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Plusmodel Aero Line Series 1:72 F-101 B voodoo wheels


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Plusmodel Aero Line Series 1:72 F-101 B Voodoo wheels




This small review presents us with an easy enhancement to any 1:72 scale F-101 B Voodoo.

Also, a new format in a form of a transparent bag is presented.


What’s on the box bag

In the clear bag, the content is visible for inspection, 6 light grey resin parts and a small vinyl type white masking template.

 No reference picture is provided, but with the internet available, it is possible to consult some reference for painting.

According to my sources, the wheel rims should be metallic.


The rear wheels are composed by the tyre and front rim and the rear rim as a separate part.


The tyre pattern is nice as the details on the rim itself.


The tyre pattern is nice as the details on the rim itself.


The interior half of the rim present us with a nice detail for the scale and it does beg for metallic paint a proper weathering.




The front wheels are a nice representation of a F-101B wheel, presenting a adequate detail for such a small part.

Upon analysing several photos from reference, the detail and wheel pattern is correct.


The last part is a small vinyl pre-cut paint mask.

Should you prefer to paint the wheel first and then the tyre, you have two sets available.

Also, if you prefer to paint the tyre first and then the centre rim, also two sets are at your disposition.


This set will provide an accessible and efficient way to detail and enhance a area very time neglected by many of us.

The interior rim of the wheels has a hole that allows a direct replacement into the model’s landing gears.

Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link

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