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BM-13 Katyusha

Jon Kunatz

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Ok, so I have this BM-13 Katyusha, Im building this for a friend. Its the old Italeri kit, and while not a bad kit...that drivetrain drove me nuts.


I need some ideas if any can help. I know this particular type of vehicle was not used in WW2, its post war. And the Katyushas that fought in WW2 had the more Studebaker like cabs. I just need an idea or two for putting it in a scene on a landscaped base. Did these vehicles try that trick of scooting up to an earth face and fire their salvo, or did they go into an open field and fire? Oh and one more thing,...although you cant see the markings(faded)...this is a Polish vehicle.


Any crits and suggestions welcome.











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Im still learning how to "plant" tall grass. I opted not to use commercially bought static grass because I feel its more economical to use jute twine. Ive tried cutting up the jute to make it like static grass, but I cant get it to separate, it clumps up. So I just mixed it into my celluclay mixture. I made the scene look somewhat swampy by doing this, but...it looks ok to me.

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