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  1. Wings fit much better now. Now to do some work on the fuselage and interior.
  2. The landing light is a real toughie. I'll have to refresh my memory on that.
  3. There are molding ridges along the inside front of the wings, both upper and lower parts. These need to be sanded or filed down (but not completely removed) to allow the wing halves to mate properly. I choose to do this as a preliminary to continuing with the fuselage, etc.
  4. I look forward to seeing your build Ernie. LOL
  5. LOL No way Jose'. Too big and too costly.
  6. If I was able to get it done on my 1st two builds I should be able to get this one sorted out. Fingers crossed!
  7. Here is a shot of my other kit, which I do not intend to build, to show a comparison with the one I'm now building. Just to show the molding attachments that were removed from the other kit. Not a big problem.
  8. Yes indeed! They are really nice kits but ARE a bit of a challenge (and pricey too!).
  9. Indeed! The previous owner had removed the moldings but it shouldn't present any problems.
  10. As you can see there is a bit of cleanup, etc needed. Not a big problem!
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