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1:32 Hannover and Albatros Lozenge decal sets

James H

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1:32 Hannover and Albatros Lozenge decal sets

Old Propeller
Catalogue #: see article for # and price
Available from Old Propeller




Old Propeller have begun to extend their already excellent range of lozenge decals by introducing these THREE new sets which I picked up from Vladimir Ziska whilst at Scale Model World, Telford, recently. If you'd like a recap as to the previous releases from this company, take a look at the review we posted HERE. These new sets introduce two aircraft previously not touched by their specific cookie-cut sets, and these are:

  • D32049T, 5 colour lozenge for Albatros D.V/D.Va, blue rip tapes (variant 1, pattern 2), transparent base, £13.89
  • D32061W, 5 colour lozenge for Hannover CL.II, lozenge rib tapes, white base, £19.65
  • D32063, painted lozenge for Hannover CL.II, £6.32

Needless to say, all of these sets are designed to be used exclusively with Wingnut Wings kits. Up until now, the ever-popular Fokker D.VII has been the subject of decal manufacturers cookie-cut sets, and with good reason too, but now the significance of releasing the same type of item for other WNW kits, is now becoming very apparent. As I can see an Albatros in my not-too-distant build schedule, I was delighted t see that this is one aircraft now being catered for.

Both the fabric decal sets here are produced with either a white base or without, the latter allowing the translucency of the decals, combined with your preparation, to create the final effect. The Albatros set we have received falls into the latter category. This particular set includes TWO decal sheets, packaged into a sturdy, card backed clear wallet which can be re-sealed. Of course, the Albatros fuselage was wooden, so the decals in this set are for the various flying surfaces.


Albatros D.V/D.Va




As this is a cookie-cut sheet, all of the decals contained have been shaped specifically to fit the WNW model, and you will need to trim them all the way around due to them being laser-printed on a single, continuous sheet of carrier film. The fabric effect on these looks a little different to the sets from Aviattic. Perhaps almost a little stylized, but certainly very attractive looking, and most definitely of a fabric appearance. Where the rib tapes are included, and where the fabris stitched together, there is a narrow, slightly dark shadow which gives everything a 3D look even before you apply these to your model. The larger sheet contains the upper and lower decal panels for the Albatros upper wing, complete with separate aileron decals. A small panel for the fabric bulkhead, to the rear of the pilot, is also included.










Decals for the lower wing panels are contained on the second, smaller sheet. No strut positions are marked, but as these decals do settle down very well over raised detail etc, you will have no problem in locating various panels and rib detail. Interestingly, all wing panels are full span (port and starboard), instead of being included as smaller panels for ease of use. You may wish to apply in sections instead. Your surface preparation is key with these decals, and you need to ensure that you have a white, high gloss finish on which to lay them. You can add shading and staining prior to application too, but remember that everything you lay under these decals, will form a part of the eventual finish.


Hannover CL.II




Again, the fuselage of the Hannover was timber (moulded wood, to be more precise), and therefore the decals represent the lozenge fabric of the wings and tail. As with the Albatros, this set also contains TWO decal sheets, with these both being A4 in size. These decals are not translucent, and are clearly printed onto a white, silk-screened ink layer. What this means is that you get exactly what you see on the sheet itself. The printing, again, is exemplary, with a beautiful texture effect in clear evidence, and the lozenge rib tapes and fabric join exhibiting a very clear layered effect which makes things look a little 3D.












The first sheet has the port/starboard inboard and outboard wing panels printed in two sections each for upper and lower wing, with a few of these parts spilling onto the second sheet. Ailerons and wheel hub lozenge is included here, as are the various tail plane parts. The second sheet has the lower wing panels included, as well as a few other parts from the first sheet, which wouldn't fit on there. As with the upper wing, the lower wings are split into two panels per side, upper and lower.

You notice I referred to the upper wing as inboard and outboard? This is because the centre section was covered in moulded wood. For this, you'll need this third, last set:


Hannover CL.II Painted Lozenge




In order to match the lozenge applied to the wings and tail plane, the wing centre section and vertical tail areas where hand painted in a lozenge pattern which was different in hue, creating an excellent contrast in the two types of surface.






This decal set is smaller than the fabric lozenge one, and has only one sheet therein. The upper and lower centre section for the upper wing is printed with 'holes' through which the various protrusions can poke, such as the radiator panels. This centre decal was missed out for the schemes included in the WNW release, but the remaining decals are numbered to reflect the kit decal parts, so will be easy to locate. Whilst these aren't printed onto a white base, their solid colour does look like very little of the undercoat colour will affect appearance.....but still use a light colour!


All decals are superbly printed, and the colours are very much full of life. The carrier film is pleasingly thin, but remember you will need to trim around the individual parts before you apply them. Registration is irrelevant as these are laser-printed. Register only applies to traditional silk-screen print decals.


It's hard to fault these releases. They help to create an effect that the original kit decals struggle achieve without fading and filtering, and of course, these sets have the fabric effect. I've seen these in use, and the effect is spectacular. We've seen this style of decal used on the Large Scale Modeller forums, so head on over there and take part!


Highly recommended


James H


Our sincere thanks to Old Propeller for the review samples seen here. To purchase directly, use the product links in the above article.



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