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  1. that LuckyModel price is stunningly cheap! best I have seen elsewhere is AK Interactive at 54 Euros-ish
  2. Wife and I both working from home - I am in trading risk management and she is a finance lawyer We live rurally so it's been awesome apart from no village pub I am a lot fitter than before, and the garden looks pretty decent too! No desire to go back to London any time soon (or ever really!)
  3. i remember the XIV being built - was the thread here or LSP? - and just going 'wow' at the time! can't remember if i asked at the time, was there any photo reference for Brunhilde beyond the well known pic which just shows the nose / spinner with Johnson standing in front of it?
  4. depends on how confident you are with your skills I suppose?! I have the set mastered by Radu Brinzan and it looks pretty sharp up close, but not sure my skills could mate it with anything and it not be obvious it was a hack job hence i will be using the cheap as chips Revel IX!
  5. hey guys awesome resin detailing bits for cockpits and engines from a company called Anyz https://anyz.io/ everything from spark plugs and end connectors to levers knobs and small wheels, as well as braided line in lots of different sizes and colours service super good too use with confidence Nick
  6. very sad story even sadder to think most of our stashes will suffer the same fate
  7. so do i now - and it's not one of the originals if that helps?
  8. always a stunning looking beast and this is no exception not sure i am a huge fan of the wash in the rivets showing so aggressively in the white of the stripes, but i can't fault the execution did you use HST for the chips? also wondering if / how the 'step strip' (or whatever it's called) weathered or chipped? the pictures are too dark btw - not doing justice to your work! PS show us the bombs as well please - can only see the edge in a pic or two
  9. Cheers Steve, hope you are well I have 'lurked' for quite a while both here 'the other place' lol in the meantime i have been spending most of my online modelling time on Facebook SMCG - bit of a zoo, but i learnt some new things, and it's nice to get a fresh view every once in a while
  10. cheers guys no I didn't know about direct upload, so thank you imgur...yeah i'm still struggling with single click on each photo to upload multiple pics but hey ho the kit is tricky but is significantly better than than the Eduard offering my view - i added the rivets myself with a Rosie the Riveter wheel and it's pretty simple forgot to add the seat is quickboost: not entirely correct but less wrong than anything else out there in my humble opinion i have a ton of in progress pics but just don't have the time for for build logs; if anyone has any specific queries re the nose section, let me know and i will see if i have a pic that may help cheers again Nick
  11. here's what it's meant to be! and a few more pics forgot to say markings are all masks from TopNotch with exception of geschwader marking (Eagle Strike decal), and fuel triangle (DML decal) cheers Nick
  12. I have finally set up another image hosting account (imgur - not convinced, but we'll see). a tricky build to get the cowling done but everything did fit all paints MRP 0.2mm H&S Evolution blackbasing and then mottling was a new one for me little bit of HST on wing roots and propellers kit wheels after binning North Star (beautiful but hubs slightly loose inside tyres) and Eduard (pitted resin - early Eduard resin junk, but they are much better now) weathered with oils but not much needed after the paint hope you like it
  13. Jeroen, Did you ever get to do a Part 2 of this? I have just done a search but can't find anything. Many thanks Nick
  14. thanks - i guess for part of these (P-47) belts I can't do that as I have already assembled the waist straps i had read about the crumpling up but thought that was for the original paper ones, also that if too crumpled they would be difficult to thread through the buckles etc anyway, i will give that a go on the shoulder harness and see how it goes thank you yeah that's exactly what i am trying to avoid though oh well i have asked HGW themselves btw and if they come back I will revert here
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