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guys I have a half dozen photos of a Heng Long Tiger 1 that I've taken apart and am providing with some colors.  I'm at the point where I click the pic icon on the toolbar and see a dialog box requesting the pictures URL.  I have no idea how to determine this.  Maybe I'm cheating here.  If I go back and review the gracious collection of instructional HTML links provided in the last 24hrs by you'all I'm sure I'll find the answer, but much of this assumes that I'm more computer astute than I apparently am.  Any shortcuts?  How do I find the URL for photos loaded to my C drive?

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You will have to upload the photos to your Flickr account from your C Drive and then click or hover over the uploaded photo and it should give you the link for the photo..


Maybe someone with a Flickr account can confirm this as I personally don't have an Fickr account..

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