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  1. Yes, but for the last 2 years she has lived in blissful ignorance)))
  2. Well, because almost everything is readable here ...)))
  3. Просто перевел то, что написано курсивом) Last word is Italy by the way
  4. It's simple - lilies you smoke you breathe to lose hear chinchilla To lose and hear the spellings incorrectly, did not make out the last word (
  5. Thank you. Glad you liked it and not everything is so bad
  6. From corrections - Wheels, landing gear, gear and blades, steering surfaces, chassis shields, radiator fairing, put the missing grille. Fixed the cockpit, braid of the aircraft, landing gear niche, tried to fix the back of the fuselage ... Replaced PCs and guides with thinner and more accurate ones from ICM И153 Only one thing pleases - in spite of the amount of inaccuracies, it is still more accurate than the Yak-3 from a special hobby.) Worked out a new technology for winter camouflage. But still not very satisfied with the work (
  7. So I did it.) And yet very contradictory model. Despite all its shortcomings, it's still strange, everything you wanted to portray in more detail, as it was simplified by the company for the most part. But here's something that you could not focus on very well made and enjoyable. It's strange, but their I-16 is beautifully made, personally my opinion and more thoughtful. But after his own Baker such a pod in I-153 did not expect (( From the finish - the front part of the hood, niche, cockpit.
  8. Another is my I-16 (ISM + Neomega), this time Type 5 period of the Spanish Civil War.
  9. Actually, what we see is Yak-9. But if you look closely, then it is not quite true initially (
  10. 11 days. The whole process of assembly can be seen here - http://royalscale.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1021
  11. mikester, James H, Pardelhas - Еhank you very much, glad that you liked it, and that not everything is so bad
  12. Bu - 131 D. WrN 1683. "Lili Marleen" ll./JG-54 Grünherz. 1943
  13. Jeroen Peters - Thank you From the model itself, to be honest, the impression is twofold. On the one hand, excellent study and convergence in the compartment with a very regular geometry. On the other, there are so many mistakes in small things, and many things are very exaggerated. In my opinion it would be nice to take the fuselage and cockpit from the ICM, and everything else from the Czech Azur. It was a bomb.
  14. Kind time of the day, let me introduce one more model New model from the ICM I-16 1/32 Polikarpov I-16 type 24. Commander of the 69th IKP RKKA, Lev Shestakov. Odessa, summer of 1941
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