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  1. hi Olsen! Thanks for the explanation on the paint patchy look! It looks very convincing! For me, this is the best part of the trade! following up !
  2. Hello! Very nice and straightforward build! It's a Tamiya, period!
  3. Hello, That's a big bird ! keep up!
  4. Wingspan2 1:32 aircraft modelling Author – several Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing Price: 27€ Introduction Being a proud owner of two previously releases (The Nordic edge series and On Display – Post war armour), and being books with quality content by an array of skilled modellers I was anxious and very curious about the second approach from Canfora Publishing on large scale aircraft territory. Well, let’s see if the expectations were fulfilled! So, what’s on the box... ah … book! Wingspan2 is presented on an A4 Landscape format. A magnificent F-4C is presented as front cover. The book guides us through 10 1:32 scale models built by 8 modellers. Every chapter describes a complete build. In the beginning of each chapter, we’re presented with a visual layout of the completed model a description of the brand, accessories and paint / weathering products used on the article. One key aspect is the introduction text that makes us fix our attention on that particular build, even if it does not fit on our “taste”. The historical framework of the model, what’s on the box of that particular kit, looks like if it’s a story that we are reading. For each build there are several pages dedicated to step by step details. Varying from painting techniques, weathering methods, scratch build and extra detailing. As a good support, on these step by steps pages, every picture has a correspondent label describing the operation, So… what about a taste of the content? As described, 10 builds are included: 1:32 Zero M2B 1:32 Felixstowe F.2A 1:32 Ta-152H-1 1:32 F-4C Phantom II 1:32 N1K2-J Shiden-kai 1:32 Ju-87G-1 Stuka 1:32 AV-8B Harrier II 1:32 Hurricane MK.IIC 1:32 P-61A Black Widow 1:32 Bf-109F4 A final touch I couldn’t be indifferent for this visual index made by the external frames of the articles. Each of them have an external frame of a different colour. Nice touch! Conclusion I have my fair share of modelling books. I found that some are rather sparse on the key details; some really can go neat picking for rivet numbers. This one is really balanced. The pictures have nice definition and detail. We can stare at them and find small and interesting details. The fact that the layout choose was landscape, allows that same pictures to frame the complete aircraft without losing details. This is a book to be keep near the workbench, to be used in cases of an inspiration emergency, in a moment were our minds ask “how I’m I going to do that effect”, when we are waiting in the car for the wife / girlfriend to finish their shopping or leaving home, and we have that amount of time just to appreciate a good reading! Yes… I highly recommend this book as great source of inspiration! To purchase this directly, click here If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller! Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright. A special thanks to Canfora Publishing for the review sample Ricardo Veríssimo
  5. Miniart T-34 Wafer-type workable track links set WWII Military Miniatures series 176 parts #35207 Introduction Miniart has been treating us with a series of new and detailed models that even builder on a OOB perspective, look very convincing. As recent reviews from Miniart show, the focus on the T-34 family, is making available as separate model parts like the engine and on this case, the tracks- When I first set my eyes on the box, it came to my mind the ancient 1:35 T-34/76 from Tamiya (first release at 1975), and what a great improve on this model this set would bring. Tracks and more tracks This particular set allows to assembly one set of tracks, and is the same supplied on the Miniart 1:35 SU-122 and SU-85 already reviewed here. The tracks are composed by two types: one with guide tooth and another without it and that resumes also the assembly sequence (36 pieces x2 per track side). The instructions are presented on the back of the box, simple and direct. Let’s get practical OK, so in the box states “Workable” and I was really curious to find out. So let’s go to the workbench. The tools for the trade… Kit parts, a cutter and a SU-122 road wheel! The link removal process is simple and strait forward. Minimal clean up is required in order to pass to the next stage – assemble. Well, in this stage I noted a small issue on the tracks assembly there is a small pin on the external connection of every track with guide tooth. That plastic pin needs to be “clicked” on the external guides of the other track link. What’s happens it that in order to properly connect and make the track movable, in some tracks the pin simply snaps , making necessary the application of glue. That fact removes some “workable” action into the final assembly. The pins are delicate and if broken they are unable to hold the tracks together For the small test, the pictures speak for themselves. Conclusion Miniart supplies us with a more accessible solution to other aftermarket tracks, more expensive and requiring extra modelling engineer. The plastic tracks have a delicate detail and after assembled, even with a bit of glue on some points, add a realistic touch to our model. In either cases this a high recommended set for everyone who wants to update a older T-34 family offering in 1:35 scale. My truly Thanks to Miniart for the review sample. Ricardo Veríssimo
  6. MiniArt

    Hi | Nice review! now that will look tall on diorama!
