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  1. Thanks, I’m still having a little fun painting.
  2. This time I approached the camouflage a little differently, first it went yellow and after masking it grey on the underside. Then mask and green at the top and the sides went. Of course, the colors that correspond to the Italian camouflage of the Bilmodels palette.
  3. Yesterday it was possible to put together the interior of the cabin and the model. As I wrote, I did the glazing of the cabin myself with TAMIYA tape.
  4. Hello! I know I haven’t been in the forum for a long time, but that’s how it is with me. We started a little weekend project yesterday. My wife is happy because another box is disappearing on my closet. “Saetta” straight out of the box and without additives. Only these masks I make myself for the glazing. So far, only the contents of the box. It’s a pity there aren’t any extras. The studio isn’t finished yet, so the photos are completely finished. The glazing is beautiful and transparent. Painting is also chosen.
  5. Hand painted camouflage, took me a while but something came out.
  6. Assembly is in progress and it's going on at best. And I have to admit that the fit of the parts is perfect, everything fits and nothing needs to be fiddled with to fit the parts. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and look how the pins are positioned. The model is almost ready, and by the way as the "Falco" is put together I would like to ask how the camouflage came out? I ask because it is my first 32.
  7. Some of the masks removed, no touch-ups, paint is superbly adhered to the surface. Now flash, tracing paper, masks and assembly.
  8. I managed to put the last camouflage color, it was fun to paint and you can see the effect in the picture. Slowly the end and next models are waiting in the queue.
  9. The fun continues, with another color of camouflage applied.
  10. The engine cover was riveted and put together. Except of two side covers which will be next to show engine. Camouflage colors were applied but not all of them. Same goes for the chassis, one built up and the other with covers removed to show the resin wheels with beautiful CMK camouflage.
  11. I don't know how it is for you, but I sometimes take the model to work and there I can build it. Being at night I was able to improve the camouflage painting. The only disadvantage is that I can not take good pictures there as well as now at home due to renovation.
  12. Another camouflage color applied, but there will be one more coat. Because on this one the shading shows through too much after drying.
  13. Not all parts of the model are in the photo, but all of them have already been painted with the bottom color.
  14. I haven't had the chance, but I'll brag about another addition to "Falco" and that is the resin wheels from CMK. The wheels have realistic tyre deflection, replicated lettering on the tyre and corrected rim. CMK also offers wheels for the Fiat G.50 and these are the same wheels, only without the deflection, I also have the G.50 and I will start it soon. In order to show such a beautiful wheel I will make one undercarriage shin closed and the other open. The model will gain in attractiveness. The next step was to paint the tyre and its masking to be able to paint the rim. While masking, the cabin cover was also masked. As I wrote earlier ICM has included in the instruction a template for making the masks, but due to my laziness I did not use it and made the masks myself.
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