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  1. All done with this one. I decided to do a little something "extra" and feather the #4 prop. More than one Lanc came back like that! Paints used were Colourcoats and Model Master. Built mostly OOB except for some Eduard PE in the cockpit area. Makes for a BIG model and I was always banging a wing tip on something while working on it. I let a couple of small things pass as I was just tired of working on it. I hope ya'll like the results of my efforts.
  2. All done. Check completed work.
  3. Thanks Gaz. I'm just about to get this one finished. A day or so at most barring buggerups.
  4. That's a heck of a thing to have happen. Looks like you have it well in hand now.
  5. Thanks. Yes they did Jeff. Much better than the kit decals.
  6. Probably not. Just a good deal in my opinion.
  7. A good deal I just couldn't pass up! Free shipping too.
  8. I just realized I forgot to thank Bill_S for the paint! Two bottles of MM RAF Interior Grey Green! Very much appreciated! Thanks! John
  9. A big "THANK YOU" to GusMac for his help!!!!!
  10. Thank you Dennis. It should really look nice when all markings are on.
  11. Decaling underway. The national markings are Eaglecals.
  12. Thanks Phil. I'll overspray the upper wings with clear gloss before adding the roundels. I prefer to attach decals over a gloss finish to minimize silvering. After all the decals are on I'll spray it with a clear flat then do some exhaust stains and weathering.
  13. Thank you! I built the 1st release many years ago, so this will be #2.
  14. Painting, except for some touch up and weathering, done.
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