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  1. I blew out the primer. Metallic. There are, of course, nuances that I did not consider when switching from 32 to 72. But we learn from our mistakes. And a couple of annoying places revealed, need to. fix
  2. John thank you ! My eyesight is actually not as good as it used to be, but it still allows me to work.)))))
  3. Bomber_County thanks for the review! The set is really great!
  4. Assembled the glider, some of the little things were also painted. Everything came together perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised. I put it on the 190 for comparison
  5. I start building an interesting model from Ukrainian manufacturer "Clear Prop" in the 72nd scale. This is the first model of this domestic manufacturer, which I collect in general and the first in many years in the 72nd scale.. On the model itself I think there were great reviews, from myself I would add that very high quality casting even small parts (minimum workmanship) . The plastic is nice to work with, not brittle. Assembles perfectly at this stage of assembly. Variant of the Argentine Air Force number 607 . Started with the cockpit. I could not resist and added the wiring. The model is equipped with photo etching, which animates the appearance. Worked with the engine. Painted the cockpit and engine.
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