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  1. I have been working on this since the beginning of the year. It will be be an article for Military Illustrated Modeller once it's finished.. I am on the final leg of the build now and the Eduard Brassin gunbay isn't fitting. Its something minor and can be sorted easily but its been motivation killer and its been sitting on my bench for the last few weeks mocking me every time I walk past it. So just need to fit them and do the weathering and its done!
  2. The only decals I knew of where Gunsight Graphics and Mircosculpt.. As far as I understand these are long OOP....
  3. Does anyone know if there are any other sources for Department of Correction parts bar the Webstore in Poland? I am looking for the 1/32 Rotol Spitfire Mk.IIa prop if anyone happens to have a spare?
  4. Nice work James! What is your mixture for the Black??
  5. Bloody Great! How are you fixing everything to the base?
  6. About bloody time Jim! been waiting for you to start this
  7. Sorry not going to happen! Was talking to the Eduard guys at Nuremberg Toy Fair and asked about this or anything else in 32nd. And it's not going to happen. Their focus is on 48th.
  8. Looks like crap... I miss the old dark one! Only joking! Looks fantastic!
  9. Or are you dreaming of young English lads?
  10. Well its been a busy few months.. Haven't been on the forums as much as I should be.. But still have a look when I can... Last year wasn't a great one. Only managed to complete two kits, which is pretty piss poor! But hopefully this year will be different as this is the first one for the year. Finemolds 1/72 Y-Wing, Painted with Mr Color, Mr Paint and Tamiya. Weathering is all AK Interactive.
  11. Outstanding Jeroen!
  12. Interesting! Never had great results with Future.. How does the Intermediate Agent hand oil washes etc?
  13. Cheers! Much apprecrated
  14. I used Ak track/steel pigment for it. And I think I used a pencil to touch up areas too