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    Primarily plastic scale aircraft of WW II, Korea & Viet Nam. Some armor, ships and submarines.

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  1. Hi John

    Just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and the best for #71! I'm right behind you and I'll be crossing the 71 year old mark this November .

    Enjoy your special day

    Your friend


  2. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    I think I have that sorted out so NOW I can move on to the wings.
  3. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    Thanks Peter. It always seems to be SOMETHING".
  4. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    Due to some poor fit I had to pop off the engine and firewall and remove the remaining two supports. They aren't needed unless you are opening the accessory panel. I also left off some of the parts for the rear fuselage as they are practically invisible when the fuselage halves are joined. Just use the necessary stuff and forget about all the superfluous parts. More photos soon.
  5. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    Thanks guys. Now to clean up some seams and then it's on to the wings.
  6. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    As it turns out the turret fit was no sweat although you have to have the glass "dome" in place. It won't "drop in place" after the lower portion is cemented in place. The worst problem was the firewall/forward fuselage fit. I had to cut two of the mounts to allow it to line up correctly. And of course we ALWAYS knock some pieces loose when fitting, etc. Easy fix though.
  7. JohnB

    Ok, I'm showing off...

    Congrats on the win!
  8. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    That's correct Ernie but, after doing some test fitting, I don't think it will be a problem with this kit (I HOPE).
  9. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    We will soon know guys. I have my fingers and toes crossed!
  10. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    Thanks Peter. I hope to have the fuselage closed up soon then it's on to the wings. At first glance they just might be a bit fiddly with a bit of a cuss-factor. We shall see!
  11. JohnB

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    Progress so far. I'll mount the turret assembly to the cockpit sub assembly then attach all that to the fuselage halves. So far fit has been good. I didn't bother with the stuff behind the engine bay as it would not be visible later.
  12. JohnB

    Eduard 1/48 Harrier GR.9

    I hear that Peter! It never fails. LOL
  13. JohnB

    Eduard 1/48 Harrier GR.9

    Sure is looking good Peter!
  14. JohnB

    Returning member

    Thanks Danny!!!