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  1. Hey all Some more progress on the 6 axle flatbed trailer. this view shows the whole thing. this view shows the deck boards in place on the trailer. top view of the trailer deck boards. View looking rearward of the Pete 379 and 6 axle flatbed trailer. That's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  2. Hey all Did some work on the 6 axle flatbed trailer. The wheels that I ordered from Italeri finally got here, along with some more Italeri 1/24 truck tires, so I made up some axles and temporarily installed the wheels/tires to the trailer. this view shows the whole setup and its 35 1/2" long! this view shows just the trailer and its a scale 48' long. Ron G
  3. Hey all It's been a while on this build. I did some more work on the Tri-drive Pete. I made new longer tanks out of some 3/4" (1.05" O.D.) pvc pipe and ends from some 0.08" plastic sheet. I also made a rear step to get up on the frame to hook up the air/elec. Lines. I did some more work on the engine intercooler pipes and air intake pipes. So, here are some pictures for you to look at. this view shows the intercooler and air intake pipes. I have to fix the radiator, it's crooked!!!... damn! Oh well no big deal. view from the front of the truck showing the exhaust pipes and the
  4. Hey Jeff Not really a update, just a final paint scheme picture.
  5. Ok, here you go Jeff. I have the E9 together. I had to do some modifications to it to make it more like a actual E9, not a European version. I had to move the starter from this side to the other side also I added the chrome part to make the oil cooler. I put the rear piece from the Cummins NTC-400 with the trans cooler on the E9 transmission. closer view of the oil cooler and oil filters. this view shows the piece I removed from the Maxidyne engine from the DM800 and added to the bell housing for the starter. I also had to modify the part that goes on this side to move it forw
  6. Nice to have, cause you sure don't want to loose one of those etsy bitsy needles...lol
  7. Hey Jeff The 1/24 Renault 360 from Italeri showed up today. I got started on the E9 engine, it's a little bigger than the engine from the AMT DM800, but I believe it will fit, although pretty tight. I didn't get any pictures today but I will tomorrow. Ron G
  8. Hey all I did a little more work on the Superliner. I got the frame primed with flat black. this view shows the front air lines. this view shows the air line guards I made to protect the lines runnig along the rear ends. this view shows the refrigerator and two drawers I added opposite of the closet. another view of the refrigerator cabinet. view from the top. I added reinforcements to the hood. this view shows the hood that I copied. Ron G
  9. Do you have that condition too!...lol Ron G
  11. WATCH IT! there's someone driving off in your tank...I mean holy c^$p this is just beyond amazing! Ron G
  12. Opps looked like 9mm. I use federal gold dots hollow points (police ammo) 45 auto & 9mm. I also have a small Sig 9mm pocket (purse) pistol for the wifee. With everyone wanting to defund the police, these are becoming a real necessity! Ron G
  13. Pocket 9mm, nice! this is my custom Colt Commander. I carved out the grips, African cocabola with my Fordem tool and added the scorpions. The rest has a lot of polished stainless steel parts that I added. this is my somewhat pocket pistol...lol 45 auto...shhh!! It's conceled. Ron G
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