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  1. They ain't cheap. Mine cost me $635.00 about 5 years ago, wife got it for me for Christmas. Ron G
  2. I have the Dragon 1/6 Sherman, and YES it is humongous!!! I started it but want to make it into an M4A3 (76)W but I need a different turret and its fiberglass/resin and $250.00 dollars. It needs alot of other stuff to make it into a 76mm cannoned one, so saving my pennys for all the stuff to finish it. Actually it is a 1/35 scale Dragon Sherman scaled up to 1/6 scale. Ron G
  3. Id love a good styrene S2 tracker. I flew off my Carrier (USS Wasp CVS18) to Norfolk, VA. In one in 1970. My next door neighbor died in a crash in one in 1969 on the USS Wasp, he was coming in for a landing and the ship up rolled just as he was making his approach, he crashed into the fan tail killing all on board and two crew on the fan tail. He was newly married with a young infant son. Very sad, but that was the life of a navy pilot, landing on a carrier at sea is the most dangerous job there is. Anyway it would be nice to have the large rardar dome as an option. We had both on or ship plus the helios too. Ron G
  4. Hey Doc In that picture of the Infinity needle and nozzle the nozzle is clearly split. That should be replaced, other wise you will get a very bad spray pattern. Ron G
  5. Hey all I was looking around on the Britmodeler site and found this post on WW2 to presnt exterior and interior paint schemes. It includes paint callouts from different hobby paint manufacturers. I looked it over and its pretty informative. For World War II, I currently have three guides ready: RAF - http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_rafww2 USAAF - http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_usaaf USN - http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_usn Ron G
  6. Thirded! this place is ssooooo much better than the other place. Happy and prosperous new year for all and my God bless you all. Ron G
  7. Hey Phil I recently purchased a H&S infinity plus with the .2 and .4 needles. I most say that it is absolutely amazing at doing fine lines. I only use Vallejo acrylic paint, due to health issues and it is the only one that I can get consistent lines from my old Paasches wont even come close. I recommend going with the Infinity. Ron G
  8. Hey Anthony It's about time...lol. I new I could get you to start her back up again. Don't forget to make room on your bench for that other De havilland bird. Ron G
  9. Hey Drifter I don't think there on his site yet. You need to send him a email requesting to pre order them. bsousa61@gmail.com Ron G
  10. The great thing about the galvanick process is it creates a natural patina that looks like a natural weathered exhaust. NO PAINTING! You just glue them in place (with CA) and voila! Perfect exhausts. I have sets of these for my Tamiya Corsair, Mustang and Spitfire also a few other kits in 1/32 scale. As I said check out his site and you will see what I mean. Go to the menu, look for accessories and Rexx exhausts. Ron G
  11. Hey FME erk I did not make those if you go back and read the post you will see that they were created by Rexx exhausts. They are galvanicly grown metal, very similar, if not the same process as the old Moskit ones (long out of production). If you go to H&B Hobbies website you can see many different exhausts in scales from 1/72 to 1/32 scale. These will be the first 1/24 scale ones available. I'm hoping that with a little cokesing we from us on the forums they my start a 1/24 scale line. The New F6F-5 Hellcat, the two Typhoons, cardoor and bubble top would be a start. Ron G
  12. Small update, the metal exhausts for the 1/24 Mosquito are done! And boy are they fantastic. They are from Bob at H&B HOBBIES he's the supplier for Rexx exhausts, which are galvanicly grown metal and are actually scale thickness. Here are some pictures. here you can see the two different exhausts the rear double one and the front type. You can see the small plugs that they are grown from and the tree that they are attached to. They copied the kit exhausts so these should fit pretty good. here they are shown as they would appear on the engine. Bob said they will be around $40.00 dollars. So if you have a big Mossie and want it to look fantastic go to H&B HOBBIES and start placing your orders. Ron G
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