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With Love from Russia


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Greetings Guys & Gals;







What does one do on a rainy 4th of July........ Daaaaaaa .... shipma10.gif .... 2drink10.gif .... May-haps be, we could play with the Pets ....  woah_n10.jpg .






I have another web site for you. A couple of samples. Coming to you from Russia..... 80824610.jpg .... 55045710.jpg .





.... 45116810.jpg .... 72182410.jpg .... 10073210.jpg .... 71611510.jpg .





.... 84491810.jpg .... 58721910.jpg .... 38380410.jpg .... 27587011.jpg .



The URL: http://warwall.ru/news/uchenija_na_poligone_klerka_sau_gvozdika/2013-04-14-446

By the way, How is your Russian .... ?








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