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Anyone interested in RNZAF Skyhawk 'Kahu' panel and HUD

Dave J

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My good Friend Anthony is taking the plunge and he is going to get an RNZAF Skyhawk panel and HUD made using 3D printing technology.


If anyone wants one then PM him (Anthony in NZ) and he will let you know where he is at with it. He has the price for CAD work done and  getting it printed.

If he can get enough people wanting one and you are happy to confirm it with him, he will go ahead and include you in the 'group'. If it works out well and everyone likes it, we can get other Skyhawk stuff made (like stores pylons or D704 buddy refuelling store etc?). Maybe even a T-Bird using the A-4M kit???

He is just wanting to cover costs to do this, but the more who want it the more we can save and make the Trumpy Skyhawk a masterpiece.

Let him know what you think!


Project Kahu - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Kahu





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Guest Kagemusha

What would the "T Bird look like ? I have an "M" in my stash............Harv


It's the two-seat job Harv.

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