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Plusmodel 1:35 Diorama Accessories

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Diorama Accessories Sets


Available from Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


Continuing in reviewing Plusmodel new item, this time we got two details sets from the new line, Detail Print series and one accessories detail set in resin.

Plus Model always set a originality way in their sets and these ones are no exception.

All sets are in 1:35.

The new line comes in a small and modern look box. The box art still have the full build set as box art.

The “Grinder” comes in the traditional box way.


All of the items very well packaged, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag.


Starting with the resin accessories detail set we get the “grinder”




(10 resin parts and 3 resin 3d pieces)

Catalogue n.º 588

Price tag: 16,82€ – directly from Plusmodel.


This is a very welcome addition in 1:35 to ll of those who want to make a diorama with a workshop or something similar.

 The box brings everything you saw on the boxart.


So a full workbench in a single piece is there.



The drill and respectic arm is very well detailed and is in full 3D.


The workbench vise is separate so it can be placed on the table anywhere or used separately.

The double-ended file machine is made of 6 pieces in resin.




All the pieces have enormous detail, being quite delicate, namely the 3D pieces.

The resin blocks look quite easy to remove, only patience will be needed.




US Welding kit


 (10 resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3019

Price tag:  13,07€ directly from Plusmodel.


These 10 pieces in 3D are very well printed, with no distortion and nice detail. Its gives two weldings kits and extra large botlle. A wire is also in the box to be the hose.



They are printed is in dark grey with no flash or printing lines.



All parts are beautiful printed with fantastic detail. And the surface detail is fantastic.











The resin 3D block are very easy to remove (some can be remove by hand) and are in perfect place to be removed without damage ant detail.

German thermos Containers




(10 resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3011

Price tag: 10,41€ – directly from Plusmodel.


The quality printing here stand also with very high quality.

So there is 4 open container and 2 close ones.





The ones that have a cap in open position, are totally hollow , so you can had “water” on it… Would be a good an extra realism on it.







The resin blocks are not so easy to remove that the welding kit set, ans part of them are in the container body, so care and lots of patience should be necessary to reduce the work of removing the connections marks and keep the surface detail.

Four small containers are also in the set and an old kettle.




This old kettle is very delicated but is a beauty and it will add extra detail to your work,



US Engineered Pulleys WWII



(Resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3018

Price tag: 9,92€ – directly from Plusmodel.


Finally, a set with four engineer pulleys of the US Army.


Well, are only four but it is a quite complex building with lots of parts, namely many screws and nuts. It’s not an easy build because you don’t get any instructions but a full image of it. So this set can`t be for a novice modeler at all but expert modeler (or a high intermediate modeler)






The detail, once again is impressing and everything and these can by use almost in every diorama with US recovery vehicle or in a workshop.



These four sets of accessories for dioramas translate once again well Plusmodel philosophy: originality, quality and versatility.

The quality is of the highest level, now with their new line using 3D Printing technology.

Some of these set are not for novice modeler (and the Engineered Pulleys for experience modeler) and an intermediate modeler can make something very good out of these sets. And the detail that will be add to the diorama will be well worth.


Very Highly recommended


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel for these review sample. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes




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