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  1. Johann

    I-16 Type 5

    I only collect 1/32
  2. Johann

    I-16 Type 5

    Another is my I-16 (ISM + Neomega), this time Type 5 period of the Spanish Civil War.
  3. Johann

    Silver Wings Upcoming Releases

    Actually, what we see is Yak-9. But if you look closely, then it is not quite true initially (
  4. Johann

    Bu - 131 (ICM 1/32)

    11 days. The whole process of assembly can be seen here - http://royalscale.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1021
  5. Johann

    Bu - 131 (ICM 1/32)

    mikester, James H, Pardelhas - Еhank you very much, glad that you liked it, and that not everything is so bad
  6. Bu - 131 D. WrN 1683."Lili Marleen" ll./JG-54 Grünherz. 1943
  7. Jeroen Peters - Thank you From the model itself, to be honest, the impression is twofold. On the one hand, excellent study and convergence in the compartment with a very regular geometry. On the other, there are so many mistakes in small things, and many things are very exaggerated. In my opinion it would be nice to take the fuselage and cockpit from the ICM, and everything else from the Czech Azur. It was a bomb.
  8. Kind time of the day, let me introduce one more model New model from the ICM I-16 1/32 Polikarpov I-16 type 24. Commander of the 69th IKP RKKA, Lev Shestakov. Odessa, summer of 1941
  9. And, you are about the shade of paint ... I honestly do not understand how it happened. The glazing of the cockpit and the antenna was painted separately and despite the fact that one paint was used, its shade turned out to be different.
  10. My English is far from perfect. ( Do you mean the prototype or the model itself?
  11. Another Macchi from the 21st century. This time С.202. How well it turned out to judge you.
  12. Johann

    Yak-3 Special Hobby 1/32

    Thanks, I'm glad that liked the model
  13. Let me introduce one more of mine model Yak-3 - 303 squadron "Normandy-Neman", pilot - Louis Delfino, April 1945
  14. Parallel to the construction of the Me-262B, I also collected J2M3 The variant chose from the 352nd Kokutai, 3 / 52-20 as the most watchable. I do not really like the options published in the circulation, I always tried to find out with the izdoka izjumenkoj and little demand, but here everything is quite the opposite) The construction process can be seen here - http://royalscale.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?id=758