of it to accept the 0.015" lead wire for the cannon and machine gun firing buttons. I then ran two lengths of 0.015" lead wire down the column from the back of the fireing buttons to the base of the column. Super glued these to the column Then I added the line from the brake lever on the column, down next to the previous wires to the base of the column. Next I wrapped the hand grip area with some 0.010" lead wire and added some more just behind the brake lever. Super glued this, then added some wire wraps from some 1/32" pin stripping tape to represent wire ties down the column. (see pics) Pilots view of the control column. Side view showing the wire wraps and wires going into the base. Rear view of control column showing wires going from the firing buttons down the column. The othe side of the column. This needs to be cleaned up and painted, then it will look really cool setting between the pilots seat and instrument panel. Thanks for looking let me know what you think. Ron G
  11. Hey Hubert If you use there thinner (Vallejo) it works fine. The problem is Vallejo paint is a WATER based acrylic. The others are lacquer based acrylics. Ron G
  12. Hey all A little update, the wheels & tires from ResKit came in the mail. It took awhile had to come all the way from the Ukraine. The tires look fantastic, but I wish they had the diamond tread pattern. They have B.F. Goodrich Silvertown on the side walls along with the tire size 32 x8.8 type VII also there is some smaller print by the rim area, but it's to small to read.There is no flat spot so you have to sand one in. The wheels come in two pieces a front and a rear. The rear has a VERY small part that you have to add, I'm not sure what it is, but I already lost one pair to the carpet monster. The wheels are really nice and have all the detail of the real thing. Here are some pictures that show the difference between the resin ones and the kit ones. Here are a few more pics. Two sets for two kits. Front Rear Side view These are the VERY tiny hose parts that are very delicate! Rear wheel, its so so, not sure if its better than the kit one. Well that's all for know. Ron G 23031.pdf
  13. I'll have to try that trick, I'll let you know how it works out. Ron G
  14. A moment of silence for those we lost this day on 9/11. Least we forget. Ron G
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