  7. Hello ! excellent result ! nice Mig-29 UB
  8. Hello Marek! What a wonderful work on this birdcage! The Tamiya Kit it's a shake and bake and with the proper paint and finish job like your's it's just perfect! congrats! best regards,
  9. Hello! That's a lot of sprues and details!
  10. Hello! I would like to present my latest model. Recovered from the dark corners of my workbench, this model was started a couple of years ago and as i lost the decal sheet, left it on the basis "I will resume it some day..." The paint was completed removed using several grade sandpaper and polishing files and then a complete repaint using Gunze acrylics replicating the colour scheme for the F-16A from Portuguese Airforce (PoAF). On the same way, identification marks and serial numbers were used from a Santa Cruz 1:72 decal sheet for PoAf F-16A. With the paint and decal job completed, i started with the weathering process, using Oils to replicate some patches on the fuselage panels. I wanted to test a greasy and dirt look on the gun hatches on the airplane's nose. As this is a 1:72 bird i need to refrain myself, as i wanted a very "controlled" and weathered area. This is the result. It has several error that i didn't bother to correct, but above all, it is finished and i've learned some new tricks! Thanks for watching! best regards!
  11. Hello ! Fantastic Job on that 1:72 bird ! It shows the secret of the superb performance of the Mosquito! congrats!
  12. Plusmodel Aero Line series 1:48 Crew UH-1 Huey AL4048 Introduction When the review sample was handed to me I quickly watch it and thought a small vignette with a 1:48 Huey on a Vietnam Base on busy afternoon. This set from Plusmodel is, to say the least, a very simple and nice one. What’s on the box? The clear plastic box, shows what you get. Three resin parts. One single-piece Vietnam era UH-1 crew and one crewman with separate right arm holding a cigarette. Despite no painting guide is supplied, the label’s back is printed with a large full color draw of the figures. The uniform is a typical Vietnam era depicting an Airman crew from 1st cavalry division (airmobile). #aircrew 1 This figure is present as one piece resin part. The casting quality is excellent. That means that minimum clean up is required, as the resin block is attach to the figure soles of their boots. The pose is from my humble point of view, natural, as from my eyes it could portrait a relieved aircrew after a hard day’s work on the front. The aircrew is presented with a bandana tied around his head, flak jackets, and armed with side arm and knife (don’t mess with him!) #aircrew 2 This figure is presented with the right arm separated from the body. As so you have the two remaining parts of this set. This crewman is presented on a relax position (as the first aircrew) wearing a hat on his head and holding a cigar on his right hand, on a posture stating something like “ I’m glad this shift is over!” Conclusion This is a nice a simple set from modelplus with no imperfections or flash on the figures, only requiring some caution removing the casting blocks, having a wash with warm water and detergent for removing any grease component from the moulding process. It will perfectly blend on a 1:48 Diorama co-starring a UH-1 or any other heli (OH-6 Cayuse?) operating on SEA on the same time. Highly recommended! Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link
  13. Hello! Nice start on a high quality Magazine! congratulations!!
  14. Hi! Yes indeed! When i was reviewing it, i was looking into my stash searching for some appropriate candidates ! (GWH MIG-29 / Eduard Mig-21) or even as a civilian beat up machine! It has lot of potential!
  15. MiniArt Buildings & accessories Series 1:35 Railway track with Dead end #35568 Available at any good shops As my previous review this set highlights the latest releases from MiniArt. Simple, highly detailed set containing a 342mm of railway Track with a dead end (or also called a buffer stop). In the total, 90 plastic parts are provided. According to Wikipedia and I quote: “A buffer stop or bumper (US) is a device to prevent railway vehicles from going past the end of a physical section of track. The design of the buffer stop is dependent, in part, on the kind of couplings that the railway uses, since the coupling gear is the first part of the vehicle that the buffer stop touches. The term "buffer stop" is of British origin, since railways in Great Britain principally use buffer-and-screw couplings between vehicles.” What’s on the box? The relatively small but compact paper box present us, upon opening, a plastic bag with all the content properly align and secured. In the bag there are 8 sprue's (4 for the railway tracks, sleepers and bolts and 4 for the buffer stop). In a more close up look The sprues of the railway track are the same of the ones reviewed here, and they are in fact full of small and very nice detail. The four sprues allows to build two lengths of railway track. And what about a bumper? The sprue layout : This sprues represent the buffer inner frames, and once assembled represent the iron beams that compose the real thing. The pictures above show the parts that represents the metal plates that simulate the external frame of the buffer. They are simple but efficient parts of the sub assembly. I particularly like the nuts and bolts details of the structure, as they stand out once painted and properly weathered. An also visual interesting detail is the wooden pattern of the plate that makes the rail wagon stopper. For this part MiniArt recommends that a white and black stripes should be applied on the finished model. Instructions One A4 paper (front and back) divided in 8 steps with simple and effective draws. Conclusion Miniart, once more did his homework on this relative simple but detailed set, as it almost the track itself could be assembled and presented as model itself and not as complement on a diorama. Recommended! My thanks to Miniart for the review sample Ricardo Veríssimo