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On the Deck - Naval Aviation in Scale - Canfora Publishing


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On the Deck

Naval Aviation in Scale

Canfora Publishing

(Grafisk Form & Förlag)



ISBN: 978-91-984776-7-2

Price tag: 15,00€ (plus shipping)


         Back on book review and back to one of the most profilic publisher of modelling book.

         Canfora book mean quality paper and very high quality modelling pages.


        Today, I have had the pleasure to read the “On the Deck – Naval Aviation on Scale”.


        This book is a soft cover one, A4 size, with 80 pages of aircraft modelling heaven. The inside paper is satin finish with high quality definition, giving a killer quality overlook to the book.


         This book is a pure modelling book with several construction with finish models and several wip pictures. The articles show, between text and pictures what the author did to achieved that result.

         It`s also no a truly FAQ/Step-by-step modelling book



So on the book, all dedicated to naval aviation, you get full articles of several planes, almost all in 1:48 (two in 1:72)  and all with tons of aftermarkets on.

         In total, you get 7 full build articles and one in the gallery.


         So the 7 are:

-      A-7E Corsair II – Hasegawa with all there is from Aires





-      Firefly Mk . I – Grand Phoenix (mix with Special Hobby parts also);






-      Sukhoj Su-33 Flanker D – Kinetic with new decals from BEgemot, resin quickboost, PE from Eduard and extensive exhaust set from Dream Model.






-      F4U-7 Corsair -  Hasegawa with everything in it, and I mean everything: Eduard PE set, Aires Cockpit, Quickboost engine set, Wolfpack Wing folded set, Pavla Model control surface, obsureco models wheels and MDC decal set.







-      Aichi B7A2 Ryusei Kai – Hasegawa  with Eduard Set





-      FM-2 WildCat – Arma Hobby 1:72 ( no AM this one as it’s a expert kit set with its own PE)




-      Buccanner SS.2C – Airfix 1:72 with Eduard set, Master Model and CMK port engine





And the Bonus Galleria 

Well, there`s no identification of th author, but I saw this work already somewhere! 






It’s a very interesting aircraft modelling book, a must have to all Naval aviation modeller.

All the builds are stunning (made by expert modeller), with detail to maximum, using in most of case, all aftermarket that exist for.

There are very several good tip to use in thse build that can be used in all other aircraft builds.

The content of this book is a quite inspiration (I just regret to sold my Grand Phoenix FireFly) and a very good consulting guide for any kind of aircraft build.

Highly Recommend


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to the Toni Canfora and Canfora Publishing for this review sample and all the support.

To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!





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