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  1. nmayhew

    Trumpeter 1/32 Ju 87G

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you manage to progress with this. one thing I could never work out was whether the Gs (or even Ds) has the window down through the cockpit and out under where the bomb cradle was / is? I have that Classic Pubs Stuka book you showed but it was pretty poor at confirming such basic detail I recall (haven’t looked at it for years). Anyway, hope the project does come to fruition for you. Nick
  2. i have always sworn to never do a what if, whether it be Panzerwaffe 46 or Luftwaffe 46 but this may make me break that oath!
  3. nmayhew

    1:48 Fairey Firefly Mk.1

    i am not surprised there is no 1/32 kit of this (or the Fulmar) but there is something quite quirky i like about both these aircraft
  4. stunning finish! the supercharger intake grill should not be there btw sorry - that's a common mistake; the museum 152 had it and now everyone thinks it is a production item
  5. nmayhew

    Tamiya 1/32 P51D Mustang Passion Wagon

    i love the ultra matt finish and the way you have made a monotone finish interesting the only let down are the wheels - the centre seam line shows up and could have done with some AM replacements, given the quality of the rest of the kit and what you have done to it thanks again for sharing Nick
  6. nmayhew

    1/32 Tamiya Spitfire MkIXc WD-W EN354

    yes me too i'd be interested in seeing a pic of the actual parts when the time comes you never really know what you are going to get with CAD...
  7. nmayhew

    Rye Field Models Tiger I Ausf.E and interior

    Nice! what vehicle are you building?
  8. super sweet as always Mike!
  9. wow that is some hard core modelling right there, and a pretty awesome mottle paint job as well most impressive!
  10. nmayhew

    Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V

    Great to have this build back!
  11. nmayhew

    Ju 388 L-1

    Wow. This is pretty hard core stuff! Very impressed.