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  1. nmayhew

    Operation "Torch" questions

    FYI E-7 has a fuel tank underneath, not a bomb (in which case it would be an E-4/B...)
  2. nmayhew

    P40F "Checkertail" build

    quite a striking model! perhaps a little too clean and shiny, but maybe that's a trick of the light? thanks for sharing Nick
  3. nmayhew

    HK 1/32 B-17G 96th BG "Ragged But Right"

    Super impressive, and a great back story too
  4. Really? wow! the He177 is one of the few planes I would consider stumping up the massive cash for an HpH kit.
  5. nmayhew

    Spitfire Mk Ia: 610 Squadron, May 1940

    looks wonderful never had solvaset do that to eaglecals but you made a good recovery!
  6. nmayhew

    Thoughts on MRP vs Mission Model Paints

    i think i have paint fatigue though it's a bit like the pigment 'bandwagon'
  7. nmayhew

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    yes that is exactly what i noticed - the struts have a different 'look' about them - almost pearl-like / swirly when viewed close up; definitely different stuff to the rest of the kit parts. if it is 'ABS', what sort of glue will work?
  8. nmayhew

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    wow! that's a completely new line of business for them you're not pulling my leg are you?
  9. nmayhew

    Spitfire Mk Ia: 610 Squadron, May 1940

    ha ha it's one of those 'i know it's wrong and now can't ignore it' things
  10. nmayhew

    Spitfire Mk Ia: 610 Squadron, May 1940

    landing gear looks awesome! I tried to fit the Eduard gear on my new Revell Mk.II kit and it's a real fight, since the rake of the MkIX gear was different. My gear ended up being to far splayed out and after seeing these pics i might just trash mine and start again (I have a few other Revell Spits in my stash and mine has not been a pleasurable build so doubt i will build another) Anyway, really loving the progress on this venerable old kit! Nick
  11. nmayhew

    Revell 1/32 Arado Ar 196 + HPH catapult set

    wonderful! a stunningly gorgeous build my one gripe: the "100" decal with garland around it where it goes over a chord / pipe on the port side; surely it needs cutting / something to make it sit in the groove. apart from that, simply awesome.
  12. nmayhew

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    beyond awesome!
  13. nmayhew

    Trumpeter 1/32 Ju 87G

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you manage to progress with this. one thing I could never work out was whether the Gs (or even Ds) has the window down through the cockpit and out under where the bomb cradle was / is? I have that Classic Pubs Stuka book you showed but it was pretty poor at confirming such basic detail I recall (haven’t looked at it for years). Anyway, hope the project does come to fruition for you. Nick
  14. i have always sworn to never do a what if, whether it be Panzerwaffe 46 or Luftwaffe 46 but this may make me break that oath!
  15. nmayhew

    1:48 Fairey Firefly Mk.1

    i am not surprised there is no 1/32 kit of this (or the Fulmar) but there is something quite quirky i like about both these aircraft