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  1. Totally love to see the what he has done already.. So I am not closing this one down at the moment.
  2. @[CAT]CplSladeNo there isn't anything posted on the internet, just Sam and I chatting in Facebook Messenger. But basically there is proof that Zimmerit was applied in 2 coats at the factory. Sam's theory is 219 didn’t have ridges as such, and that 219 only got the first layer of zim. But that's his unproven theory that some went out with only 1 layer. As It looks like only the foundation layer in those images.
  3. Its time for my clubs annual Build the Same Kit competition, and the Armour subject is Meng's Panther Family. Which works out great as it ties in nicely with the GB here! Meng's fantastic Panther Ausf. D kit built as '219' of I./SS-Pz.Rgt 12 in Fonteny-le-Pesnil area of Normandy sometime between 9-11 June 1944. Huge thanks to Sam Dwyer, who has been more than helpful, pointing me in the right directions and the discussion in 219 ridge-less zimmerit. Zimmerit was added by using Tamiya's Polyester 2 part putty, slapped with an old toothbrush. The tracks are MasterClub, and Meng's Suspension
  4. Well I've made a small start on the hull, and a couple of quick shots. Went together pretty quickly and flawlessly as expected. This one is going to be OOB, but there is lots of extra details you can add!
  5. I would be interested seen how this one goes together as well! Plastic looks pretty good.
  6. That's an awesome kit! I built it last year, I will be ordering the Achilles M10 shortly
  7. Nice! I have been wanting one of these kits... Keep missing out on it when they come up.
  8. So this will be my first subject for the GB... I think it will be pretty much OOB, but I will see how that will turn out along the way.
  9. I'm down for this one! I have plans for a couple of builds! Let us see if I can actually finish them!
  10. You missed the Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup Gnome
  11. There Spitfire Mk.II spinner is out of production. I emailed them a little while ago and that was their reply. Have a look at EagleParts Spinner. It was mastered by Jim & Jeroen. http://www.eagle-editions.com/eagleparts-fine-cast-resin-parts-to-update-or-modify-model-kits/spitfire-mk-i-and-mk-ii-1-32nd-resins
  12. I wasnt happy with how it looked. I just ordered a bunch of Balas so will be making a base for this one and others soon as it arrives.
  13. I am calling this one done now for now! I'm impressed with what Takom have done, and the kit falls together! I reckon this could easily be a weekend build project if you were looking for one! Clean up wasn't too bad thanks to where Takom placed the sprue attachment points, and a sharp sprue cutter makes it hassle-free. Mission Model Dunkelgelb, Rubber, Gun Metal and Transparent dust paints were used, which is now my favourite paint brand as its so easy to use without all the smells from solvent-based paints. Ak Interactive pigments were used on the tracks, exhaust and sand build up/weath
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