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  1. I have the video of Cees reaction... I will get it up later
  2. Bummer.. Thats the only kit I have. Sorry I can't help!
  3. Do you know if they are included in the 2 in 1 Nachtjager kit?
  4. Dave J

    For my North American friends

    Got mine Pre Ordered at Telford! Will be collecting it next weekend!
  5. Dave J

    1/35 Tamiya M10 Tank Destroyer

    Cheers... I am no Armour builder at all, this is the third Armour build that I have ever completed.
  6. Dave J

    1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Pic

    Man personally... kinda disappointed... Looks like Trumpeters/HB D team was on this on... I kinda had high hopes for this after the great looking P-61 kit. Thou I will still pick up one, but I can see it's going to need a bit of aftermarket. I am sure Eduard will do some Brassin Engines... Hopefully, they may consider some replacement turrets in the Brassin range too.
  7. Dave J

    1/32 Hobby Boss B-24J Pic

    Does anyone know when they are due to hit the UK? I would love to pick one up at Telford if they are available! Save me on freight to NZ
  8. Dave J

    1:32 Arado Ar 234B-2/S3

    I think this one should come home in my luggage since you have already built one!
  9. Dave J

    Tamiya F4U-1D build

    Looking great John... Thanks for letting me know the sprue codes that come with the D the other day. I managed to source the sprues and turn my extra A into a D! I have two more on order at Luckymodel at the moment for my planned diorama. Just waiting for them to have another sale on so I can grab the Brassin sets I want.
  10. Dave J

    I'm a bad boy

    I can confirm there are no Squirrels in New Zealand...But we do have Possums!
  11. Dave J

    Telford 2018

    I will be there somewhere behind a table or two...
  12. If anyone else has one or two... Please let me know! I require a couple for a Diorama with some F4U's!
  13. Dave J

    Future Nats builds..

    Love to see the Cat Ernie! I have one in my stash.. But been hesitant to start it.
  14. Dave J

    Trumpeter TBM-3

    Nice Stuff John
  15. Dave J

    2018 Phoenix IPMS Nationals Pics

    Great Pic Mikey!