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  1. I'm trying to build A6M3 type 31 More precisely, remake it from M2
  2. I think I know what I will do after I finish C Hawk) By the way, will anyone want to buy it at a reasonable price? after a full review, respectively.
  3. I got bored this weekend. I decided to take my hands)
  4. Historically true not Mr. Tupolev, and comrade (tovarishch') Tupolev :-)
  5. I don’t know whether it will be correctly placed here. but this is the last answer to our correspondence. (November 2019) and wrote to me no longer Jeff. "Dear Johann, I'm sorry but we can't take orders at this time.But we are still open. We are at least 1 yr. behind in orders. The reason is the past 3 yrs. Jeff had pros. cancer and got over it. Then he had 7 strokes,his last 1 was 3 weeks ago. But still going. Please keep in touch! Many Thanks and Apologies! Jeff's Wife Kim"
  6. In all coupons since 2015 ... We are all waiting, but he still is not ...
  7. Unfortunately, but no. There was a huge mass of confusion at this exhibition, and this is no exception. To the disappointment, but this is not 1-32, but boring 1-48
  8. this is unlikely to be done in 1-32, but I would really like both, or at least one of the two
  9. Wringing my hands on the assembly of vacuum Sukhoi Su-15.
  10. the thirsty one will find https://imodeler.com/2014/08/boeing-b-29-superfortress-132nd-scale-vacform/
  11. No, I didn’t see anything offensive there, just old stamps). In addition to the arms race, one of my two homelands produced amazing toys, by the way, and models. And in the paper models of lireram was Poland. Sometimes I look at paper models (modern) and make myself think to try. There is much that no one did in plastic or in resin ... Unfortunately, my English is still terrible, I apologize if I do not quite understand writing
  12. Oh, oh! Just do not politicize, and do not argue the old stereotypes. And then I will have to believe that my favorite toy as a child was a Kalashnikov machine gun, and my best friend is a brown bear))) Yes, paper models became much more interesting than they were in the 70s-80s, but plastic didn't stay in place either developed. You can do everything yourself and not hang from the mistakes of others. (These are not my models either, but I worked with this man a lot and took some examples of him. The models are all in 1/32)
  13. No, no, it's not mine. This is not the direction I chose. Just a couple of models of a familiar colleague. I posted a photo to understand the size
  14. For me, the desire to possess is understandable, but is it true that those who wish will find a place for such monsters on the 32nd scale?
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