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Plusmodel Aero Line Series 1:72 C-47 racks for drop container


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Plusmodel Aero Line Series 1:72 C-47 racks for drop container









This small review presents us with a very original enhancement to any 1:72 scale C-47.

A set with six parapacks attachable to the C-47 under fuselage.

When I received this set for review, I was not aware of this accessory existed for C-47, and after a bit of investigation, this is what I found:

Each airplane could mount up to six of this container in each flight, which contained useful supplies for military or partisan ground forces, under their wings.

The packs were wired to a control panel located by the aircraft's cargo door.

The jumpmaster used this control panel to select which parapack to drop.

 He could drop them in any sequence or drop them all at once with a salvo switch.

Releasing a Para pack from the bottom of the plane also deployed the pack's parachute.



A picture of this can be consulted in this link .


What’s on the box bag




In the clear bag, the content is visible for inspection, 12 light grey resin, 6 containers and 6 parapacks.3.JPG.b155cba523889b66213dce220bc1d919.JPG

On the back of the presentation paper, there is a diagram explaining the location of each parapack at the belly of the C-47.


Each set is composed by a container and a parapack.

The container presents a nice and exquisite detail, starting from the internal framing and in the exterior, with the presence of rivets and the attach points for the parapack.







As the parapack concerns, the detail is adequate, with natural folds for the exterior of the pack and detail for the straps is correct for the scale.





The assembled set








This set will update and replicate a unique feature for any 1:72 scale C-47.

If you want to display your Dakota in a rather original feature, than this set is a must.



Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo

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