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    improving airbrush methods on large scale. Really like Wingnuts WWI aircraft and reseaching details. Am a retired Navy guy that used to fly crew in HH-60Hs and HH-1Ks. Enjoy mountain life and tinkering on kits in my garage when not spread out on dining room table.

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  1. I am using cockpit green for interior and zinc chromate for wheel wells and bombay. Several books had mentioned that cockpit green was used on interior. This is different from a 1/32 Trumpeter SDB2 (Dick Best) model that I built last year.
  2. Very nicely done. Really like the attention to detail in painting. WELL done.
  3. This kit is a tough build from the beginning. Am just finishing the wings up and have to agree 100 percent with previous reviews. I purchased the photoetched detail kits for panels and dive flaps, plus flight control panels. The dive flaps take much patience. Be aware that the fuselage halves will have to be test fitted numerous times with attention carefully mitering floorboards. Because of no pins and guides, had to use more putty than expected. Leading edges of wings at roots do not complement fuselage. Landing gear assembly in wells unclear. The details of cockpit and gunner interiors is nice, but more flash than expected to be groomed off for a model of this price. Would have expected separate tires as well. The extra kits like bombay takes work to fit. This is an advanced kit that needs a good skill base to tackle engineering flaws. Details are nice but tooling should have looked at seams and guidepins, as well as improved joint fits.
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