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  1. LOL Bill. I'm pleased that you like the results of my modeling efforts. Being retired and divorced I have plenty of time to build.
  2. Thank you Peter! Another colorful T-28 coming up! LOL
  3. This time a "C" with a tailhook and in the red/white scheme. The kit is on the way to me from HLJ and I should have it Monday. In the meantime I got a Aires cockpit set from SB and have been working on getting it ready for the model. I plan to finish the model just about like the ones in the photos although I will delete the civilian "N" number and do it as a USN a/c. Stay tuned.
  4. Thank you Martin. I'm glad you like it.
  5. This 1/32 resin and PE kit was a limited issue model and is no longer generally available. I've built 3 and they build up to be VERY nice models. I've decided to put this one up for sale for $325.00 plus shipping. If interested send me a PM. Thanks! SOLD!
  6. Nice work Peter. That's a great looking car model!
  7. I agree with Bomber Country (Phil). Your eyesight must be really good! No way could I do that much close work and detail in 1/72! Looking good.
  8. Thank you Peter. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I have a "C" coming from HLJ which I plan to do in the red/white scheme.
  9. Thanks Peter. I don't think I'll be building any more F-80's or T-33's for a while now! LOL
  10. Thanks Phil. Yep, another one done. Time to start another.
  11. Thanks Jerry! I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I plan to do a "C" next in red/white.
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