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  1. Just goes to show the world really is full of assholes
  2. Welcone to LSM, and WOW! what a nice paint job. Just goes to show with a little talent and some meticulous work you can make a ugly duckling look like a beautiful swan. Ron G
  3. I have a great idea for a LARGE SCALE build. How about a 1/6 scale Dragon M4A3 Sherman (I actually have one) Ron G
  4. And how long would it take to actually have a working one that is proven and passes all the regulations? And it is still a nuclear reactor.
  5. Check this out it's my Checkertail P-47 Razorback build. I did the cockpit with Vallejo dull dark green, which is what Republic used. Zink chromate green in the interior, wheel wells etc.
  6. All electric cars would be great, BUT the amount of coal, water power or nuclear power or what ever to make enough electricity to power them would pollute more then the gasoline cars they are trying to replace. Also how long would it take the government to put up enough charging stations across the US that would compare to gas stations that exist today. So your electric car would be sitting in your garage waiting for them to be built so you could take a trip from say Michigan to Florida to vist your parents. I'll stick with my gas guselling beast and let my grand kids worry about electric vehicles.
  7. Here's my 2017 485hp/475ftlbs of torque hemi Challenger T/A 392. Chrysler also has the 740hp hellcat and 840hp demon. Big hp cars are still alive.
  8. These are all the problems you have to live with when you live in a leftest socialist State/Province
  9. Hey Nige Can you give us a list of the best Lancaster books to get, for the pictures and information to use for creating our models. Thanks Ron G
  10. Hey Nige I watched your YouTube videos on how to make the Airscale IP set. One question how long should the toggle switches be sticking out from the surface of the panels, both sizes the.15mm & .33mm ones? Ron G
  11. Nigel! Stop your making us all look bad...lol That Airscale set is really amazing. Ron G
  12. WOW! Nige That IP and other panels look amazing. The interior of your Lank is going to be a real show winner. Now if I can just get these old arthritic hands and blind eyes to work I might be able to come close to your work...lol Watched your videos on how to do it they are really good. Ron G
  13. Well said Nige You can get his turrets off of Ebay. Ron G
  14. Ok, thanks Nige I'll press on somehow. I will go back over your previous work and go from there. Ron G
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