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  1. LOL I'm glad you like it Peter. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Carl. Yes, really slim. I've always liked that a/c.
  3. I'll post a couple of pics later today. The unfortunate thing about that particular a/c is it was only used by 2 squadrons which limits the choice of markings.
  4. Yes and I HAD to go on and order one although I have a very nice, built, 1/48 Classic Airframes example.
  5. I'm just glad to have finally reached this stage!
  6. FINALLY got some paint on this build. Not a lot but, as I always told my sons, some is better than none!
  7. As much as I love this hobby sometimes it can sure be a PITA!
  8. Thanks Peter. I wondered if I was ever going to finally get to this point!
  9. Should be a good looking model in NMF.
  10. Thanks Peter. Now maybe I can get some painting done!
  11. Yes indeed Gaz. This certainly had it's moments!
  12. Got 'em sorted out. Not pretty but all that won't be visible anyway. I still need to add the exhausts to the one.
  13. Hang in there Peter. It's a bear to build but you'll have a nice looking P-39 in the end.
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