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  1. I have the CMK cockpit also, unfortunately it is still to shallow. I thinking of adding some plastic card at the bottom
  2. Dave J

    P-47D questions colors

    From my understanding, everything up to an M was Interior Green. Then it was Dark Gull Green. The engine compartment was Zinc Chromate.
  3. Dave J

    Clear odorless mineral spirits?

    Yeap that stuff you will need!
  4. Dave J

    1:35 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. D/B

    Sweet looking Kit! Now send my way so I can build it for you lol!
  5. I just had my mates over last night for our first weekly modelling session of the year, and one of them was building the Dragon 109E from JG26, I happened to pull this out to show him my JG26 build. I started building this for the 1940 GB back in 2015.... and I stuffed up the 10 on the sides of the fuselage, and it got placed on the Shelf of Doom. After looking at it last night, there isn't much to correct my cockup! So I am thinking I am going to try to push two Shelf of Doom builds over the line. This one and P-40N
  6. Hah! I am about to start my one also... I just received the Barracuda Wheels and Master barrel set for it yesterday. Thou I will be doing an AVG scheme on my Hawk. Have you read Rick's fantastic build of his P-40? If you haven't - What are your plans for the depth issue for the cockpit?
  7. Dave J


    What P-40 Cockpit set did you get??
  8. Dave J

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    I am enjoying the Dark Side! Or to those who only build things with wings.... Targets!
  9. Another year has ticked over, and I managed to build five kits in 2018. That has been my best for many years, well actually since 2013! I made seven back that year. There are a few kits on my pile that I would love to tackle this, I would like to try to get 6-7 done. Last time I decided to do this in 2014, and I built nothing! So with ongoing back issues hopefully under control now and having my Mojo returned. So these are the kits that I want to get done this year, in no particular order... 1. Meng Jagdpather 2. Rye Field Models Panther G 3. Trumpeter P-40B 4. Hasegawa P-40N (Currently on the Shelf of Doom) 5. ? 6. ? So have you guys done this before and planned what you want to build for the year?
  10. Dave J

    Do-335 B-2 V13 (RP+UP)

    Wow, this is an old one! And very odd, as I was talking to another member here about it on Facebook Chat only a couple of days ago. Yes and no... The kit is pretty much built. But somehow during the process, I stuff up the front engine mount and the front engine cowl isn't sitting flush with the next pan panel. So I have this wedge-shaped gap showing. I stuck it to the side to figure out what I did right, but haven't touched it since. Maybe I should pull out and finish it!
  11. Dave J


    We had a notice on our site... I am only getting to emails that were sent through from the 21st of Dec!
  12. Dave J

    Eduard PE for Meng 163 is discontinued

    I can say I would skip the Eduard Cockpit set and grab the Aires resin set, 1. it actually fits with small clean up! 2. The detail is way more detailed! I will see I have pics of the one that I just built.
  13. Dave J

    Trumpeter P-40F

    Thanks John! Looks to be a good effort on Trumpeters part... Maybe not the A-Teams efforts, but I think I will pick one up. I just checked my Hasegawa P-40s and I have the exhaust insert too. I was chatting to Mike Swinburne (Seiran01) about CAD'ing up the insert
  14. Dave J


    John, don't want to come across being nasty, but maybe Loic was on still on Holiday? Lots of businesses on this side of the pond stay closed till the first week or second week of Jan. We only opened up on Monday... But I am still on holiday till February and I am only checking our Help email couple of days.
  15. Considering your in NZ now you need to change that to a Tui or a Ranfurly Draft! We done Ernie! I am looking forward to sticking my feet up more around here and let the newbie mod do more work Like if there is any Modding really needs to be done here!