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1/32 B-25H/J Mitchell Wheel Set

Dave J

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1/32 B-25H/J Mitchell Wheel Set (HK Models)
Eduard Brassin
Catalogue # 632014
Available directly from Eduard for 11,25 €
Bunny Fighter Club price: 9,56 €





I have been lucky enough to build one HK Models B-25 already. At that time, the Glass Nose version was just released, and there were only a handful of aftermarket items on the market at the time. The HK Model B-25 is a very enjoyable kit to build and is very nicely detailed, straight out of the box. The kit only a has a few minor flaws/nit-picks to those who want more detail.. One of these areas is the wheels. The HK Models wheels are nicely detailed straight from the box, but due to the injection moulding process limitations, space between the raised tread lugs are too big and they don't blend on the sidewalls compared to references photos of the real thing. Also the mating surfaces of the wheel half's are on the tread lugs, which can be difficult to clean up.





The Eduard Brassin line is fantastically done, all items are CAD designed and then printed using the latest technology of 3D printing and
then masters parts are beautifully casted in grey resin that is free of bubbles, pinholes or any other casting flaws. Eduard must be proud of this line as every review of Brassin that I have come across, praises their work and efforts and I can see why!






Upon opening the black Brassin box, you will find 11 resin parts packaged in little Ziploc bags and 1 Photo etch fret safely packaged
between foam blocks. Also included is a set of Eduard Kabuki pre-cut paint masks, instruction sheet and a bright blue scotch scouring pad to help in cleaning up process of the resin.




The two main wheels are cast as one piece items that are finely attached to a pouring stub. The tyres are nicely weighted to appear load
bearing, which is a nice touch considering the weight of a B-25 Mitchell. The tyres walls feature the manufacturing codes and details
and even the GOOD YEAR branding. On a close inspection of the GOOD YEAR, the text has been misspelt as GOOD YBAR, I am sure this is done for Trademark reasons... and to be honest no one is going to notice this unless they are inspection the tyre walls with a magnifying glass or have read this review.








The hubs are also casted as six separate (inner and outer) hub items that are designed to slot into the inner hub ring on the main wheels.
There is a small amount of resin flash on the holes of the outer hub, this can be easily removed by using a fresh scalpel blade or a tooth
pick. The Eduard inner hub is more enhanced than the HK Models offering, the brake line is thinner and not oversized compared to HK Models version. The hub nuts and brake hose connections are more detailed also.












The nose wheel follows the same design as the main wheels... tyre, hubs are separate pieces and slightly weighted. The small photo etch
fret that is included carries the nose wheel hub cap for the nose wheel which gives you the two fit out options for the B-25 Mitchell. Some
Mitchells crews had the hub cap fitted or not to the nose wheel, so it always pays to check your references on your chosen subject to see if it was fitted.


Once the wheels built up, the plastic landing struts will slot into place without any modifications, which is also a huge plus! I would also
highly recommend matching these wheels with a set of G-factor White metal landing struts.




So what do we think?

Perfectly cast, a small amount of elbow grease to clean up, and they will really stand out on your B-25. These are some of the best looking wheels that I have seen!


If you are planning to build a HK Models B-25 sometime?? These are a Must Have!






Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample used here. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


Dave J.






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