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    Modelling: 1/35 armour, 1/32 aircraft; Battle of Britain, North Africa, Normandy and anything relating to Czechoslovakia in WWII.
    In the real world: country pursuits, growing and making our own food, keeping chickens; real ale; sport - rugby, rowing, cricket, tennis, weights.
    Trying to hold back the tide of Tesco, housing estates , chavs and pikies.

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  1. Nice! what vehicle are you building?
  2. super sweet as always Mike!
  3. wow that is some hard core modelling right there, and a pretty awesome mottle paint job as well most impressive!
  4. Great to have this build back!
  5. Wow. This is pretty hard core stuff! Very impressed.
  6. i am very very much an outsider in that i had quite a lot of these kits on two occassions and each time offloaded then realising that i was never going to build things with all that rigging they are still beautiful kits though! so to the extnet that i am not 'emotionally invested' in the WNW / WWI modelling area, here is my take.... the price, well, is the price, so only time will tell what sales will do but one thing that drives me nuts is websites that show a price, show shipping, then you go to check out and THEN they suddenly spring VAT on the whole thing they should be upfront about that sort of thing and if anyone says oh it depends what country you are in as to what rate you pay, then the website should detect your IP address this is fairly basic stuff in the retail world or failing that, just ask you to select your location when first accessing the website but for those moaning about the prices, well, you were warned - it's not like this all sprung up overnight we had what, 5 years plus of free shipping...? i just wish there had been a more effective way of dodging the thief tax imposed by the post office for collecting the other tax imposed by HMRC!
  7. Whilst the finish is stunning, should it actually look like it's been on a Pacific carrier deck for 2 years?
  8. Brilliant model Brilliant presentation
  9. Wonderful finish Thank you for sharing
  10. Definitely going to make this particular a/c I hope mine looks as good!