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  1. My God Rick, you must be crazy. Is this what all those Steelers losses have driven you to?
  2. can I ask - as a prop guy - what updates you made / are required to make the UK version? different weapons etc?
  3. jumping in here to say this is fantastic stuff! following with much , and of course the odd
  4. i keep thinking how much I love the Hurricane and how many different ones I want to build... ...and then I see this kit and realise that life is too short, and the fact that i have the Trumpeter 1/24 bird in my stash of course that doesn't mean I won't be following this with interest and wishing a speedy and successful build!!
  5. that looks pretty tasty to me!!
  6. that looks pretty cool - especially like the lights
  7. Not in 1/32 they don’t...
  8. great progress, thank you for sharing with us one question on the guns though: surely metal barrels from someone like Master will look much more convincing? the Gaspatch breaches I am sure will be an improvement on the kit parts, but I just don't think moulding technology renders barrels with perforations on the cooling jackets very well this is (imho) only magnified in 1/24...
  9. can you share the reference photos you used for these planes?
  10. following with interest! will definitely look to for F-3 options for this kit
  11. I wonder if there has been any more progress?
  12. Bin it and build a ST with a proper kit otherwise it will eat away at you and you will end up putting all the effort in and still be wound up!
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