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  1. Thanks. Yep, I expect to start decaling tomorrow some time.
  2. I had forgotten I had posted this thread. At any rate, it should be some help to anyone embarking on a Revell P-51.
  3. Good luck Chris. Those problems are why I have decided to go with Tamiya in future. More pricey but worth it I think.
  4. I've built several of those and always had trouble attaching the wings to the scoop. The big problem area was always the cutout on the bottom of the wing where part of the scoop is supposed to slip into it. I've never had one that fit right. Lots of trimming and sanding needed.
  5. Thank you. They compare very well. Many of the parts look like "rescaled" Tamiya parts.
  6. Looks good Peter. I think it was very common to see canopies and other parts from different builders on various other Mustangs since, I think, they were interchangeable. Must have made the replacement situation good for the maintenance folks.
  7. It's a shame the Revell 1/32 kits seem to all have these problems. Maybe they should put the "A" team to work. 🤪
  8. Thanks. It's coming along just fine so far. 🙄
  9. Thanks Chris. I'm glad you like the results of my efforts!
  10. Just the FineMolds belts Kevin. The rest is from the kit.
  11. I know what you mean Scott. Excessive fitting, filling, priming, filling, etc takes the enjoyment out of it. Another Corsair for now but it's Magic Factory 1/48 -1A. Don't know when the P-40 will show up but probably some time next week. I plan to stick with the Corsair until I finish it then get started on the P-40N.
  12. I like Corsairs for sure but I don't think I'm "The King". We'll see how the build goes.
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