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  1. Thanks Jeff, now I just have to finish building it, the kit that is...lol Ron G
  2. Hey Hubert Actually the D8H just barely fits on the 3 axle trailer with the rippers on it. I'll post some pictures of it on the trailer tomorrow. Ron G
  3. Hey all Well I went and done it! I think your going to like it. Here it is. It's a Rogers 3 X 3 X 3 drop nose lowboy trailer 70 to 90 ton capacity! I think this will be big enough to haul the Cat 390FL and the D11T! front isometric view. rear isometric view. side view, she sure is lloooonnnggg!!! It has a 3 axle jeep and a 3 axle stinger. top view. It's only in the preliminary stages right know, but I'm working on it. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon. Ron G
  4. Hey all Well It's finally finished!!! The Cad model that is, here are the final pictures for you to look at. front isometric view. rear isometric view showing the rippers installed. Added wire mesh and roof to the R.O.P.S. left side view showing the entire length of the Dozer. front view showing the front and rear lights added. right side view. top view showing the blade and rippers. this view shows the front lights a little better. this view shows the (2) batteries and cables, also the rear lights. Now all I have to do is actually finish the mo
  5. Hey all Here are some update pictures of the Cat D8H. Jeff you wanted a R.O.P.S. and here it is, it still needs the attachment brackets and hardware. I added the Cat logos and lettering to the sides, front and rear. front isometric view showing the R.O.P.S., blade lift cylinders and tilt cylinder. rear isometric view showing the battery box next to the seat and in front of the R.O.P.S. top isometric view. side view. front view. rear view. top view showing the blade, lift cylinders, tilt cylinder, and attachment mechanism. side view of the Cat D35
  6. Hey all Here's a picture of the truck, trailer and Cat D8H. the Cat D8H looks real good on the 3 axle drop nose lowboy trailer. And it should as this is what I had envisioned in the first pl ax ce when I started doing all this Cad work...lol Ron G
  7. Hey all I've been working on the D8H Cad model some more. I have the D352 engine just about done, still have a few large items to do plus all the plumbing. I have the blade and the blade arms almost complete, still need to do the blade tilt cylinder and the plumbing. Here are some pictures for you to look at. front isometric view. rear isometric view. this view shows the grill and all gazillion holes I had to put in. this view shows the operator area, still have a few controls to add here. view of the D352 Cat engine and all tge bolt heads I added ( I lost coun
  8. Hey Harv Good luck on the surgery. I just had my cataract surgery on my eyes about two months ago. My optomoligest is the only one in Michigan that does the lazer surgery and he does lense replacement with corrected lense implants. I have worn glasses since I was around 11 years old, I will be 70 years old October 31st of this year. Well I had the surgery with the best lense implants and I don't need to wear glasses anymore, really weird, I only need some readers when I'm doing my models. The surgery was a piece of cake. So don't worry about it. Ron G
  9. Hey guys I found this model on the internet. It's a Cat D11!...BiiiG... It's a pretty good model, just needed some tweaking here and there. I had to replace the crappie simple tracks that it had. So I took my D8H tracks and up sized them to fit, now it looks proper. It actually has the engine modeled up in it. But it's just a sheet body not a real solid model, so I'm not sure if I can print it, we'll see. So here are some pictures for you to look at. she is definitely a BIG MOTHER! But it does fit on the 4 axle drop nose lowboy trailer, barely. side view of the D11. view
  10. Hey all Here are some more pictures of the Cat D8H dozer. side view of the D8H. this view shows the body details and the blade all in preliminary status. this view shows the rear body details and tracks. this view shows the tracks a little better. this view shows the undercarriage detail in the preliminary stages. Well that's it for now be back with more soon. Ron G
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