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  1. No, I didn’t see anything offensive there, just old stamps). In addition to the arms race, one of my two homelands produced amazing toys, by the way, and models. And in the paper models of lireram was Poland. Sometimes I look at paper models (modern) and make myself think to try. There is much that no one did in plastic or in resin ... Unfortunately, my English is still terrible, I apologize if I do not quite understand writing
  2. Oh, oh! Just do not politicize, and do not argue the old stereotypes. And then I will have to believe that my favorite toy as a child was a Kalashnikov machine gun, and my best friend is a brown bear))) Yes, paper models became much more interesting than they were in the 70s-80s, but plastic didn't stay in place either developed. You can do everything yourself and not hang from the mistakes of others. (These are not my models either, but I worked with this man a lot and took some examples of him. The models are all in 1/32)
  3. No, no, it's not mine. This is not the direction I chose. Just a couple of models of a familiar colleague. I posted a photo to understand the size
  4. For me, the desire to possess is understandable, but is it true that those who wish will find a place for such monsters on the 32nd scale?
  5. Yes, but the sound will also need to be kept under 1/72 ... That is, we reduce the average 140 decibels of the D-30 engine by 72 times. Only 1.95 dB Ie somewhere around 2 kHz ... From about the fourth minute of the video But you need to accurately calibrate the sound of the speaker.
  6. You can not even so big, but also impressive
  7. In my archive on the computer, I found another book. http://royalscale.ru/Book/Vertolet Mi-4 TO-III.pdf
  8. Также далеко от этой темы. Но ... Может быть, это пригодится? http://royalscale.ru/Book/Вертолет Ми-4 ТО-И.pdf http://royalscale.ru/Book/Вертолет Ми-4 ТО-II.pdf
  9. Take revenge for our girls
  10. Yes, but for the last 2 years she has lived in blissful ignorance)))
  11. Well, because almost everything is readable here ...)))
  12. Просто перевел то, что написано курсивом) Last word is Italy by the way
  13. It's simple - lilies you smoke you breathe to lose hear chinchilla To lose and hear the spellings incorrectly, did not make out the last word (
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