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1/32 J2m3 Raiden (Jack) Detail Sets (For Hasegawa kit)

Dave J

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1/32 J2m3 Raiden (Jack) Detail Sets (For Hasegawa kit)


See review for catalogue numbers and price
Available directly from Eduard






Back in September 2011 Hasegawa celebrated its 70th Anniversary by adding a 1/32 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden Type 21
to its catalogue. This release was warmly welcome by Large Scale Japanese aircraft fans, as a few different boxings would be made
available in later months. It also replaced the outdated Revell tooling that was the only option on the market and happened to be long out of production. Eduard just recently released a couple of new Etch sets for the Hasegawa Raiden.

You can check out Scale Plastic and Rails review of the Hasegawa kit via THIS link.


The sets are the Following –



#32313 J2M3 Raiden Exterior




This set contains one bare metal etch fret which details not only the exterior of the Raiden, but also wheel bays, engine and Landing Gear as well.


Most of the parts included in this set add detail to the internal Wheel bay area and the Land gear components, in way of the covers and
attachment framing/brackets. There is no surgery required to any of the plastic components, as these PE parts are simply glued on top or replace the plastic part completely.










Hydraulic brake lines are also included, but personally  I like to match up some fine fuse wire to the shape of the part instead of using
the flat PE part. Some vents and Grilles are included on the Fret for the exterior of the airframe of the Raiden, which does require the odd
area to be filed down for fitment of these items. Engine Ignition lines are also included for the Mitsubishi Kasei engine.


Overall, hardly any surgery is required to fit this set to the plastic. Etch quality is excellent as you would expect from Eduard, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.




#32736 J2M3 Raiden Interior S.A.




Hasegawa J2M3 Raiden cockpit is nicely detailed from the box, and offers a perfect canvas for a modeller to super detail, and this is
where Eduard can step in!


The Interior set includes two frets of photo etch parts, one is supplied in Eduard's colour printed and self-adhesive etch and the other
is in its natural metal state. With this set there is a little bit work involved by removing a lot of the raised detail that is moulded onto
some of the cockpit components. One step does require you to cut away a mounting bracket, being the most troublesome task.






The lower part of the seat has a drop in plate that has the rivet detail that you can't get during the tooling process of the plastic. A
seat harness is included as well, which is printed in colour.


The instrument panel is replaced with a two layered colour alternative. The cockpit's sidewalls are also benefited being enhanced
with colour photo etch on about every possible plastic part.


The seat framing and radio area also gain detail from the interior set with replacement mount brackets and framing. The Radio unit also
gets a dash of colour photo etch also.










This set provides a High detailed makeover for the interior area of the Raiden. It should be an easy task for any level of experienced






#33105 J2M3 Raiden Interior S.A Zoom.




The Zoom set is pretty much the quick version of the Interior set, without the extra Framing and brackets that is included in the above
set. This is a single colour printed etch fret set, which contains the instrument panel, and a set of seatbelts for the original kit seat,
replacement panels and Radio unit.




So what do we think?


These sets are highly detail and the printed colours are dense and clear. The high quality that you would expect from an Eduard product. These will be fantastic additions to your J2M3 Raiden, which should make them stand out from the rest.


Highly Recommended.


Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review samples used here. To purchase this directly, click the links in the review article.





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