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AK Interactive 1:35 Technical Raiders

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1:35 AK35017 “Technical Riders”

Available from AK-Interactive for 12,95€


This set of figures from AK-Interactive is released to perfectly adapt to Ak’s own series of FJ-43 pick-ups, mainly set 35002 (FJ43 PICKUP WITH DSHK).

The set consists of 4 figures perfectly suited to the pickup truck environment, namely the driver and the "Vehicle Commander."

The box suggests a used vehicle along with the location of its occupants. The clothing style and gear used suggest the location as a combat team somewhere in the Middle East or Africa.

Along with the figures, a set of accessories is provided in the form of sleeping bags, a tent roll, a large transport bag, backpacks, binoculars, an ammunition box, and a portable cassette radio (!).






On the back cover, there is a simple yet effective presentation of the figures available for reference, a suggested paint colour scheme (using the range of AK Interactive acrylics sets or individual references), as well as a simple assembly guide for the figures and their respective accessories, mainly backpacks and ammunition vests for assault rifles. The vehicle commander is holding binoculars in his hand.

The two figures occupying the cargo box and holding the heavy machine gun have a natural pose as if they were celebrating a victory or conquest.

What’s in the box

In the box, there are 3 sprues, two of them containing the figures, and the third (smaller) one holding assault weapons and some accessories.


Sprue A - This sprue provides the parts for assembling two of the figures: the driver and the heavy machine gun operator. The detail and anatomical shape of the models are suitable for the injection technology used. There are mold marks on the pieces due to the manufacturing process, but these can be easily removed with a blade and sandpaper. The clothing creases are adequate and detailed enough to stand out with proper painting. The faces also have suitable detail, although care must be taken when removing the (slight) mold marks, as these are in quite visible areas. The torsos of both figures are well done, with proper locations for attaching various accessories (ammunition pouches). The vehicle driver wears a scarf covering his face and sunglasses for style. The heavy machine gun operator has a celebratory pose, with one arm raised and clenched fingers while the other hand holds the machine gun. The upper limbs are represented with rolled-up sleeves, and the fingers are well defined. The details on the backpacks (accessories) are adequate, with designated areas for attaching exterior pockets (molded as a separate piece).





Sprue B - On this sprue, the remaining crew members are provided, to be placed in the vehicle's cargo area. The poses are natural, as previously mentioned. The vehicle commander, with a beard, has a head perfectly sized and also comes with a molded military beret. In his left hand, binoculars can be added.

The second figure stands in a celebratory position, holding an assault rifle in the right hand and making a victory sign (V) with the raised hand.






Sprue C - This smaller sprue includes: 4 assault weapons, detailed to scale and technology. Note the screw detail, barrel, and trigger guard protection. Additionally, the sprue provides binoculars in a single piece, a two-part ammunition box, and a very original accessory - a portable radio-cassette player (quite 80s)!



Conclusion: The set is straightforward in construction and design, suitable for the aforementioned vehicle but adaptable for other vehicles as well. Beginner modelers can use this set without major constraints or difficulties. Advanced modelers can enhance the figures, complementing the basics. The mold marks mentioned are due to the limitations of the injection technology, but they are easily manageable during removal, which shouldn't discourage any modeler. Moreover, the affordable price of this set allows for complementing these types of vehicles without a substantial increase in the final project cost.

 Our Thanks to Ak-Interactive for the review sample!


Ricardo Veríssimo

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