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  1. First coat of Alclad applied.
  2. Fun indeed Ernie! LOL Sounds like a passel of headaches.
  3. It does make a nice model but I think I've had enough P-63 builds. I'm considering another Corsair just to re-visit a fun build!
  4. LOL Thanks. It would be hard to find for sure, at least for a decent price. I have another in my stash but that's where it will stay as I have no intentions whatsoever of building it. Three is enough!
  5. All primed and ready for painting to begin. French AF Indo China/Vietnam.
  6. I don't think I've ever encountered that problem. Bummer! My choice of paints has long been enamels and Alclad which might have something to do with it. Good luck straightening it out!
  7. Agreed Harv. Thanks! Next I'll overspray the model with primer in preparation for some PAINT. Still a long way to go though.
  8. Better! Not perfect but better. Still some small areas to clean up.
  9. Spoke too soon about the canopy! Now I'm working to blend the rear portion in to the fuselage. Terrible fit.
  10. I hear that Ernie! I took most of yesterday trimming and fitting the canopy. Took all day but finally got it done.
  11. Thanks Ernie. It has been a bear to build but I think I have all the toughest things done. Those guys at HpH must just want to make things difficult for us builders. Even the canopy masks don't fit! Jeeze Louise!!!
  12. Ready to mount the instrument panel and gunsight.
  13. I'm just getting my stuff together for it and haven't decided on any particular a/c.
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