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  1. AAHHHHBULLSHITCHOOO!!! Hate those surprise sneezes.
  2. It was a 1950's design. It's a light tank. The French were poorly under armored until the Le Clerc arrived on the scene.
  3. Been awhile. Except for the barrels it is oob. So…. I guess it's not oob. Used Vallejo Air colors and Silly Putty for mask. Behind the TC's search light lens is foil from a candy wrapper. Copula vision ports are a mix of Tamiya clear green and blue that I went to heavy on.
  4. Looks great. BTW, Happy belated Birthday wishes.
  5. The entire lower hull of my Trumpeter T-69 tank. Assembled, puttied, sanded, cool. Washed it to get all the sanding dust off. Put in on the hood of Mommas truck to dry. Came back out a while later, 45 minutes, and her truck was gone. Quick trip to store. Got on bike and found what was left about 3 blocks away.
  6. Base was really fun to do. I cut and profiled from birch(beech?) wood. Took first place last Saturday at the San Diego Expo.
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