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Fokker and Albatros volumes, Albatros Publications


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Since I already had all four of these volumes as a photo in my computer, I decided to get lazy and cover all four at one. The following books, Albatros D.V/D.5a At War, Volumes 1 & 2, as well as the Fokker Eindecker Compendiums 1 & 2 are shown here, purchased some months ago when I was badly bitten by the WWI aviation bug.


First off, the Albatros D.V/D.Va At War books are just what they appear to be, a large collection of period photos of the ubiquitous Albatros fighter in it's natural surroundings,... on the battlefield and in the air.


The Fokker Eindecker Compendiums, Volumes 1 & 2 are much the same, depicting "The Fokker Scourge" in much the same manner,... at Aerodromes and in the air, featuring more photos of the early E series of fighters than I would have thought possible.


All in all, each and every one of these four books from this publisher of the above listed types, is first rate, top notch and in my opinion worth every penny.




Link to Albatros Productions is here.

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