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  1. Sandman sure would look nice in 1/32! They aren't yet available in 1/48 either, at least not from Pyn-Up decals. I had inquired with Dave Klaus, the fella behind Pyn-Up and he tells me he's waiting for his decal printers to make them but, due to the covid 19 problem, it will likely be the end of the year before they are available. If they were available now I had intended to do Sandman in that scale using the Monogram/Promodeler "D" kit. (I still might do this 1/72 kit as a different Tidal Wave a/c and wait for the 1/48 decals to do Sandman.) As a aside here, I have bought a book named "Burning Hitler's Black Gold" which was written by Sternfels the pilot of Sandman. It hasn't arrived yet but I am eagerly anticipating it. It's a bit rare and pricey but I managed to get one at a fairly reasonable price which is signed by Sternfels. Another aside is a DVD I've ordered titled "The search for Sandman". It appears that a/c went missing later on and no one really knows much about it. Should be interesting. I have several "shades" of desert sand paints by Model Master, Xtracolor, Floquil and the old Precision brand plus some I mixed myself. I haven't yet decided on which one or one's I'll use but I do expect to use Model Master Neutral Gray for the undersides.
  2. Nearly ready to join the fuselage halves. Hopefully I have added enough weight to keep the nose down. (As you can see, after installing the clear windows I overlaid them with clear tape to keep them in place when I mask them for painting the exterior. That way I don't risk any of them coming loose and falling into the fuselage, etc.) I'm not adding anything extra to the interior except for a decal instrument panel taken from my decal stash.
  3. One of the first things I do is check how much time is left for bidding. If it's over a day or so I'll just keep a eye on it and bid when it's closer to closing. Otherwise you are wasting your time.
  4. I've been checking out the ebay listings for 1/48 B-24D's. I was surprised to find that nearly all the listings start at a inflated price ($36.00 to over $100.00 with varying amounts quoted for shipping). If the kit is listed at a "reasonable" price then the shipping quoted is inflated. Those listers must think the kit(s) are really rare and in high demand. (I had posted a "looking for" on a Facebook sell and trade site which I will not name with the stipulation that offers not be at "inflated ebay prices". All I got was some snarky comments which really pissed me off. I deleted the post and bailed out of that group. Thin skinned maybe but I just will not stand for that kind of crap.) Right now I have sent a offer for a "D" to a lister so we shall see how that goes. I have to admit, I have been a "victim" of sniping and that really aggravates. And I have also been the "sniper"! Two can play at that game but it has been a long time since I've done that. Sorry for the "rant" but now I feel better! LOL
  5. I missed this thread initially. Looks like it will really be a nice build. I considered getting this kit but decided to hold off and go on and complete my 1/72 Academy Minicraft kit which has been in my stash for YEARS. Pyn-Up decals makes some really nice Tidalwave decals.
  6. Thanks Bill! I'm pleased you like the results of my efforts.
  7. I'm glad you like it. Thanks!
  8. Sandman didn't have any particular significance Jeff except for the fact she came through the raid nearly untouched. I just like the a/c. I had initially thought I might do "Brewery Wagon" but finally decided on "Sandman" as she was in sand/neutral gray, etc. "Brewery Wagon" was OD/neutral gray. My interest in the Tidalwave a/c was tweaked after re-reading "Ploesti" by Dugan and Stewart plus the availability of the nice Pyn-Up decals with excellent associated research. Pricey but worth it. Just as a aside here, I was looking at the HB kit box art and noted it was of "Wongo-Wongo" which never made it across the Adriatic to Ploesti. Somebody's wishful thinking I guess.
  9. First step is paint the interior parts. I don't plan to do any detailing on the insides. It's not that big a model and most won't be very visible anyway. My main thing on this one is the exterior which I plan to devote plenty of time on. Should look great with weathering, etc. Here are a couple of pics of the real a/c.
  10. I appreciate the input Carl, thanks.
  11. What are the short comings of this kit guys? I want to know before I make my decision to get one. I might just go with the ProModeler 1/48 "D" due to cost and size.
  12. Thank you Rob. It's a nice kit and a easy build but markings, etc are a little limited. I'd recommend getting the Kagero book, which comes with decals, before starting a build.
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