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    Primarily plastic and resin scale aircraft of WW II, Korea & Viet Nam. Some armor, ships and submarines.

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  1. JohnB

    Lost Parts

    Parts are in the mail Peter.
  2. JohnB

    Lost Parts

    They will go in the mail tomorrow Peter. Glad to help!
  3. JohnB

    Lost Parts

    I have those parts Peter. Left over from previous builds. 3 itty bitty parts. Send me a PM with your address and I'll mail 'em to you. John
  4. JohnB

    Lost Parts

    Hmmmm Peter. I have a bunch of parts left over from my builds. I'll check and see if I have what you need there butterfingers. LOL
  5. I didn't know that. Good idea to do it that way.
  6. JohnB

    P-47D-11 finished

    I'm trying to get better pictures. One more shot here after some adjustments.
  7. Tim, You might want to add "com" to your email. As posted mail will not go. Ordering one to give it a shot! JohnB
  8. JohnB

    BigTim in the house !

    Welcome to LSM Tim. A breath of fresh air isn't it?
  9. JohnB

    P-47D-11 finished

    Thanks Carl. I'm glad also as I was growing weary of this build. I'm ready to start on something else (to be determined).
  10. JohnB

    My First Heartbreak

    Go for it Gaz. I've been considering one or two "nostalgia builds". I think the old Lindberg aircraft carrier "Wasp" will be a great start. I still have the one I built as a kid. I rescued it from the attic a while back. Certainly the worse for wear. LOL
  11. JohnB

    P-47D-11 finished

    Thank you Kai!
  12. JohnB

    P-47D-11 finished

    Thanks Ernie! It's funny. While building this model I came to realize the razorback jug is not one of my favorite airplanes. It's okay but I just don't have the "feel" for it if you know what I mean.
  13. JohnB

    P-47D Razorback build

    Thanks Peter. Now to decide on what's next!