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1:35 Plusmodel Detail Set for CMS Minerva

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Details Sets for 1:35 Minerva Armoured Car


Available from Plusmodel for the prices indicated below on the text


These kid of sets from Plusmodel are new for me but a perfect logical step from Plusmodel.

So, today we have two detail sets for the Copper State Model 1:35 Minerva Armoured car.

Theses sets are both 3D print technology, all of the items very well packaged, with the all the parts coming inside of a bubble bag.


The first one is

Wheels Set



(4 resin 3d pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3014

Price tag: 16,40€ – directly from Plusmodel.


Minerva wheels are spoked wheels, and in the kit it is possible to see the limitation of plastic injection, as the spokes of the wheels are clearly out of scale.

Before 3D printing, this type of spoke wheels was only possible to improve through real wire and some of the wheels that were handmade reached quite high values.



Now with 3D printing, it is possible, with a print with great precision, to obtain these wheels, which are a masterpiece of detail and precision with the spokes of the wheels with thickness to scale (I dare to say that they must have 1mm in diameter or even less).




The tires have the rubber detail perfectly defined and clear.

A very simple addition (change the kit wheels) at a very reasonable cost and with clearly superior detail.






 (10 resin 3D prints pieces)

Catalogue n.º DP3017

Price tag:  11,13€ directly from Plusmodel.


The second set gives a range of options that not all are specifically for detailing the vehicle in replacement of original parts, but new parts.



So you get 22 individual parts and 80 empty cartridges.








Of these 22 pieces, 12 are cartridge belts, an acetylene generator, 3 ammunition boxes (two close, one open), dashboard, acetylene generator and 80 empty cartridges.



Zero instructions, only a small picture.… I was expecting more but I believe that the Minerva Instructions will help were to put part of this detail set, namely the acetylene generator because the dashboard will be easy to get it in the right place.


These two set will force me to buy the CSM Minerva because these pieces really deserved to be build and be include in the 1:35 Minerva.

Despite the absence of instruction on the second set (I believe that the small picture show the generator, on the left side of the armour car, and the dashboard is easy to know where), the quality of both sets is of the highest level. The wheels are one of the best things I saw in 3D.

Top noch Plusmodel, WELL DONE!


Very Highly recommended


With my sincere thanks to Plusmodel. To purchase directly, click this link.


Francisco Guedes



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