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1:32 Copper State Model French Pilot smoking pipe.

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1:32 French Pilot smoking pipe


Copper State Models

Price tag:€15,99


Cooper State Model is, by no mean, a new name in the hobby. Any modeler knows it and always been associated to WWI.

But to those that don’t know Copper State Models, never too much to remember their history that is quite interesting and well worth the reading.

So here`s goes:


In 1996 my parents decided that they were ready to retire from the family business. Since I was ready to do something else for a living, we sold the company. I had recently got back building models after a 25+ plus year hiatus and decided to try that for a business. I chose the name Copper State Models (CSM) because Arizona is also known as the “Copper State”. The logo is the state’s outline with the state flag inset into it and a Fokker D.VII.

At first I tried building for hire but soon discovered that I was too slow of a builder to make that work! A friend of mine named Bob owned The Model Car Garage (high end model car details) and was doing well with it. He became my mentor in starting CSM. I picked WWI a/c because not everyone and his cousin was doing that subject and I had a real interest in it. This was the beginning of the golden age of WWI a/c modeling. You had Eduard and Toko doing quality plastic kits so I saw a place for high quality details and put CSM in that direction.

The hardest part of getting started was finding the vendors I needed to make the things I couldn’t make myself. Bob from MCG put me in touch with Tim for the PE (Photo-Etched parts- I.S.) artwork. We hit it off real well and he started drawing for me. PEC also came from Bob and for me they are the best PE producer in the business.

Microscale has been doing quality decals for a very long time. They were close, good and willing to work with a small outfit like CSM. Laura and Vickie were absolute jewels to work with.

Marty’s claim to fame was his magnificent hand carved wood props. I was buying props and corresponding with Marty by snail mail (no email then). Marty’s written English was in its learning stages and a friendship developed. When I told Marty about starting CSM, I had in mind selling his props as part of my line. He was agreeable and asked if I would be interested in kit masters. I said “absolutely” and he sent me the Do. D.I kit and that was the beginning of the CSM kit line.

I started advertising in Windsock magazine very early. Ray and I became friends. He reviewed CSM’s products fairly and this was a huge boost to the company. He is one of the greatest supporters of WWI a/c modeling.

Marty and I chose kits together based on interest and available documentation. We tried to pick kits that the “mainstream” model companies wouldn’t do. There was such a wealth of WWI a/c that has never been kitted in 1/48TH scale before for us to choose from. Float/flying boats and 2 seaters were our mainstay.

I enjoyed my time setting up and running CSM. It was a great way to earn a living. With the passing of my parents I decided to retire and sell CSM.

I would like to thank all the great vendors I worked with and my great customers all of whom I enjoyed dealing with. I would especially like to thanks my parents for their help and encouragement without which it never would have happened.

I wish Ilya and Slava good hunting, God’s speed and all the success in the world. I hope they enjoy CSM as much as I did in their new venture. My advice would be to produce a quality product and charge a fair price and you will do well.

Eric R. Hight Copper State Models Founder and Former President


Quite a history and a fantastic boost from the Past…


So into our figure.


I have had the pleasure of reviewing several figures from Copper State Models and other brands in the past, and for the first time, I got a figure simple in a plastic bag…

No box, no bubbles, no reference to the maker whatsoever.

It’s quite odd this. I bought this figure alongside the Caudron and other kit, and this figure come inside the Caudron.

If it didn’t came inside the caudron box and I didn’t order directly from Copper State Model, nothing can prove me that it’s a Copper State Models product or a recast. If I want to give to a friend modeler or sell it on ebay, no way I can prove it that is an original product.

Its odd and I didn’t appreciated. 



Well moving on to the figure, it`s no assembly instructions and no decals but don’t need any of it.


The resin is in medium/light gray.


All clothing fits the figure body position, being very well achieved.

All the detail on the clothes are simply amazing.



The facial expression is very good and a love the little pipe in the hand.








Exquisite detail on the clothes and a true fantastic facial expression.

The assembly of this one is so but so easy that I just take a photo of it full build… with almost no cleaning at all… the seam line in some not even exist, like this one. A perfect figure with fantastic detail and almost ready to paint.









I really like CSM figures as they have great details, very good natural look.

Cooper State Models is a well know name in modelling market and their stuff mean QUALITY! You simply can´t go wrong with these figures, as they are perfect to stand on your shelf along with other stuff on WWI.

I wish the CSM stay along with us for a long long time bring us another items of extreme quality!

The really downside of this figure was not the figure itself but the “packing”, label, box.. something that I could identify this figure as a CSM product.


        Highly recommended (the figure, not the packing and label)


          My sincerely thanks to my bank account for this figure.


 (You can buy directly   and if you do don`t forget to mention Wingnut Wing Fans and Large Scale Modeller)





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