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  1. Thanks Peter! Indeed! That HK kit is a bear and a large headache. I'll take the SH kit over it any day.
  2. Making some progress. The seat, guns and IP are from the KH kit. The seat belts are Fine Molds. I replaced the control stick with one from my spares stash. Remember to click on the photos for best resolution.
  3. Thanks Rob. I think it looks a lot better in it's new scheme.
  4. The new canopy and exhaust parts from Aerocraft Models arrived today. Really nice stuff which will enhance the model no end. But, right now, I'm working on the SH P-39 so the P-51B will have to wait a bit.
  5. Thanks Gaz. I think it looks a lot better in this scheme.
  6. LOL Phil! The SH kit does have some shortcomings but it's still better than the KH kit.
  7. I've decided to build another one of the SH P-39's. The 1st step is to cut the fuselage where the "plug" will go. Then it's on to the build. I'm a little undecided as to which a/c it will be but I'd like to do Shomos' Snook's 2nd. I had the decals at one time but can't find them now so if any of you have 'em and don't plan to use 'em I'd sure like to get 'em.
  8. Here are a couple of my German helmets that were dug up in Latvia. I have three. Sure would like to know the story behind them.
  9. Agreed Ernie. The F-84 had lots of attractive schemes but it seems kit and decal folks concentrate on the Korean war markings. Thats understandable but it's nice to do something a bit different. I chose to do schemes that were out of the "usual" for both my '84's. I had some custom masks made for my "G" using the Tamiya 1/48 scheme as a guide.
  10. Thanks Dennis. I agree. A re-do can make a older build look better for sure. And it's easier than building a whole new kit.
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