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Plusmodel Aero Line Series 1:72 Propeller for C-118 / DC-6


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Plusmodel 1:72 Propeller for C-118 / DC-6




This recent release from Plusmodel was designed to replace / improve the propellers for 1:72 scale C-118 / DC-6B. The only model available is Heller’s.

Being the only game in town for this elegant airplane, this set is a must improvement comparing the model’s original offering.


What’s on the box

Inside the clear blister there is 20 resin objects composing:

3 sets with four propellers

4 propeller hubs

4 Spinners



This set, allows to represent the Hamilton Standard 43E60 usually equipped in DC-6A and B early versions.

Nevertheless, please remember that this airplane still flies nowadays and check your reference about the propeller used.

No propeller stencils are provided.

Propeller hubs

The propeller hubs are nicely detailed.  

Even though no jig is provided to properly align the propellers to the centre hub, plusmodel came up with a clever system:

The back end of the propeller has a rectangular end, that allow it to proper fit into the propeller Hub. All that it needs is to glue it with a small amount of super glue, and the fit is perfect.







The propellers are nice detailed and the removal from the casting mould is trouble free, just take your time, a fine saw and a mask (to protect from resin powder) should do the job. As mentioned early, the propeller base has a rectangle shape for proper fit on the propeller hub.



The spinners have a small mould base, that can easily remove with a fine saw.

The fit is perfect and guarantee a proper shape and pristine finish.



This set is a strait forward replacement and improve over the model’s parts.

Highly recommended

Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given.

To purchase this directly, click THIS

Ricardo Veríssimo


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