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  1. Hey peeps, Sorry, about dropping off the earth. Some medical issues have come up and derailed my modelling. I am hoping to continue after Christmas (or as soon as possible). Just wanted to let you guys know that and appreciate all the help with the Stryker. Can't wait to jump back in!
  2. Hey Abramsguy21, What paint color and manufacturer did you use to paint the Bradley???
  3. I welcome pics from anyone, so no worries. Awesome Bradley and great idea. Had no idea AFV made these. Gave me an excuse to order some items from Sprue Hopefully they will be sent out tomorrow, before any snowstorms...
  4. I had to make a few items, after breaking them during cleanup. Still need cleanup on the hoop, on top. Also, the hatch needs some smoothing. Been trying to figure out how to make the periscopes look realistic...
  5. Slow going, but still cleaning and gluing. The detail is great, but really makes for a slow build. While building this vehicle a funny question came up. With its current armor, this vehicle would seem to be a death trap for anything above small arms fire. I know slats can be added to protect against rocket attacks. Should they run into a recoiless gun(which are quite common) it seems they would be destroyed. Also, the bottom of the vehicle would suffer badly from IED's because of its shape. And god help you if enemy armor should come into play. It would be a cheap platform for carrying a la
  6. Still plodding along Have installed quite a bit of smaller parts, with more to go. So far, AFV have done a superb job with the detail and lack of flash. I hope my painting and weathering will do it justice...
  7. Speaking of football...that was some game last night. I play "Beat The Insiders" and had chosen the 'Bears'...not expecting to win. The Giants are having a very rough year.
  8. I have applied Mr Putty to smooth out sink marks within the side baskets. This model has a lot of parts...which isn't a bad thing. Just surprising, compared to the Stug from Tamiya.
  9. Actually, I am a Vikings fan (since 1970) and they are on a -by, this week. I just love having football on while I am modelling. And thanks for those links...I am checking them out, now...
  10. I believe the suspension is done except for some PE bolt heads. I might be able to make better looking bolt heads...have to give it a try, tomorrow. Also, completed four tires and the PE suspension covers. The Raiders/Chargers game is finishing and so am I
  11. Thanks Dave, that would be a big help. I got a lot of the suspension done and I must say the detail is nice. The directions are very different than Tamiya's but still nice. Here is a pic of the lower hull.
  12. I have plenty of Mr. Surfacer and spare brushes. I will give it a shot. Really surprised on the level of detail on the hull...but somehow miss putting on the anti-slip surface. BTW...thanks nmayhew and Jeroen for jumping in. Have started work on the bottom hull.
  13. Already see a problem... The hull top does not have a non-slip surface. Anyone have any suggestions? BTW...the detail on the hull top is wonderful. Words, really do not do it justice.
  14. Hello everybody... While the paint is drying on another model, I thought I would start a build on here. This will be my third model, so you will have to excuse any mistakes that are made I bought the AFV as an open-box and hope that all the parts are there. If not, I guess we will make do. This model looks very busy and should tax the old brain cells, a bit. I am a big fan of building from the box...nothing wrong with aftermarket, though. Anyway, so here we go...
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