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1/32 Ju87 B-2 Exterior


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1/32 Ju87 B-2 Exterior


by Eduard

#32323 €9.95 direct from Eduard

for Trumpeter kit





This set of exterior upgrade and detail parts completes the package of those available for Trumpeter's Ju87 B-2 kit; I have reviewed the Interior and Seatbelt seats here. It is a small and at first glance simple set comprising just one medium size fret of PE in Eduard's now standard brass metal. The etched metal is thin and crisply cut as per usual - no burrs or poorly cut pieces at all.




The two page instruction sheet shows clearly - for the most part - how and where to place the PE parts, and what needs cutting or replacing on the kit. The Trumpeter Stuka comes with basic gun bay detail for the wing MGs and Eduard provide a number of parts to spruce this area up, including replacement access panels, and some small additions to the guns themselves. A strap is also provided which attaches the to the panel. When combined with aftermarket barrels from say Master Model and perhaps a little scratchbuild wiring, these gun bays could look quite eye catching. There is a small grill for the supercharger intake but strangely no grills for the oil cooler mounted on top of the cowling.




The kit, which although good does have some frustrating defects. One of these is a simplified bomb cradle which is more akin to those found on the early Ju87 A. Eduard attempt to rectify this by having you cut part of the kit cradle and replace it with an etched metal brace closer in form to what should be present on the Berta. It's an improvement but I whether it will look 100% convincing I am not sure. I will be interested to see what the replacement resin cradle from Derek Bradshaw and Grey Matter Figures will look like, and make my final decision then.






Another issue with the kit is the nose, or more precisely everything forward of the engine firewall. This whole area is somewhat undersized, and the radiator cowling is a mish-mash of shapes of both the B-2 and the earlier B-1. The problem for Eduard here is that if they make parts that are correct for the B-2, then they simply won't fit the kit. So, what we have are parts which are still the wrong shape, but just more detailed and look better.



Radiator part from Trumpeter kit – rather clunky



Trumpeter grill – it's solid and not fine mesh like the Eduard part


The replacement grills for both front and back of the big 'chin' radiator have some of the finest etch mesh I have seen - you may think they are solid until you hold them up to the light, the gaps are that tiny. At the front there is also the shuttered grill, which can be displayed open or closed, and depending upon how you position this, there are two different braces provided (parts #12 and #13). Displaying the grill open will require some considerable skill with PE - it will be a very delicate operation. I am also not sure the instructions adequately show you exactly what to do with parts #12 or #13, and I suggest consulting the Eduard product page in conjunction with the images below for guidance.



Instructions not all that clear to me...



How it should look [Eduard]



These shots and descriptions should help [courtesy Large Scale Planes and the late Charles Metz]



Another close up showing the grills [bundesarchiv]


A small set with some nice upgrades where the kit is lacking, but it does not correct all detail / shape inaccuracies. A lot of people will probably opt for a closed radiator grill, which is understandable.


Highly recommended.


With thanks to Eduard for the review sample.


Nicholas Mayhew


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