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  1. This should turn out to be a really nice model! Nice work so far.
  2. Some of the preliminary painting done for the insides. Yellow zinc chromate and my "special mix" Bell Green.
  3. Getting started on the preliminary work of cleaning off all the molding tabs and trimming away flash.
  4. My intention is to build it as "Snooks 2nd" and use the kit decals.
  5. Fingers crossed on this one.
  6. Thanks Phil. I know it has it's problems but, since I'm aware of them from a previous build, I hope they don't cause too high of a cuss factor. We will see!
  7. With melted butter and salt!
  8. For sure Hubert! I'm hoping it won't be too much of a PITA but we will see!
  9. I manage to "branch out" sometimes Rob!
  10. I have my fingers crossed this one won't have the high "cuss factor" that my 1st one did!
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