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  1. Very cool. Eventually, I'll have to have them all.
  2. Perhaps, except for the fact that it's about 90% complete already. The base The gun assemblies
  3. Three more, typical of what's found in this book.
  4. Well, Jeroen asked me to post some photos from this book, but here seemed a better place to do that than the trades section, so here we go. The book in question, purchased as (probably redundant and uneccessary), reference for an upcoming 1:32 Wespengeschwader Bf 110C I'll be doing.
  5. As much as it's tempting, I really have no time for it. I have two aircraft, and at least one Flak gun I'm trying to finish by September, plus I'll be starting a 1:24 Huey very soon for a different group build that I've already committed to.
  6. This is so tempting. I have a Stug IIIG that's needing some attention, but I simply have too many other commitments right now.
  7. Excellent, thanks. Yet another kit to add to the pile, looks like; a good companion to my Ki-84.
  8. OK, I'm now discovering that the kit has some serious detailing issues. Nothing that can't be overcome, but I won't bother with some of the more agregious problems, especially since I discovered them only after gluing some major pieces together. Anyone know of a good reference work on the Flak 38 quad? I have the Waffen Arsenal book, but it's next to useless for detais. I also have about 17 photos from the web, but they too are far from complete.
  9. Yep, I pretty much came to the same conclusion. I have the Waffen Arsenal book on the 20mm Flak guns, and mostly it seems to be the shields themselves that got the treatment. (The kit is wonderfully fun.) Thanks,
  10. I love it! Brassin is some good stuff, no doubt about it.
  11. OK, fellas, I have a question. Having just received in the mail the totally cool Dragon 1:6 20mm Flak 38 quad, I'm considering a wiinter whitewash effect. Besides the splinter shields, would any of the supporting framework have also been whitewashed? Also, does anyone yet do machined barrels for it? Kit barrels seem OK, but replacements might really make it "sing", so to speak. Thanks a bunch,
  12. I agree. Haven't seen the movie yet, Dave, but I'd imagine it's pretty cool.
  13. Good looking scheme. I have very little reference on the Wild Sau, save for the Osprey book. (My error, I actually have the JG 400, not 300, book.)
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