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  1. can you share the reference photos you used for these planes?
  2. following with interest! will definitely look to for F-3 options for this kit
  3. I wonder if there has been any more progress?
  4. Bin it and build a ST with a proper kit otherwise it will eat away at you and you will end up putting all the effort in and still be wound up!
  5. this is David Byrden's site it's the only reference site I would trust if you are really interested in accuracy - he is the most knowledgeable man on Tigers around (literally no-one knows anything like as much as him) no idea about that first one - it might have lots of pics which is always nice, but correctly identifying them etc is the trick David can be found on Missing Lynx or Facebook if you need to ask him anything the other site is Tiger im Focus: although a German site it is conducted in English but it is invite only hth
  6. hello not a fan of the Ed zimm but at least no compound curves for it to negotiate eg Panther kugelblende etc anyway, you will be quite limited as to the tank you make because the turret zimm is i believe (please confirm) of the same 'narrow' gauge found on the hull turret zimmerit was usually a wider gauge the well known and well photographed 211 of Hans Weiss is in sSSPz 102, but has the larger turret zimm for instance 312 of sSSPz 505 has the narrow zim if you like the charging knights...
  7. I would forget profiles and colour call outs from pretty much everyone - especially the likes of Montex - and go with what photos and known documentation tell you. Half the stuff out there seems to be just made up, especially once you start doing your own research...
  8. Looks like some of those parts really don’t fit that well? Crazy I know, but I actually think this would sell better in 1/32 than it would in 1/48 in a “if you’re going to do it, do it properly...” kind of way
  9. whitewash over 'Troppen 2' camouflage I believe no? as to grey tigers, Mr Byrden now posits that there were in all likelihood only ever about 25 or so of those beasts. strange how things we thought we knew, well...we didn't lol
  10. Hey Barry just seen this - nice!! what did you use for the scoops on the fuselage? what reference did you use for the scribing on the clipped wing tips - I have no idea what is required but you mentioned some scribing... many thanks for sharing Nick
  11. nice great looking model and the base really sets it off what paints did you use? the tracks - are they the kit ones? - look a little black / too uniformly dark, but maybe that's just the lighting chipping looks just right to me and really brings everything 'together' Nick
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