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  1. I've decided to put this kit up for sale since I doubt I'll ever build it. It's a really nice kit with a bunch of resin and PE parts. It's all there as you can see in the photos. As far as I am able to determine by checking their website and ebay it is no longer in production. I'm asking $100.00 plus shipping.
  2. Interesting Carl. I figure to give armor a break after I get this Sherman done but will come back to armor later since I have a number of armor kits in the stash.
  3. That's good to know Rob. Thanks!
  4. That sounds good Peter. I look forward to receiving my A-1 set.
  5. Thanks Phil. I bought the newest release Tamiya M4A3E8 and it's very similar to the Ryefield model except with no extremely fiddly PE stuff. I got it to rob the tracks for the Ryefield model but have also robbed some small plastic parts to use instead of the RF PE. I think the Tamiya kits (at least the Sherman) is every bit as good as the RF kit and whenever I decide on another tank (other than the Dragon and Cyber Hobby kits I already have in the stash) I'll look at the Tamiya version before buying another RF kit. I still have the four RF kits I want to sell off but no one seems to be interested in them. 🙄
  6. Thank you Peter. It's a nice break from airplanes but I look forward to getting back to my Skyraider build. I'm waiting for a cockpit set from Quinta Studios. 😀
  7. LOL Carl. I doubt it! However I do intend to stay with planes.
  8. Progress so far. I've covered the clear parts with liquid mask so those areas won't get painted later.
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